The church and the highlands

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I have in my posses­sion a letter from the renowned explorer of Greek antiquities, the late Dr Heinrich Schliemann whom I had the privilege of knowing intimately, and whose opinion as to the merits of any language system is of unquestionable value, as he was himself a distinguished linguist.

"Your method,' he writes, 'is the only correct one, because it is a scientific adaptation of Nature's own way, by which all persons, whether children or adults, educated or otherwise, rapidly and correctly acquire the language which they constantly hear, and which they are instinctively compelled to imitate when residing in a foreign country. Every in­telligent observer must have noticed the ease and rapidity with which foreigners master the English language. They have neither books, teachers nor interpreters; they may be Kussians, Germans, Frenchmen, Spaniards or Swedes; they generally understand nothing about the principles of grammar ; they may be too young or uneducated to even write their own language ; yet, despite it all, they in­variably, within a few months, master sufficient English, not only to make themselves understood, but to speak it

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