The church and the highlands

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and grammars. They learn to parse, to analyse, to decline and con­jugate ; they can repeat whole pages of grammatical rules and foreign words by heart; they are capable of taking a piece of classical French or German and rendering it into respectable English ; they frequently know the grammars of these tongues better than the natives themselves, and yet in going abroad they are utterly unable to ask for the common necessities of life in idiomatic French or German, and fail to understand the polite utterances of even a waiter or


" Examine now in the light of these suggestions any of our school methods, and it will at once be apparent why I enter a solemn protest against them. They are one and all merely analytical systems. They give a multiplicity of rules and exceptions, which the student cannot possibly remember, when trying to speak in a foreign language; they teach theory of speech instead of practising it; they tear apart instead of building up in a word, they educate philologists and grammarians and never try to impart practical linguistry.

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