The church and the highlands

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should be able to acquire a foreign language—say German, Spanish or French—in the short space of ten weeks. Dr Rosenthal's observations on the subject of the rational study of foreign languages are distinguished by so much common sense that we shall make no apology to our readers for here reproducing some of them. "Some years ago," he says, "a celebrated man delivered a memorable speech before the members of one of the leading Universities. In a

very clear, conclusive and elaborate argument he showed that the study of Latin and Greek, as pur­sued in our schools and colleges, was practically worthless; that scarcely any of our students could read the ancient classics with ease and enjoyment, and that not even the teachers themselves were able to use these tongues colloquially. He closed his speech with an eloquent appeal to the University authorities that greater attention should henceforth be paid to the study of modern languages, and many of our leading Universities have since then endeavoured to act upon his advice. For four, five, frequently seven, years our young men and women study various text-books, manuals

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