The church and the highlands

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who was born and bred, as it were, in that language.

Fortunately, however, those times are past; and once again we have to thank science for the happy deliverance. The study of foreign languages has now become "rational" or scientific; and he who wishes to acquire one or more, and fails in the endeavour, has but himself to blame. The old grammars and text-books have either gone the way of all such superfluous flesh, or are being rapidly consigned to that limbo which is their only fitting abiding-place. Even schoolmasters of great public schools—the most conservative, even reactionary, of all mortals—are beginning to realise the uselessness of teaching the grammar of languages without first acquainting their pupils with the practical (as opposed to the theoretical) part of the same. Busi­ness men and scholars, however, have long since recognised the value of the new method, and have subordinated it to their purposes with the most gratifying results. According to Dr Bosenthal, who is one of the best known and most successful of these pioneers and true friends to civilisation and progress, anyone with ordinary intelligence

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