The church and the highlands

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74 Crabhadh do Leanaban Naomh Phrague

original work a fairly "safe" speculation. Besides, if the Highlands are nowadays worth anything, they have surely spirit and common sense enough to support their own authors. Let me assure my countrymen that no one else will; and that if they do not show a little more generosity and patriotism in the future than they have done in the past, they and their language will soon cease to exist. A nation which is without letters is justly held con­temptible by civilised countries, and is not fit to exist.

A Leinibh Naoimh ! Tha mi 'greasadh a d'ionn-suidh. Tha mi 'guidhe ort as leth do Mhathair gun saor thu mi.

Oir, tha mi 'creidsinn gu daingean gum beil do Dhiadhachd g'am dhion.

Tha dòchas agam gu faidh mi do ghras ro-naomh.

Tha mi 'toirt goal dhut le muile chridhe, 's le m'uile anam.

Tha mi fìor dhuilich air son mo pheacanan, 'us tha mi 'guidhe ort, a Leinibh Naoimh! gun saor thu mi.

Tha mi 'cur romhan gun smachdaichidh mi mi fhèin, 's nach cuiridh mi fearg ort chaoidh t-uile.

Air an aobhar sin, tha mi g'am thairsge fhèin dhut, Ios gach ni fhulang air do shonsa.

A thuile air sin, ni mi seirbheas dhut gu dileas gu bràth ; agus bheir goal dha 'm choimhearsnach mar dhomh fhèin air do sgathsa.

A Leinibh Naoimh ! Tha mi 'toirt aoraidh dhut !


Languages and Science

A Leinibh Naoimh! Tha mi 'guidhe ort gun saor thu mi as ... ; agus deonaich dha* d' sheir-bhisich t'fhàcal èisdeach a chaoidh. 'Us tha mi 'g achanaich Ort3a cuideach t'Aodan fhaicinn maille ri Moire 'Mhathair is Ioseph, agus aoradh a thoirt dhut am measg nan Ainglean uile. Amen, Amen, Amen.



For a commercial people — a " nation of shop­keepers," in fact — it must be allowed that the English are remarkably slow to rid themselves of their insular prejudices, one of the most hardy and unintelligent of which is the common prejudice against the acquisition of foreign languages. Surely the day has long since gone by in which the typical Englishman, standing on his own hearthrug in that position which his numerous and industrious cari­caturists have rendered familiar to us, was wont to assert his inborn superiority to the rest of mankind, and his fixed determination to impose his language on the universe ? Mr Chamberlain's fiscal proposals have rudely awakened him from his venerable dream of self-sufficiency ; and one is obliged to wonder that that astute politician, in recommending his nostrums to his countrymen, did not take occasion to tell them that their mode of doing business, as well as their policy, was at fault, and likely to prove fatal to them. In Scotland, fortunately, there is less of this insular prejudice against foreign languages than there is across the Border. Moreover, by common consent we are allowed to possess, as a nation, less of that insular conceit which renders the average English-


Languages and Science

Languages and Science


man so obnoxious to the average foreigner. Un­doubtedly we are readier to adapt ourselves to new conditions and requirements, arising out of the progress of events, than those are who have the misfortune to live beyond the Tweed. It may be said that this is a characteristic which springs from that love of money which our critics attribute to us in no small degree; but, whether this be so or not, the fact remains that, as a people, we are much less inelastic than the English, and that, for good or for evil, the Scot is considerably more " amenable " than the Saxon.

Undoubtedly, one of the best means of improving our chances of success in this world is the acquisition of foreign languages, which, to those engaged in trade, are nowadays essential; whilst to those who are not so engaged, the

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