The Chrysalids There are four assignments attached to this novel

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The Chrysalids
There are four assignments attached to this novel.

  1. Questions for Response: 30 Marks

Each question requires a complete paragraph. Where possible, use short quotes, properly integrated, to supplement your argument. Each response counts for 5 marks. These will need to be posted on your blog.

  1. The Final Writing Assignment: 20 Marks

An end of novel assignment which will require a lot of planning and work on your part.

  1. Lit Circle Discussions: 25 Marks

A chance for you and your group members to meet and discuss any key ideas, themes, characters, plot, questions, insights and everything else you would like to share. You will come prepared by having your reading for the day completed, and a page of ideas to share. The discussions will be videotaped and marked by me. Marks will be given on an individual basis.

Discussion #1: Monday, November 16th (5 Marks)

Discussion #2: Tuesday, November 24th (5 Marks)

Discussion #3: Tuesday, December 1st (5 Marks)

Discussion #4: Monday, December 7th (10 Marks)
***Because your group has an end-of-novel assignment, you may want to move up your last reading date to Friday, December 5th. That way, you will have plenty of time to finish the writing assignment after the last discussion***

  1. Essay: 25 Marks

The essay will be written in class. I will give you two topics to choose from. You will choose one and start and finish your essay while you are at school. This assignment cannot be completed at home.

The essay will be written in class on Thursday, December 10th

Questions for Responses

There are two sets of questions to choose from- Analysis and Quickwrite. For both sets, you need to answer the question in a complete paragraph. Each answer should be between 8 – 10 sentences, and, where possible, use a quote from the story (integrated properly) to support your argument and ideas. Each paragraph is marked out of 5.
Analysis: Choose any three topics to write about. Each response must be a full paragraph in length.

  1. What does this society fear, and what do they believe is behind their fear? What is the religious basis of their fears, and what rules have they made to deal with them? (Ch 1)

  2. Explain why it is significant that this fear in society comes more from Nicholson’s Repentances than from the Bible. Remember that Nicholson’s Repentances is not a real book, but one written after the Old People disappeared. (Ch 2)

  3. How are the fringes people a threat? Why are the stories about fringes people eating children

a comment on religious mythology? (Ch 2)

  1. What is the terrible, but prophetic, dream that David has the night after his remark? Explain the symbolism and meaning of the dream. Also, explain how this dream is foreboding. (Ch 3)

  2. Explain how the Ethics teacher describes the cause of tribulation, other cases of God’s punishment, and how people need to act in order to re-attain the Golden Age. (Ch 4)

  3. What is ironic about the following comment by the inspector: “Loyalty is a great virtue, but

there is such a thing as misplaced loyalty. One day you will understand the importance of a

greater loyalty. The Purity of the Race.” (pg. 56)

  1. Suggest comparable stories in Greek Mythology that match the sailors’ accounts of the land

ruled by women, and that these women caused sailors to get shipwrecked, then ate them.

What kind of stories are these, and how do they help define what level of advancement the

Labrador civilization is at? (Ch 6)

  1. (Ch 11): By this time, what is the relationship between David and Rosalind? How do their families’ feelings for each other affect this relationship?

  2. (Ch 14): What different version of the Christian religion does David hear from his captor? Specifically, compare and contrast references to the Devil and God to what David was taught. How does this relate to what Uncle Axel said to David about the “true image”? How does this support Darwin’s theory of evolution, and how does this benefit the telepaths?

  3. What opinions does the New Zealand woman express about normal people? How do these

comments echo the very same problems in the attitudes of the normal people and the fringes

people? How does she explain the causes of Tribulation? (Ch 14)

  1. After the New Zealand woman explains that she has decided that “ was worth while...” to

come, and mentions the costs of sending the ship, what can the reader infer about the real reasons for the rescue? Was it altruism, or gain? (Ch 17)
Quickwrite: Choose any three topics to write about. Each response must be a full paragraph in length.

  1. Who were the Old People, and what were they like? What can you infer (draw conclusions) about what happened to them? How is that relevant to our society now? (Ch 2)

  2. What are the differences between the liveable areas, the Fringes, and the Badlands? Considering what the reader understands about the demise of the Old people, and the effects of radiation, explain the existence of these three states. (Ch 2)

  3. The argument between Angus Morton and Joseph Strorm reveals a lot about his character. Write about what we learn of his attitude and persona from this chapter (Ch 4)

  4. How does Joseph Strorm explain the fact that the only field with deviations in it belongs to

Angus Morton? How do you explain it? What does this tell the reader about religions linking

events to causes? (Ch 5)

  1. What difficult situation is Aunt Harriet in? What happens to her? What would you do in her situation? (Ch 7)

  2. How does Jacob justify his opinion that mutations must be destroyed? What does David learn

happens to mutant babies or people once discovered? (Ch 9) What is your reaction to it?

  1. Why are the people so eager to catch and telepaths, more eager than they would be for other

mutants fleeing? (Ch 12)

  1. How does the NZ woman justify what happens to all the fringes and normal people as she

landed? What insightful observation does she make about the fate of her own race in the

distant future? Does this insight support religious or scientific views on creation? (Ch 17)

  1. As they return to New Zealand, what recurring image does David see? What is so special about this place? How is Rosalind’s personality affected? What does the population’s reaction to Petra confirm about Petra’s importance? (Ch 17)

  2. When the whole novel is finished: In what way do we, in our society, send people to the fringes? What are our fringes?

The Final Writing Assignment

Before December 10th (date for your in-class essay), you will need to complete one of the assignments below. They are broken into three types of writing, depending on how you like to respond to novels.

This is a large project! Do not try to just “wing it!”




Review: Write a review of one

of the texts we have read

during this unit. Your review

should evaluate the text on

its merits (stylistically,

philosophically) and suggest

texts to read/films to see in

lieu of or in addition to the

one you review.

Visitor’s Guide to Waknuk: Your best friend is going on an

expedition to Waknuk. What

does he or she need to know

to fit it? To survive? Can

alternatively be written as a

travel guide for a rather

unlikely tourist destination.

Short Story/Poem: Respond,

either in a short story or

poem, to The Chrysalids. Do some extra reading for samples: “The Valedictorian,” “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” Or, you can find your own influential piece and run it by me first

Graphic Organizer: Develop a visual organizer that: a) traces the history of David’s culture from Tribulation until the book’s end; b) sorts

characters by character

traits; or c) compares/

contrasts the definitions of

human within the novel.

Wild Card: Is there something

you’re dying to try out (rock

opera, book review, comic

adaptation)? Come and see

me with a brief written

proposal (2-3 sentences)

describing what you would

like to do and why you’d like

to do it, and we’ll have a chat!

Letter Home: Write a letter

from the perspective of

David, Rosalind, or Petra after

the novel’s conclusion. What

do they want the people of

Waknuk to know? How does

the writer feel about how

things have played out?

Cover Design: You’re in charge of the cover design of the latest edition of The

Chrysalids. Consider

important themes, symbols,

and the current publishing

industry and craft a new

cover. Include cover blurbs

and an explanation.

Movie Pitch (with storyboard): Write a pitch for selling the film rights to The Chrysalids. Include a short storyboard for an important (and exciting!) theme or casting suggestions. Should be able to be recited in no more than one minute.

Scripting: Script a scene from

the novel for the stage or for

film. Act it out with a peer.

Should include stage

direction, set instructions,

character descriptions, and

so on. Be able to justify why

you chose this particular


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