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The Career Passport Portfolio

The SCANS Essay

What is SCANS?

  • The “Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills” is a report, now known as the SCANS Report.

  • The SCANS Report basically identified FIVE competency areas that all businesses expect from their employees.

  • Competencies = (having the abilities to perform work required in industry)

The Five Competencies

  1. Resources - Identifies, organizes, plans and allocates resources

  2. Interpersonal

  3. Information

  4. Systems

  5. Technology


  • Resources - identifies, organizes, plans and allocates resources.

  • People with strong RESOURCES are good with:

  • TIME…they select goal-relevant activities, ranks them, allocates time, and prepares and follows schedules.

  • MONEY…Uses or prepares budgets, makes forecasts, keeps records, and makes adjustments to meet objectives.

  • MATERIALS and FACILITIES…Acquires, stores, allocates and uses materials or space efficiently.

  • HUMAN RESOURCES…Assesses skills and distributes work accordingly, evaluates performance and provides feedback.


  • Check the boxes that identify how you use resources.

  • Time resources

  • I make good use of my time.

  • I select goal related activities based on the amount of time I have.

  • I rank working on activities by starting with those that take the least time.

  • I rank working on activities by starting with those that take the most time.

  • I make sure I have enough time to finish something before I start it.

  • I prepare and follow schedules when I work.

Give a specific example when you have used the time resources checked above.

  • Money resources:

  • I use or prepare budgets for my money.

  • I estimate how much money I will need and where I will spend it for future.

  • I keep records of how I spend my money, with a banking statement or balance sheet and receipts

  • I make adjustments to my budget to meet my needs.

Give a specific example when you have been successful in doing what you have checked in the boxes above.

  • Materials & Facilities

  • I find the materials or the space to work before I start a project

  • I store my materials needed for a job where they can be found

  • I divide my materials to cover the number of projects that I have going

  • I use my supplies/materials efficiently without wasting

  • I use my space efficiently

Give a specific example when you have done the things checked in the boxes above.

  • Human Resources

  • I assess the skills I have related to a job I have to do

  • I divide the work I have to do according to my skills

  • I can divide the work on a job according to the skills the people have working with me.

  • I evaluate my own performance of a job.

  • I can evaluate the performance of other people working on a job with me

  • I provide feedback (information regarding how well a job has been done or how performance of the job can be improved) to myself and others working with me.

Give a specific example of when you have performed the things in the boxes checked above.


  • People good at INTERPERSONAL are good at:

  • PARTICIPATING AS A MEMBER OF A TEAM - contributing to the group effort


  • SERVES CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS - works to satisfy customer’s expectations

  • EXERCISING LEADERSHIP - communicating ideas to justify position persuading and convincing others, responsibly challenging existing procedures and policies

  • NEGOTIATING - working toward agreements involving exchange of resources, resolves divergent interests


  • Check the boxes below that apply to you and tell when you have done each thing.

  • I have participated as a member of a team and contributed to the group effort when I .

  • I have taught others new skills when I


  • I have worked to satisfy customers’ expectations when I


  • I have exercised leadership by clearly explaining reasons for doing a job a specific way and persuaded others to try things differently than the usual way of doing the job when I .

  • I have negotiated with others to share resources or trading resources to meet a need when I .

  • I have worked well with men and women from diverse backgrounds on the job or in the classroom when I .


  • A person with strong INFORMATION skills is good at:





  • I can find information that I need and decide when it is helpful information.

  • I can organize information so that it can be found when needed and keep it organized so I will know where it is.

  • I can understand the information I find and explain it to others.

  • I can use computers to store, and process the information.

Give a specific example when you have done the above things checked in the boxes.


  • A person with strong SYSTEMS skills is good at:

  • UNDERSTANDING SYSTEMS…Knows how social, organizational, and technological systems work and operates effectively with them

  • MONITORNG AND CORRECTING PERFORMANCE - distinguishing trends, predicts impacts on system operations, diagnoses deviations in systems’ performance and corrects malfunctions

  • IMPROVING OR DESIGNING PROGRAMS…suggests modifications to existing systems and develops new or alternative systems to improve performance.

  • I understand how social systems work, what it takes for people to get along and operate effectively together.

  • I understand how organizational systems work, why it is important to organize jobs and people in order to operate effectively.

  • I understand how technological systems work, what and how to use technology in order to operate effectively in the work force.

Give specific examples when you have used your knowledge of social, organizational and technological systems to effectively function on a job.

  • I have monitored and corrected performance on a job of myself or others.

  • I can tell when different trends in the systems appear.

  • I can identify when differences in the performances occur and correct things that go wrong.

Give specific examples when you have monitored and corrected performance in any of the systems mentioned above.


  • A person with strong TECHNOLOGY skills is good at:

  • SELECTING TECHNOLOGY—choosing procedures, tools, or equipment including computers and related technologies.

  • APPLYING TECHNOLOGY TO TASK– understanding overall intent and proper procedures for setup and operation of equipment.

  • MAINTAING AND TROUBLESHOOTING EQUIPMENT– prevents, identifies, or solves problems with equipment, including computers and other technology.

Writing the Essay

  • Plan to write a five paragraph essay.

  • Introduction

  • 3 Body paragraphs

  • Conclusion

  • Introductory Paragraph.

  • Identify self, school, age

  • Identify importance of the SCANS report and the 5 competencies identified in the SCANS report

  • Identify the 2 strong competency areas and the weakest competency area you possess.

  • Body Paragraph One.

  • State your strongest competency area.

  • Identify specific examples of how you have succeeded in this area.

  • Body Paragraph Two.

  • State your second strongest competency area.

  • Identify specific examples of how you have succeeded in this area.

  • Body Paragraph Three.

  • State your weakest competency area.

  • Identify specific examples of why you feel weak in this area.

  • Conclusion.

  • Review the importance of the SCANS report.

  • Review the importance of knowing both your strength and weakness in the 5 areas.

  • Close with a statement as to why it is important to know this information about yourself when considering a career.

  • Proofread and finalize your essay.

  • Once you have completed the draft of your essay, be certain you have a title and you name is at the top i.e.

SCANS Competencies

by John Doe

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