The bibliography of the principal books, mss., Etc. Quoted in the dictionary list of abbreviations, Etc. Used in the bibliography

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Plenderleath, W. C—On some unnoted Wiltshire Phrases.

Privately printed [n.d.].

Sarum Diocesan Gazette.—Articles on Wild Flowers, pp. 5-6,

Jan. 1890, and pp. 13-14, Jan. 1891.

Slow, Edward.—Rhymes of the Wiltshire Peasantry, and other

trifles. 121110, Salisbury, 1874.

Wiltshire Rhymes; a series of poems in the Wiltshire dialect.

8vo, London, 1881.

3rd ed., 1885.

The Fourth Series of Wiltshire Rhymes, containing twenty-five

new poems in the Wiltshire dialect, never before published.

Also a glossary of some words now used in Wiltshire and

the adjoining counties. 8vo, Salisbury, 1889.

Glossary of Wiltshire Words, pp.12. 8vo, Wilton, 1892.

The Fifth Series of Wiltshire Rhymes and Tales in the Wiltshire

dialect. Never before published, ib. [1894].

Smith, A. C The Birds of Wiltshire, 1887.

Specimens of the Provincial Dialect of South Wiltshire.

p. 114 of the Monthly Magazine, Sept. 1, 1814.

Tennant, Pamela.—Village Notes, and some other papers, 1900.

Thurn, EverardF. im.—Birds of Marlborough, being a contribution

to the ornithology of the district. Marlborough [1870].

Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine.

8vo, Devizes, 1854-.

Wiltshire Words; from Britton's < Beauties of Wiltshire,' 1825 ;

compared with 'Akerman's Glossary,' 1842. Ed. W. W.

Skeat, E.D.S. 1879.


Allies, Jabez.—The British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and

Folk-Lore of Worcestershire. 8vo, London, 1840.

Berrow's Worcester Journal. Var. dates.

[Bradley, Waldron.]—Grantley Grange. By Shelsey Beauchamp,


Nelly Hamilton. By Shelsey Beauchamp, 1875.

Chamberlain, Mrs A Glossary of West Worcestershire Words.

With glossic notes by Thomas Hallam. pp. xii, 40. E.D.S.

1882. =w.Wor.1

Evesham Journal and Four Shires Advertiser.The. Var. dates.

Kingsford, Hamilton.—Vigornian Monologues. [By l Outis.']

A series of papers in illustration of the dialect of Worcestershire,

originally published in Berrow^s Worcester Journal, in

the years 1895-96. pp. 36. 8vo, Worcester, 1897.

Lawson, Robert.—Upton-on-Severn Words and Phrases, pp. 35.

E.D.S. 1884. =s.Wor.i

Noake, John.—Notes and Queries for Worcestershire. 8vo,


Northall, G. F., see Midlands.

Porson, A.—Notes of Quaint Words and Sayings in the dialect

of South Worcestershire. 8vo, London, 1875.


Salisbury, Jesse.—A Glossary of Words and Phrases used in

S.E. Worcestershire, together with some of the sayings,

customs, superstitions, charms, &c. common in that district.

E.D.S. 1893. -se.Wor.1

Wood, Mrs. Henry.—Mrs. Haliburton's Troubles, 1862.



Baines, Thomas.—Yorkshire Past and Present : a history and

description of the three Ridings from the earliest ages to

the year 1870. 2 vols. 4to, London, 1870.

Baring-Gould, S.— ? The Pennycomequicks. A novel, 1870.

Yorkshire Oddities, incidents and strange events. 2 vols. 8vo,

London, 1874.

Beaumont, Mary.—A Ringby Lass, and other stories, 1895.

Joan Seaton [n.d.].

Blackmore, R. D.— ? Mary Anerley. A Yorkshire tale, 1880.

Bland, J. C—The Ghost of Dowley Gap ; a Yorkshire tale of

Joseph White and Rosa Lee [n.d.].

Burnett, W. H. (ed.)— Broad Yorkshire ; being poems and

sketches from the writings of Castillo, Mrs. Tweddell, Reed,

Brown, Lewis, Burnett, and others. With a glossary. 2nd

ed. pp. 74. 8vo, Middlesborough, 1885. [1st ed. 1877.]

Dyke, Watson.—Craiktrees, 1897.

Farquhar Frankheart. London [n.d.].

Federer, Charles A.—A Bibliography of Yorkshire Dialect

Literature. Trans, of the Yorkshire Dialect Soc. Mayigoi.

Garland of Poetry, A.—By Yorkshire Authors. Collected by

Abraham Holroyd. 8vo, Saltaire, 1873.

Gaskell, Elizabeth.—Sylvia's Lovers, 1863.

Glossary of Yorkshire Archaic Words in the Yorkshire Weekly

Post, May 5, 1883 seq.

Halliwell, J. O. (ed.)—The Yorkshire Anthology, a collection of

ancient and modern ballads, poems, and songs, relating to

the county of Yorkshire. 4to, London, 1851.

Hamerton, P. G.—Wenderholme ; a story of Yorkshire and

Lancashire, 1869.

Holroyd, Abraham.—Yorkshire Proverbs and Speyks. Contributed

to the Brighouse News, July 23, 1887.

Collection of Yorkshire Ballads. With remarks on Ballad Lore

by W. J. Kaye, and a Life of A. Holroyd by W. Scruton.

Ed. C. F. Forshaw. 8vo, London, 1892.

Howitt, Mary.—Hope On, Hope Ever, 1840.

Howitt, William.—The Rural Life of England, a vols. 8vo,

London, 1838.

Hudson, G.—The Family Jar ; or, the Turned Head. A village

comedy, 1876.

Ingledew, C. J. D. (ed.)—The Ballads and Songs of Yorkshire,

transcribed from private MSS., rare broadsides, and scarce

publications ; with notes and a glossary. 121110, London,


Macquoid, Katherine.—Doris Barugh, 1877.

The Berkshire Lady, 1879.

Miall, F. G.—Yorkshire Dialect and Place Names, pp. 105-17

of Yorkshire Illustrations of English History. 8vo, London,


Old Proverbs and Sayings of Yorkshire, from the Brighouse

News, Aug. 10, 1889.

Old Yorkshire.—Ed. W. Smith. 5 vols. 8vo, London, 1881-84.

2nd Series, ed. W. Wheater. 8vo, Leeds, 1885.

Parkinson, Thomas.—Yorkshire Legends and Traditions, as

told by her chroniclers, her poets, and journalists. 2 vols.

8vo, London, 1888-89.

Phillips, John.—The Rivers, Mountains, and Sea Coast of Yorkshire

; with essays on the climate, scenery, &c. 8vo,


Prior, Eleanor C—The Little One. 2 vols., 1891.

Scarth, D.—Yorkshire Dialect Words. Leeds Mercury Weekly

Supplement, Nov. 8, 1884.

Taylor, Mary.—Miss Miles, 1890.

Turner, J. Horsfall.—Yorkshire Anthology: Ballads and songs,

ancient and modern (with several hundred real epitaphs),

covering a period of a thousand years of Yorkshire history

in verse ; with notes bibliographical, biographical, topographical,

dialectic, &c. 8vo, Bingley, 1901.

White, Walter.—A Month in Yorkshire. 8vo, London, 1858.

Yorkshire County Magazine, The, with which are incorporated

Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Yorkshire Folk-

Lore Journal, Yorkshire Genealogist, and Yorkshire

Bibliographer. Ed. J. Horsfall Turner. 4 vols., 1891-94.

Yorkshire Dialect, The, exemplified in various dialogues, tales,

and songs, applicable to the county. With a glossary,

pp. 24. i8mo, London [n.d.].

Yorkshire Dialogue, A, in Yorkshire dialect; between an Awd

Wife, a Lass, and a Butcher. Broadside, York, 1673.

[Reprinted in ' Nine Specimens of English Dialects,' ed.

W. W. Skeat, 1896.]

Yorkshire Garland, The; being a curious collection of old

and new songs, concerning that famous county. Ed. Joseph

Ritson. iamo, York, 1788.

Reprinted in the Northern Garlands. 8vo, London, 1810.

Yorkshire Garland, The, containing the celebrated old songs

of ' Yorke, Yorke, for me monie,' and the ' Pattern of True

Love, or Bowe's Tragedy.' To which are added specimens

of the Yorkshire dialect, selected from 'The Register .Office,'

' Richard and Betty at HickletonFair,' 'The Ripon Bellman,'

&c. pp. 34. i8mo, Northallerton, 1825.


Banks, Mrs. G. Linnaeus.—In Bondage. A Yorkshire story,


Best, Henry.—Rural Economy in Yorkshire in 1641. Being the

farming and account books of Henry Best, of Elmswell, in

the East Riding of the county of York. Ed. C. B. Robinson,

Surtees Soc. 1857.

Cole, Edward Maule.—On Scandinavian Place Names in the

East Riding of Yorkshire, pp. 35. 8vo, York, 1879.

Eclipse Of the Moon, May 31, 1844. And, Eclipse of the Moon

Postponed. Two obi. i2tno handbills, in the Ripon dialect.

'Flit and Ko.'—A Reel of No. 8, and Suddahly Fewster [n.d.].

Holderness, Thomas.—Some Place Names of the East Riding

of Yorkshire. 8vo, Driffield, 1900.

Howard, Charles.—Farming at Ridgemont, in 'Husbandry,1

Vol. Ill, pp. 129-56. London [1833].

Farming at Scoreby, in ' Husbandry,' Vol. Ill, pp. 1-28. ib.

Farming at Wauldby, in ' Husbandry,' Vol. Ill, pp. 101-28. ib.

Marshall, W. H.—The Rural Economy of Yorkshire, comprizing

the management of landed estates, and the present practice

of husbandry in the agricultural districts of that county.

2 vols. 8vo, London, 1788. [Reprinted as ' Provincialisms

of East Yorkshire ; 1788,' ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1873.]

2nd ed., 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1796. [Reprinted as ' East

Yorkshire Words (Supplement); 1796,' ed. W. W. Skeat,

E.D.S. 1879.

Morris, M. C. F.—Yorkshire Folk-talk, with characteristics of

those who speak it in the North and East Ridings, pp. ix,

408. 8vo, London, 1892. =ne.Yks.1

East Riding Field Names. (Read at Bridlington, Oct. 12, 1897,

to the East Riding Antiquarian Society.) pp.17. 8vo, [,


The Vowel-sounds of the East Yorkshire Folk-speech, pp. 32.

London, 1901.

Nicholson, John.—The Folk Speech of East Yorkshire. 8vo,

London, 1889.

The Folk-lore of East Yorkshire, ib. 1890.

Ross, Frederick, Stead, Richard, and Holderness, Thomas.

A Glossary of Words used in Holderness in the East-

Riding of Yorkshire. E.D.S. 1877. -e.Yks.1

Ruddleputty, Reuben.—A Farm Servant's Letter to his Sweetheart,


Specimens of the Yorkshire Dialect as spoken in the East

Riding of the county, and more particularly in the northeastern

portion of the Riding; with a copious glossary,

pp. 48. 8vo, Driffield, 1887.

Thompson, Miss.—History of Welton, near Hull, and the

neighbourhood. With remarks on the Yorkshire Language.

8vo, Hull, 1869.

[Wray, John Jackson.]—Nestleton Magna : a story of Yorkshire

Methodism. By Quintus Quarles. i2mo, London,



Atkinson, J. C.—A Glossary of the Cleveland Dialect: explanatory,

derivative, and critical. 4to, London, 1868.

= n.Yks.1

Additions to a Glossary of the Cleveland Dialect. E.D.S.

1876. =n.Yks.i

Lost; or what came of a slip from Honour Bright. London,


A Handbook for Ancient Whitby and its Abbej-. 8vo. Whitby,



Atkinson, J. C. (continued)—

Forty Years in a Moorland Parish. Reminiscences and researches

in Danby in Cleveland. 8vo, London, 1891.

Memorials of Old Whitby; or Historical Gleanings from

Ancient Whitby Records, ib. 1894.

Baker, John Gilbert.—North Yorkshire : studies of its botany,

geology, climate, and physical geography. 8vo, London,


Blakeborough, Richard—'T'Hunt o' Yatton Brigg,' in the

dialect of the North Riding of Yorkshire, pp. 20. 8vo,

Guisbo rough, 1896.

Wit, Character, Folk-lore, and Customs of the North Riding of

Yorkshire, with a glossary of over 4,000 words and idioms

now in use. 8vo, London, 1898. = n.Yks.4

[Browne, George Newton.]—The York Minster Screen. Being

a specimen of the Yorkshire dialect as spoken in the

North Riding. 8vo, Malton, 1833. [Reprinted in ' Nine

Specimens of English Dialects,' ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S.


Browne, Thomas.—Poems on several occasions. Ed. J. Merritt.

8vo, Liverpool, 1798. [Contains 'The Invasion' and

' Awd Daisy,' &c]

Castillo, John.—Awd Isaac, the Steeplechase, and other poems.

With a glossary. i2mo, Whitby, 1843.

Poems. With a glossary. i2tno, Northallerton, 1845.

The Bard of the Dales, or poems and miscellaneous pieces,

partly in the Yorkshire dialect. i2mo, Kirby-Moorside,


Jacob's Ladder, a sermon, pp. 8. 12010, Filey, 1858.

Poems in the North Yorkshire dialect. Ed., with a memoir

and glossary, by G. M. Tweddell. i2mo, Stokesley, 1878.

Charlton, L The History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey.

4to, York, 1779.

[Fetherston, F. M.]—Oops and Doons, and sayin's and doin's bv

Timothy Goorkrodger, his old deeame and darter Meary, a'

whoame and abroad. Huddersfield [1870].

The Adventures of a Yorkshire Farmer and his scapegrace

Nevvy in London. Huddersfield [n.d.].

The Smuggins Family at Scarbro', Filey, and Bridlington.

8vo, York [n.d.].

Frank, —.—Yorkshire Fishing and Shooting. 8vo, Leighton

Buzzard, 1894.

Graves, John.—The History of Cleveland in the North Riding

of the County of York. 4to, Carlisle, 1808.

' Harland, John.—A Glossary of Words used in Swaledale,

Yorkshire, pp. iv, 28. E.D.S. 1873. =n.Yks.3

Holt, Robert B.—Whitby Past and Present. 8vo, London,


Lapstone, Timothy Election Bills, No. 1. Whitby, 1869.

Linskill, Mary.—Between the Heather and the Northern Sea,


The Haven under the Hill, 1886.

Hagar ; a North Yorkshire Pastoral, 1887.

In Exchange for a Soul. A novel, 1888.

Tales of the North Riding, 1893.

M[eriton], G[eorge].—The Praise of Yorkshire Ale, wherein is

enumerated several sorts of drink, with a discription of the

humors of most sorts of drunckards. To which is added,

a Yorkshire Dialogue, in its pure natural dialect, as is now

commonly spoken in the North parts of Yorkshire. The

third edition. With the addition of some observations, of

the dialect and pronuntiation of words in the East Ryding

of Yorkshire. Together with a collection of significant and

usefull proverbs. By G. M. Gent. pp. 124. 121110, York,

1697. [1st ed. without a glossary, pp. 18. 4to, York,


Morris, M. C. F., see East Riding.

Mrs. Hodge's Cogitations on't Princess Royal's Marriage.

A letter to the Editor of the Whitby Gazette, Jan. 23, 1858.

Munby, Arthur J.—Verses New and Old. i2tno, London,


Ann Morgan's Love. A Pedestrian poem. 8vo, London, 1896.

Nelson, John.—A Specimen of the Bilsdale Dialect; being two

poems on Isaac Telltruth and Sammy Standfast, pp. 32.

i2mo, Northallerton, 1831.

Ord, J. W.—Rural Sketches and Poems, chiefly relating to Cleveland.

i2mo, London, 1845.

Oxlee, J.—A MS. list of Cleaveland words, p. 131, Trans.

Phil. Soc. London, 1845.

Quarter Sessions Records for the years 1676-94, in the North

Riding Record Society Publications, Vols. I-IV, 1884.

[Robinson, F. K.]—A Glossary of Yorkshire Words and Phrases

(with examples of their colloquial use), collected in Whitby

and the neighbourhood. By an Inhabitant, iamo, London,


A Glossary of Words used in the neighbourhood of Whitby.

E.D.S. 1876. = n.Yks.2

The Song of Solomon in the North Yorkshire dialect. From

the Authorised English Version. By the Author of ' A

Glossary of Yorkshire Words and Phrases, collected in

Whitby and the neighbourhood.' pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis

L. L. Bonaparte, i860.]

Sedgwick, Adam.—A Memorial by the Trustees of Cowgill

Chapel, with a preface and appendix on the climate, history,

and dialect of Dent. Printed for private circulation.

Cambridge, 1868.

Simpson, Katherine.—Jeanie 0' Biggersdale, and other Yorkshire

stories, 1893.

Specimens of the Yorkshire Dialect, in various dialogues,

tales, and songs. To which is added, A Glossary of such of

the Yorkshire words as are likely not to be understood by

those unacquainted with the dialect, pp. 31. i2mo, Hull

[? 1800].

7th ed., with considerable additions and amendments, pp.

36. i2mo, York, 1811.

Specimens of the Yorkshire Dialect, in various dialogues,

tales, and songs, to which is added Aud Isaac, a poem

composed of facts and similitudes, pp.60. i8mo, Otley


Specimens of the Yorkshire Dialect, pp. 24. i2mo,

Knaresbro, 1833.

With a Glossary. 6th ed. 121110, Knaresborough, 1848.

Stonehouse, William.—Tom Keld'sHole : a story ofGoathland.

pp. 68. i6mo, Whitby, 1879.

Tuke, John.—A General View of the Agriculture of the North

Riding of Yorkshire. 8vo, London, 1800.

Tweddell, George Markham.—The Bards and Authors of

Cleveland. 8vo, Stokesley, 1872.

The People's History of Cleveland and its vicinity. 4to,

Stokesley [1872-73].

Tweddell, Mrs. G. M Rhymes to illustrate the North York

dialect. By Florence Cleveland, pp. 8. i2mo, Stokesley,


Mudher's Advice to Dick. A rhyme to illustrate the North

York dialect. By Florence Cleveland. Stokesley, 1872.

Awd Gab o' Steers : how he tried to sweetheart Betty Moss.

A trew teeale. Related in the North York dialect. By

Florence Cleveland. With glossary, pp. 12. i2mo,

Stokesley, 1873.

Rhymes and Sketches to illustrate the Cleveland dialect. By

Florence Cleveland. 8vo, Stokesley, 1875. [new ed. 1892.]

Whitby Repository, The, or Album of Local Literature.

New Series. 2 vols. 8vo, Whitby, 1867-68.

Whitby Treasury, The, or Album of Local Literature. 8vo,

Whitby, 1838.

Yorkshire Dialect, The, exemplified in various dialogues, tales,

and songs applicable to the county. With a glossary.

pp. 24. 8vo, London, 1839.

Yorshur Alminac, T', written accoarding tea nater, e plain

English, without grammar, or onny mak o' beak laming.

By Nathaniel Nettlenase [David Green], pp. 72. 121110,

Leeds, 1861.


Robinson, C. Clough A Glossary of Words pertaining to the

dialect of Mid-Yorkshire; with others peculiar to Lower

Nidderdale. To which is prefixed an outline grammar of

the Mid-Yorkshire dialect. E.D.S. 1876. =m.Yks.1


Addy, Sidney Oldall.—A Glossary of Words used in the neighbourhood

of Sheffield, including a selection of local names,

and some notices of folk-lore, games, and customs. E.D.S.

1888. w.Yks.2

A Supplement to the Sheffield Glossary, pp. x, 66. E.D.S.

1891. = w.Yks.2

Field Names. Macmillan's Magazine, April 1889.

Armstrong, James L.—Scenes in Craven ; in a series of letters,

containing interesting sketches of character, &c.,&c' 12010,

York, 1835.

Atkinson, Miles.—Marriage Contrasted ; or an evening on the

brink of the river Wharfe. pp. 16. 8vo, Bingley [n.d.].


Bag o' Shoddy Olmenac fur t'year 1866. pp. 16. 8vo, Batley.

Bag o' Shoddy Olmenack, and Bundel a Wisdum for t'year

1867. Teed up be Uriah Waketea, Esq. [Isaac Binns].

pp. 16. i2mo, Birstall, 1867.

Bairnsla Foak's Annual, The, an Pogmoor Olmenack. Be Tom

Treddlehoyle [Charles Rogers]. 8vo, Leeds, 1838-75.

Ed. Isaac Binns, 1876-83.

Banks, Mrs. G. Linnaeus.—Wooers and Winners: a Yorkshire

story, 1880.

Banks, William Stott.—A List of Provincial Words in use at

Wakefield in Yorkshire ; with explanations, including a few

descriptions of buildings and localities, pp. viii, 8a. i2mo,

London, 1865.

Barry, Charles.—Front oth' Sun Almanac ; in the dialect an'

aht on it. pp. 40. 12010, Huddersfield, 1877.

Beacon Almenack, Th', in the Yorkshire dialect. Ed. A. W.

Bickerdike, 1873-76.

Beacon Christmas Annual, Th1, in the Yorkshire Twang. Ha

Dooady Braan spent th' Kursmiss Hallidays. By A. W.

Bickerdike. I2mo, Halifax, 1873.

Bickerdike, Arthur William.—Dooady Braan's Adventures;

in the Yorkshire dialect, pp. 56. 8vo, Halifax, 1875.

Bingley Herald, The, for 1886.

Binns, jEthelbert.—Wilsden Originals, No. 1. pp. 8. 1889.

Yorkshire Dialect Words, in Leeds Mercury Supplement, 1891, &c.

Cracks i' t'Ingle Neuk, in Yorkshire Weekly Post, 1895-96.

Binns, Isaac.—T'Laffable Adventurs i' t'Militari Kareer a Tom

Wallop. Rittan bi T'Authar. pp. 16. i8mo, Batley, 1870.

From Village to Town. A series of random reminiscences of

Batley during the last thirty years. i2mo, Batley, 1882.

Blackah, Thomas.—Songs and Poems, written in the Nidderdale

dialect. I2mo, London, 1867.

Oliver Banks ; or St. Thomas's Bounty at Hebden. pp. 16.

i6mo, Pateley Bridge, 1867.

Blade, The. Ed. W. C. Reynald. May 1884 to July 1885.

Borne Miln Olmenac, The, an Bradforth an West Riding Annewal.

Be Timothy Shoddygull, Esq. [J. Firth]. 1855-58.

Bradford Antiquary, The. The Journal of the Bradford

Historical and Antiquarian Society. 1st Series, 1880-95.

New Series, 1896-1900.

Bradford Parish Churchwardens, Accounts of, 1667-94.

2nd Series, 1677-1797.

Brighouse News, The. Var. dates.

Bronte, Anne—The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. By Acton Bell,


Bronte, Charlotte.—Shirley. By Currer Bell, 1849.

Bronte, Emily Jane.—Wuthering Heights. By Ellis Bell, 1847.

Burnley, James.—Idonia, and other poems, ismo, Bradford,


Phases of Bradford Life ; a series of pen and ink sketches.

8vo, Bradford, 1871.

Looking for the Dawn ; a tale of the West Riding, ib. 1874.

West Riding Sketches. I2mo, Bradford, 1875.

Bywater, Abel.—The Sheffield Dialect, in conversations ' Uppa

are Hull Arston.' With a copious glossary, and an

introductory note on the sound of the letters A and O.

Written be a Shewild Chap. i6mo, Sheffield, 1834.

The Shewild Chap's Annual, 1836-56.

Supplement to the Shewild Chap's Annual for 1836.

Supplement to the Shewild Chap's Annual for 1854. Bein'

a Letter thro' Owd Jack Wheelswarf to t'Editor.

The Sheffield Dialect. i6mo, Sheffield, 1839 [and var. ed.].

The Shewild Chap's Easter Gift. pp. 24. i2mo, Sheffield,


The Shewild Chap's Christmas Present, pp. 24. ib. 1852.

The Gossips ; or Pictures of Private Loife amang t'Wimmin.

Be t'Shevvild Chap. pp. 24. ib. 1852.

The Song of Solomon in the Sheffield dialect. From the

Authorised English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis

L. L. Bonaparte, 1859.]

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