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Jenkins, Edward.—A Secret of Two Lives, 1886.

* D 2


Jennings, James.—Observations on some of the Dialects in the

West of England, particularly Somersetshire: with a

glossary of words now in use there, and poems and other

pieces exemplifying the dialect. i2mo, London, 1825.

The Dialect of the West of England, particularly Somersetshire ;

with a glossary of words now in use there ; also with poems

and other pieces exemplifying the dialect. 2nd ed., the

whole revised, corrected, and enlarged, with two dissertations

on the Anglo-Saxon pronouns, and other pieces, by

James Knight Jennings, ib. 1869.

Leith, Alicia A.—A Plant of Lemon Verbena ; a Somersetshire

idyll. I2mo, London, 1895.

Palmer, H. P.—Mr. Trueman's Secret. A tale of West Somerset.

8vo, London, 1895.

Poole, C. H.—The Customs, Superstitions, and Legends of the

County of Somerset. 8vo, London, 1877.

Raymond, Walter.—Misterton's Mistake, 1888.

Gentleman Upcott's Daughter, 1893.

Love and Quiet Life, 1894.

Young Sam and Sabina, 1894.

Tryphena in Love, 1895.

In the Smoke of War, 1895.

Charity Chance, 1896.

Two Men o' Mendip, 1899.

No Soul above Money, 1899.

Good Souls of Ciderland, 1901.

Rose, W. F.—A MS. Glossary of Somersetshire words.

Spectator, The.—A Letter on the Somersetshire Dialect in the

Spectator, Feb. 16, 1895.

[Squires, F. J.]—Nine Days in Devon : a Visit to the Channel

Fleet at Weymouth, and other humorous sketches in the

Somerset dialect. By Somerset Frank. Bristol, 1879.

Strong, James.—Joaneridos, or feminine valour eminently discovered

in Western women at the siege of Lyme. 4to, 1674.

Sweetman, George.—A Glossary of Words used by the rural

population in the parish and neighbourhood of Wincanton,

Somerset, pp. 16. 8vo, Wincanton, 1891. [1st ed. 1885.]

Vocabulary of the Provincial Words of Somerset, with a

short essay on the dialect, pp. 126-27 of Monthly Magazine,

Sept. 1, 1814.

Weaver, F. W.—Wells Wills, 1890.

Wellington Weekly News, The [var. dates].

Williams, Wadham Pigott, and Jones, William Arthur.—

A Glossary of Provincial Words and Phrases as used in

Somersetshire. With an introduction by R. C. A. Prior.

Printed for the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural

History Society, pp. xii, 42. 8vo, London, 1873. = W. &J.

Gl. (1873").

Wilson, Miss C. E.—Somersetshire Dialogues, or Reminiscences

of the Old Farm House at Weston-super-Mare. 4to,

London, 1855.

Winwood, H. H.—An Excursion to Corsham, &c. Proceedings

of the Geological Association, Vol. XIV, pt. viii, p. 351, July



Clayton, W.—Tales and Recollections of the Southern Coast.

8vo, London, 1863.

Marshall, W. H.—The Rural Economy of the Southern Counties;

comprising Kent, Surrey, Sussex, the Isle of Wight, the

Chalk Hills of Wiltshire, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1798.

Ray, John.—A Collection of ' South and East-Countrey Words,'

1691. Ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1874. [See also s.v. North



Bettany, J. G.—The House of Rimmon [c. 1890].

Coghill, Mrs. H—The Trial of Mary Broom [c. 1890].

Duignan, W. H.—Notes on Staffordshire Place Names. 8vo,

London, 1902.

Knight's Quarterly Magazine, No. 2. 8vo, London, 1823.

[Contains a short specimen of the dialect.]

Murray, D. Christie—Joseph's Coat, 1882.

Rainbow Gold, 1885.

Aunt Rachel, 1886.

John Vale's Guardian, 1890.

Northall, G. F., see Midlands.

[Pinnock.T.]—A Glossary of Black Country Words, Phrases, &c.

8vo, Wednesbury, 1894.

Tom Brown's Black Country Annual, with tales, sketches, and

poems (chiefly in dialect^, ib. 1894-95.

Pitt, William.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Stafford. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Poole, Charles Henry.—The Customs, Superstitions, and

Legends of the County of Stafford, collected from various

sources. i2mo, London, 1875.

An attempt towards a Glossary of the Archaic and Provincial

Words of the County of Stafford, pp. 28. 8vo, Stratfordupon-

Avon, 1880. =Stf.1

Saunders, K.—Diamonds in Darkness, 1888.

Warrington, T. C. and Pope, A.—MS. Collection of Staffordshire

words. = Stf.2

West Bromwich a hundred years ago. In the Staffordshire

Chronicle, Feb. 22, Aug. 23, and Oct. 25, 1901.


Betham-Edwards, M.—The Lord of the Harvest, 1899.

Mock Beggars' Hall. A story, 1902.

Bloomfield,Robert.—The Farmer's Boy; a rural poem. 4U1 ed.,

8vo, London, 1801. [1st ed. 1800.]

Rural Tales, Ballads, and Songs, ib. 1802.

Culluni, John.—The History and Antiquities of Hawsted and

Hardwick, in the county of Suffolk, and ed., 4to, London,

1813. [1st ed. 1784.]

Davies, G. C, see Norfolk.

East Anglian, The, see East Anglia.

Fison, L. A.—Brother Mike, 1893.

Merry Suffolk, Master Archie, and other tales, 1899.

Forby, Robert, see East Anglia.

Gardner, Thomas.—The History of Dunwich, Blithburgh, and

Southwold. 4to, London, 1754.

Glyde, John (ed.).—The New Suffolk Garland: a miscellany of

anecdotes, romantic ballads, descriptive poems and songs,

historical and biographical notices, and statistical returns

relating to the county of Suffolk. With an appendix,

containing the history of the Reform struggle in Ipswich

in 1820; or the celebrated election ofLennardandHaldimand.

Collected, compiled, and edited by John Glyde, jun. 8vo,

Ipswich, 1866.

Gurdon, Lady Camilla.—Suffolk Tales and other stories, fairy

legends, poems, miscellaneous articles, 1897.

Moor, Edward.—Suffolk Words and Phrases ; or an attempt to

collect the lingual localisms of that county. i2mo, Woodbridge,

1823. =Suf.x

Rainbird, William and Hugh.—On the Agriculture of Suffolk.

8vo, London, 1819.

Raven, John James.—The History of Suffolk. 8vo, London, 1895.

Sea Words and Phrases along the Suffolk Coast; extracted

from the East Anglian Notes and Queries, Jan. 1869, and

Jan. 1870. 8vo, Lowestoft, 1869-70.

Strickland, Agnes.—Old Friends and New Acquaintances, 1864.

Suffolk Garland, The : or, a collection of poems, songs, tales,

ballads, sonnets, and elegies, legendary and romantic,

historical and descriptive, relative to that county; and

illustrative of its scenery, places, biography, manners,

habits and customs. 8vo, Ipswich, 1818.

Suffolk Words; from Cullum's History of Hawsted, 1813. Ed.

W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1879.

Whinbush, John.—Tim Digwell; an episode of the Strike in

the Wilford Hundred, Suffolk, in 1874. pp. 48. 2nd ed.,

Woodbridge, 1874.

Young, Arthur.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Suffolk. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey



Aubrey, John.—The Natural History and Antiquities of the

County of Surrey. 5 vols. 8vo, London, 1719.

Baring-Gould, S.—? The Broom-Squire, 1896.

Bickley, A. C.—Midst Surrey Hills. 3 vols., 1890.

Broadwood, Rev. Mr. (ed.)—Old English Songs as now sung

by the Peasantry of the Weald of Surrey and Sussex.

Privately printed, 1843.

Gower, Granville Leveson.—Surrey Provincialisms. E.D.S.

1876. - Sur.i

A Glossary of Surrey Words. (A Supplement.) E.D.S. 1893.

= Sur.i

Hoskyns, S. W.—Talpa; Chronicles of a Clay Farm, 1852.

Jennings, Louis J.—Field Paths and Green Lanes; being country

walks chiefly in Surrey and Sussex. 8vo, London, 1877.

[cd. 1884.]


Kemble, J. M.—On some Provincialisms of the County of Surrey.

p. 83, Trans. Phil. Soc. London, 1854.

Notes by a Naturalist. In Cornhill Magazine, Nov. 1887.

Son of the Marshes, A.'—On Surrey Hills, 1891.

Forest Tithes and other studies from Nature. Ed. J. A. Owen,


From Spring to Fall. Ed. J. A. Owen, 1894.

Within an hour of London Town. Ed. J. A. Owen, 1894.


Blackmore, R. D.—? Springhaven, 1887.

? Alice Lorraine, 1875.

Broadwood, Rev. Mr., see Surrey.

C, B. C—On Dialect. By B. C. C. pp. 171-83, The Monthly

Packet, Feb. 1874.

Cooper, William Durrant.—A Glossary of the Provincialisms

in use in the County of Sussex. 2nd ed. pp. 87. 8vo,

London, 1853. =Sus.2 [1st ed. 1836.]

Crommelin, May.—Midge, 1890.

Davies, A. J.—Athirt the Downs. A tale of church folk, 1901.

Egerton, J. C—Sussex Folks and Sussex Ways, 1884.

Geering, T.—Our Parish [Hailsham] ; a medley, 1885.

Gordon, James.—The Village and the Doctor, 1897.

Jackson, E. HatchettSouthward Ho! A Sussex monthly

magazine of fact, fiction, and verse. Vol.1. Chichester, 1894.

Jennings, Louis J., see Surrey.

Knox, A.E.—Ornithological Rambles in Sussex; with a systematic

catalogue of the birds of that county, iamo, London, 1849.

Lower, Mark Antony.—The South Downs—a sketch, (pp. 146-

192 of' Contributions to Literature, Historical, Antiquarian,

and Metrical' 8vo, London, 1854.)

Old Speech and Manners in Sussex. Reprinted from the

Sussex Archaeological Collections, Vol. XIII. Lewes, 1861.

The Song of Solomon in the Dialect of Sussex. From the

Authorised English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis

L. L. Bonaparte, i860.]

Lower, Richard.—Tom Cladpole's Jurney to Lunnun ; showing

the many difficulties he met with, and how he got safe

home at last. Told by himself and written in pure Sussex

doggerel, by his uncle Tim. pp.22. i2mo, Brighton, 1831.

New ed., 8vo, Lewes [1872].

Stray Leaves from an Old Tree: selections from the scribblings

of an octogenarian. 8vo, Lewes, 1862.

Jan Cladpole's Trip to 'Merricur, giving an account of de white,

black, and yellor folks wot he met wud in his travels in

search for dollar trees ; and how he got rich enough to beg

his way home ; written all in rhyme by his father, Tim

Cladpole. i2mo, Hailsham [1872].

Marshall, W. H., see South Country.

O'Reilly, Mrs. R.—Sussex Stories. 3 vols. [n.d.]

Parish, W. D.—A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect and collection

of provincialisms in use in the county of Sussex. 8vo,

Lewes, 1875. =Sus.1

Putron, P. de.—Nooks and Corners of Old Sussex, containing

choice examples of Sussex Archaeology. 4to, Lewes, 1875.

Sawyer, F. E.—Sussex Natural History Folk-lore. Lewes, 1883.

Sussex Folk-lore and Customs connected with the seasons.

Lewes, 1883.

Sussex Archaeological Collections, illustrating the history

and antiquities of the county. 8vo, London, 1848, &c.

Taylor, James.—A Sussex Garland ; a collection of ballads,

sonnets, tales, elegies, songs, epitaphs, etc., illustrative of

the county of Sussex; with historical, biographical, and

descriptive notes. 8vo, London, 1851.

Wiggin, Kate Douglas The Diary of a Goose Girl, 1902.

Young, Arthur.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Sussex. 4to, London, 1793. (Agricultural Survey



Birmingham Daily Mail, The. Var. dates.

Birmingham Weekly Post, The. June 10,1893. [Contains

a list of Warwickshire words.]

Francis, Mrs.—South-Warwickshire Words. E.D.S. 1876.

= s.War.!

Leamington Courier, The. Nov. 28, 1896—Mar. 13, 1897.

Miller, George.—Glossary of Warwickshire Dialect. With

a collection of old words and expressions used in the parish

of Tysoe, compiled by Mrs. Francis, pp. 52. i2mo,

Leamington, 1898. —War.4

Morley, George.—Shakespeare's Greenwood. The Customs of

the Country; the language; the superstitions; the customs ;

the folk-lore ; the birds and trees ; the parson ; the poets ;

the novelist. i2mo, London, 1900.

Northall, G. F.—A Warwickshire Word-book, comprising

obsolescent and dialect words, colloquialisms, &c, gathered

from oral relation, and collated with accordant works. E.D.S.

1896. = War.2

See also Midlands.

Sharp, T.—Selections from an unpublished Glossary of Warwickshire

words made by T. Sharp in 1839. Printed for

J. O. Halliwell, 1865. =War.i

Smith, Edwin.—MS. Collection of Warwickshire words.

= War.3

Timmins, S.—The History of Warwickshire, 1889.

Wise, John R.—Shakespere : his birthplace and its neighbourhood.

8vo, London, 1861.


Baring-Gould, S. and Fleetwood, A. (ed.)—Songs of the West:

Traditional Ballads and Songs of the West of England, 1891.

Bayly,Elizabeth Boyd.— Jonathan Merle: a West Country story

of the times, 1890.

Boord, Andrew.—The First and Best Parts of Scoggin's Jests.

i6mo, London, 1626.

Heath, F. G.—Peasant Life in the West of England, 1872-80.

'Vic'—Odd Ways in Olden Days down West, 1892.

White, John.—The Countryman's Conductor in reading and

writing true English. Exeter, 1701.


Atkinson, James.—A MS. Glossary of the provincialisms in use

in Westmoreland, c. 1797.

Blezard, T.—Original Westmoreland Songs, 1848.

[Bowness, W.]—Rustic Sketches, in the Westmoreland dialect;

with other scraps from the sketch book of an artist. 8vo,

Kendal, 1868.

Brathwaite, R.—The Mushrome, Eglogue between Billie and

Jockie, 1615.

Briggs, John.—The Remains of John Briggs; containing Letters

from the Lakes, &c. Kirkby Lonsdale, 1825.

Carey, Rosa Nouchette.—Heriot's Choice, 1879.

Chatto, W. A., see Northumberland.

Clarke, Thomas.—Tommy Woker's Account of 'T'Reysh

Beearin,' red ta sum Kendal fwoak Jeny. 20, 1863. 12010,

Kendal, 1863.

(ed.)—Specimens of the Westmoreland Dialect; consisting of

T'Reysh Beearin, and Jonny Shippard's Journa ta

Lunnan. Reprinted from the Westmoreland Gazette. Jimmy

Green at Brough Hill Fair. By W. Bowness. From a

series of sketches in the Westmoreland dialect. Also,

TTerrible Knitters e' Dent. By Robert Southey. Reprinted

by permission from 'The Doctor.' pp. 32. i2mo,

Kendal, 1870. Another ed., pp. 52, 8vo, Kendal, 1872

[and var. ed.].

Close, John—The Satirist, 1833.

Poetical Works, 1861.

Tales and Legends of Westmoreland, 1862.

Fleming, D.—A Description of the County of Westmoreland,


Fletcher, C. M.—A Daughter o' the Dales. A drama of village

life. pp. 39. 8vo, Oxford, 1900.

Gibson, Thomas.—Legends and Historical Notes on Westmoreland,


[Gough, John.]—The Manners and Customs of Westmoreland,

and the adjoining parts of Cumberland, Lancashire, and

Yorkshire. By a Literary Antiquarian. To which is

added, Lines from a Poem, entitled ' Westmeria.' pp. 48.

2nd ed., i2mo, Kendal, 1847. [First appeared in the

Westmoreland Advertiser, Apr. 18—July 4, 1812.]

Hills, W. H. and Just, Dr.—MS. Collection of Westmoreland

words. =Wm.1

[Hutton, William.]—A Dialogue in the vulgar language of

Storth and Arnside, with a design to mark to our Posterity

the Pronuntiation of A.D. 1760. pp. 7. [Reprinted from

the Kendal Mercury and Times.']

A Bran New Wark, by William de Worfat, containing a true

calendar of his thoughts concerning good nebberhood.

Naw first printed fra his MS. for the use of the hamlet of

Woodland, pp. 42. i2mo, Kendal, 1785. [Reprinted

and cd. by W. W. Skeat, L.D.S. 1879.]


Kirkby, B.—Granite Chips and Clints : or Westmoreland in

words. 8vo, Kendal, 1900.

[See also Lakeland Words, s.v. Lakeland.]

Ollivant, Alfred.—Owd Bob, the Grey Dog of Kenmuir, 1898.

Powley, M.—A Plea for the Old Names (chiefly Westmoreland).

2 pts. Reprinted from the Trans, of the Cum. and Wm.

Archaeological Soc. 1878-79.

Quarterly Review. Vol. CXXII. pp. 347-81. [Contains an

article on ' Westmoreland and its dialect.']

Rawnsley, H. D.—Reminiscences of Wordsworth, in Transactions

of the Wordsworth Society, VI. 1884.

Richardson, John.—The Song of Solomon in the Westmoreland

Dialect. From the Authorised English Version, pp. iv,

19. i6mo. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte, 1859.]

Robison, Jack.'—Yan er two Aald Tales ower agen. Kendal,


Lord Robison en me, in the Kendal and County News, Sept.

22, 1888.

Hoo Gooardy Jenkins co ta be a Yalla, ib. March 1889.

Southey, Robert.—The Doctor. [Contains T'Terrible Knitters

e' Dent.] 8vo, London, 1848. [Also ed. 1853. See also

Clarke, Thomas.]

Specimens of the Westmoreland Dialect. Kendal, 1868,

1877, 1880, and 1885. [See also Clarke, Thomas.]

Taylor, A. B.—Billy Tyson's Coortin', and other sketches in the

Westmoreland dialect. 8vo, Kendal, 1879.

Westmoreland Sketches, ib. 1882.

Transactions of the Wordsworth Society for 1883-85.

Ward, Mrs. Humphry ? Robert Elsmere, 1888.

Wheeler, Ann—The Westmoreland Dialect, in three familiar

dialogues, in which an attempt is made to illustrate the

provincial idiom, pp. 115. i2mo, London, 1790.

The Westmoreland Dialect, in four familiar dialogues: in

which an attempt is made to illustrate the provincial idiom.

2nd ed., to which is added a dialogue never before published,

pp. 119. ib. 1802.

The Westmoreland Dialect with the adjacency of Lancashire

and Yorkshire, in four familiar dialogues : in which an

attempt is made to illustrate the provincial idiom. 3rd ed.

pp. 120. i2tno, Kendal, 1821. [Contains also The Kirby

Feight, The Appleby School-boy's Speech, The Brigsteer

Peat Leader's Speech, and Brigsteer Jonny.]

The Westmoreland Dialect in four familiar dialogues, in which

an attempt is made to illustrate the provincial idiom. New

ed. To which is added a copious Glossary of Westmoreland

and Cumberland words, pp. x, 175. 8vo, London,


Whitehead, Anthony.—Legends of Westmoreland : and other

poems. With notes, pp. 48. 8vo, Appleby, 1859.

Another ed. pp. 76. 8vo, Penrith, 1896.

Wilson, William—Pegasus in Lakeland and Poems in the

Westmoreland dialect. Windermere, 1878.

See also Lakeland.


Akerman, John Yonge—A Glossary of Provincial Words and

Phrases in use in Wiltshire, pp. x, 60. ismo, London,

1842. = Wil.2

Spring-tide ; or the Angler and his friends, ib. 1850.

Wiltshire Tales, ib. 1853.

Aubrey, John—The Natural History of Wiltshire [c. 1697].

Ed. by John Britton. 4to, London, 1847.

Banks, Mrs. G. Linnaeus—Glory : a novel. 3 vols., London,


Britton, John—Beauties of Wiltshire, Vol. III. pp. 369-80, a

list of the provincial words of Wiltshire and the adjoining

counties. London. 1825.

Churchwardens' Accounts of St. Edmund and St. Thomas,

Sarum. Ed. H. J. T. Swayne. Wiltshire Record Society,


Dartnell, George Edward, and Goddard, Edward Hungerford.

A Glossary of Words used in the county of Wiltshire.

E.D.S. 1893. =Wil.1

Contributions towards aWiltshire Glossary. [Reprinted from

the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine,

Vol. XXX. p. 233, June 1899.] pp. 145-82. 8vo, Devizes


Davis, Thomas.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Wilts; with observations on the means of its improvement.

|to, London. 1794.

Reprinted. 8vo, London, 1811.

General View of the Agriculture of Wiltshire. Drawn up for

the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal

Improvement. London, 1809.

New ed., 1813. Reprinted in Archaeological Review,

Vol. I, 1888.

Ewing, Juliana Horatia.—Jan of the Windmill. A story of

the Plains, 1876.

Jefferies, Richard.—The Gamekeeper at Home, 1878.

Wild Life in a Southern County, 1879.

Greene Feme Farme, 1880.

Round about a Great Estate, 1880.

Hodge and his Masters. 2 vols., 1880.

Bevis. The story of a boy, 1882.

The Open Air, 1885.

Amaryllis at the Fair, 1887.

Field and Hedgerow, 1889.

Kennard, Mrs. A.—Diogenes' Sandals, 1893.

Kite, Edward.—The Song of Solomon in the Wiltshire dialect,

as it is spoken in the Northern division. From the

Authorised English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis

L. L. Bonaparte, c. i860.]

Kjederqvist, John.—The Dialect of Pewsey. Trans. Phil. Soc.


Marshall, W. H., see South Country.

Masque.—The King and Queenes Entertainement at Richmond,

after their departure from Oxford, in a Masque, presented

by the most illustrious Prince Charles, Sept. 12, 1636.

4to, Oxford, 1636.

[Penruddocke, Mrs.]—Content; or the Day Labourer's Tale of

his Life. pp. viii, 63. 8vo, Salisbury [i860].

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