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Staton, William.—Secure the cage before you get the bird:

a dialogue, pp. 16. 8vo, Manchester, 1884.

What's to be done ? or the unfortunate lovers. A new comic

sketch for four characters. 16th ed. pp. 14. ib. [n.d.]

Talbot, W. Hawkstead.—A MS. Glossary of provincial words

used in the neighbourhood of Ormskirk [1846].

Taylor, FrancisEdward.—TheFolk-Speech of South Lancashire:

a glossary of words which are, or have been during the

last hundred years, in common use in that portion of the

County Palatine situate between Bolton and Manchester,

including dialect words, children's words, local mispronunciations,

colloquialisms, and local slang, with an appendix

of quaint sayings. 8vo, Manchester, 1901. =s.Lan.x

The Wit and Wisdom of the South Lancashire Dialect; consisting

of a thousand and one quaint sayings, comparisons,

proverbs, folk-lore verses, and odd turns of expression,

peculiar to the old inhabitants of the district, pp. 43. ib.

1901. =s.Lan.x

Thornber, William.—An historical and descriptive account of

Blackpool and its neighbourhood. 8vo, Poulton, 1837.

Penny Stone ; or a tradition of the Spanish Armada, 1845

[ed. 1886I.

Thraddlepin, Timothy Samo' Bent's Visit to the Royal Albert

Asylum, at Lancaster. 8vo, Lancaster, 1878.

Tommy Tickleton's Fust Visit to Morecum; containing a number

of humorous letters, ib. 1882.

A Gradely Guide to Blackpool, including the adventures of

Sam o' Ben's, Dick Ballispipe, and Joe Knocksoftly, and

other interesting items. Written by Sam, with the help of

Dick and Joe. Ed. by Timothy Thraddlepin, Esq. pp. 31.

8vo, London, 1882.

A Curious Sail. [Revised and reprinted from the Blackpool

Times'], 1887.

How mucli Benjamin Smallshaw paid for his Christmas goose


How Abrum o' Billy o' Grundy's filled up his census paper,

to which is added, Out for a holiday at Windermere,

including the adventures of Sammy Scrubbs and his wife

at the Big Lake. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Tim Bobbin.—Life and Works of Tim Bobbin, Esq. [in the

Lancashire dialect] : containing' The Eawther and his Buk,'

'Tummus and Meary,' ' Prickshaw Witch blown up,' &c,

&c. pp. 30. 8vo, Leeds [n.d.].

' Toddle.'—A Lancashire Dialogue: The Old Man and his

daughters, pp. 15. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Two Country Felleys' Visit to th' Pomona Gerdins. 2nd

ed., Bolton, 1853.

Visit to • Daisy Nook,' A, or, a Londoner's glance at Lancashire

life. By a Member of the Savage Club. pp. 16. iamo,

Manchester, 1863.

Vocabulary of the Lancashire dialect, in the Gentleman's

Magazine, pp. 527-28, Oct. 1746.

Walkden, Peter.—Extracts from Diary for the years 1725, 1729,

and 1730, with notes by William Dobson. iamo, Preston,


[Walker, Robert.]—Plebeian Politics; or, the principles and

practices of certain mole-eyed Warrites exposed, by way

of dialogue betwixt two Lancashire Clowns, together with

several fugitive pieces. By Tim Bobbin the Second,

pp. iv, 56. 8vo, Manchester [1796], [var. ed.].

Walsh, William.—Dandy Jim ; a true tale of Lancashire life.

8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Waugh, Edwin.A Ramble from Bury to Rochdale, containing

a Lancashire dialogue and Jone o' Jeffrey's Tale, iamo,

Manchester, 1851.

Sketches of Lancashire Life and Localities. 8vo, London,

1855 [and var. ed."].

The Birthplace of Tim Bobbin; in the parish of Hixton.

pp. 40. 8vo, Manchester, 1858.

Poems and Lancashire Songs. i2tno, London, 1859 [var. ed.].

Lancashire Songs, pp. 71. 8vo, Manchester, 1866.


Poems and Songs. Ed. George Milner, with a preface and

introductory essay on the dialect of Lancashire considered

as a vehicle for poetry, ib. [n.d.]

Over Sands to the Lakes, pp. 49. ib. i860.

The Birtle Carter's Tale about Owd Bodle. ib. 1861.

The Goblin's Grave, pp. 32. iamo, Manchester [1861].

Rambles in the Lake Country and its borders, iamo, London,


Rambles in the Lake Country and other travel sketches. Ed.

George Milner. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Th' Barrel Organ, pp. 31. iamo, Manchester, 1865.

Owd Bodle. ib. 1865.

Besom Ben. ib. [1865].

Besom Ben Stories. Ed. George Milner. 8vo, Manchester


Ben an' th' Bantam : a sequel to ' Besom Ben.' iamo, Manchester


Th' Owd Blanket : a sequel to ' Ben an' th' Bantam.' 8vo,

Manchester [1867].

0 Home Life of the Lancashire Poor during the Cotton Famine,

pp. 277. ib. [1867].

Tattlin' Matty, pp. 27. i2mo, Manchester [1867].

Sneck Bant; or th' Owd Tow Bar. 8vo, Manchester [1868].

Yeth Bobs an' Scaplins; or Tufts of Heather an' Chips of

Rock. ib. [1870].

Snowed-up; or the White House on the Moor Top. ib.


The Chimney Corner, ib. 1874. Ed. George Milner. tb.


Jannock ; or the Bold Trencherman. i2tno, Manchester, 1874.

Old Cronies ; or Wassail in a Country Inn. 8vo, Manchester,


Yule Clog. ib. 1879.

Craig Dhu ; or my lodging by the sea. pp. 60. 12010, Manchester


The Hermit Cobbler, ib. [n.d.]

Owd Buzzart, &c. pp. 16. ib. [n.d.]

Told by the Winter Fire. pp. 31. ib. [n.d.]

Saint Catherine's Chapel, or, The Pretty Island Bay. ib.


Tufts of Heather from the Lancashire Moors. The Dead

Man's Dinner, pp. 32. ib. [n.d.]

Tufts of Heather from the Northern Moors, iamo, London


ed. George Milner. 2 series. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Westall, William.—The Old Factory, a Lancashire story, 1885.

Birch Dene. 3 vols., 1889.

Wilkinson, T. T.—Edmund Spenser and the East Lancashire

dialect, p. 87 of the Trans, of the Historic Society of

Lancashire and Cheshire, 1867.

Wilson, M., T., and A.—Songs, pp. 42. i2mo, Manchester,


The Songs of the Wilsons, with a memoir of the family, and

several additional songs never before published. Ed. John

Harland. pp. 78. i2mo, London, 1865.

Wilson, Theodora Wilson. -T'Bacca Queen, 1901.

Wood, Benjamin.—Humorous Sketches in the Lancashire

dialect. Reprinted from the Bury Guardian, pp. 22.

I2mo, Bury [n.d.].

Songs and Recitations in the Lancashire dialect, pp. 23.

ib. [n.d.]

Wroe, William H.—Chips fro' th' Owd Block: a selection of

comic Lancashire tales adapted for public reading or

reciting, pp. 31. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

See also Lakeland.


Burton, William.—The Description of Leicestershire, containing

matters of antiquitye, historye, armorye, and genealogy.

fol.. London, 1622.

Evans, Arthur Benoni.—Leicestershire Words, Phrases, and

Proverbs. I2mo, London, 1848.

Another edition, ed. with additions and an introduction, by

Sebastian Evans, E.D.S. 1881. =Lei.1

Macaulay, A.—The History and Antiquities of Claybrook, in the

County of Leicester. 8vo, London, 1791.

Nichols, John.—The History and Antiquities of the County of

Leicester. 4 vols. fol., London, 1795-1815.

Throsby, John.—Select Views in Leicestershire ; . . . with

descriptive and historical relations. 2 vols. 4to, Leicester,



Anderson, Charles H. J.—The Lincoln Pocket-guide. 12010,

Lincoln, 1874.

Bealby, J. T.—A MS. Glossary of South Lincolnshire Words.

A Daughter of the Fen, 1896.

[Bernard, Rich.]—Terence in English. Fabulae comici facetissimi

et elegantissimi poetae Terentii omnes Anglicae

factae et hac nova forma editae: opera ac industria R. B.

in Axholmensi insula Lincolnsherii Epwortheatis. Quinta

ed. multo emendation 8vo, London, 1629. [1st ed., 4to,

Cambridge, 1588.]

Brogden, J. Ellett.—Provincial Words and Expressions current

in Lincolnshire. 8vo, London, 1866. =Lin.1 [Contains

' Our Little Ted'—a Lincolnshire tale by J. B. Smedley.]

Brooke, N. and B.— Lincoln Companion to the Almanack, i860.

iamo, Lincoln. [Contains ' Notes on Lincolnshire Words,'

with a short glossary.]

Brookes and Vibert.—Lincolnshire Tracts, 1864.

Brown, John.—Neddy and Sally, or the Statutes Day; a Lincolnshire

tale. pp. 10. i2mo, Lincoln, 1841.

Literae laureatae ; or a selection from the poetical writings in

the Lincolnshire language by J. Brown. Ed. J. C. Walter.

8vo, Horncastle, 1890.

Cole, R. E. G. —A Glossary of Words used in south-west Lincolnshire

(Wapentake of Graffoe). E.D.S. 1886. =sw.Lin.1

Davies, John.—Dialectic or Provincial Words of Scandinavian

origin, used in Norfolk and Lincolnshire. In Miller and

Skertchly's ' Fenland ' (1878) (q.v.).

Fenn, G. Manville.—Dick o' the Fens: a tale of the Great East

Swamp, 1888.

The Cure of Souls, 1889.

Gilbert Rugge. 3 vols., 1866.

Good, Jabez.—A Glossary or collection of words, phrases, placenames,

superstitions, &c. current in East Lincolnshire.

, ismo, [, 1900.

History of Lincoln, The, with an appendix. i2tno, Lincoln,


Lincoln Records of Early Wills, Marriage Licences, &c. from

the Bishop's Registry.

Lincolnshire Notes and Queries, 1890-.

Louth Church wardens'Accounts of the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Millar, Thomas.—Gideon Giles the Roper, 1835.

Miller, S. H. and Skertchly, S. B. J.—The Fenland, Past and

Present. 8vo, Wisbeach, 1878.

Peacock, Edward.—Ralf Skirlaugh, the Lincolnshire Farmer.

3 vols., 1870.

Mabel Heron. 3 vols., 1872.

John Markenfield. 3 vols., 1872.

A Glossary of Words used in the Wapentakes of Manley and

Corringham, Lincolnshire. E.D.S. 1877.

2nd ed., revised and considerably enlarged. E.D.S. 1889.

= n.Lin.1

Peacock,Mabel.—Tales and Rhymes in the Lindsey Folk-Speech.

8vo, Brigg, 1886.

Taales fra Linkisheere. ib. 1889.

Stark, Adam.—The History and Antiquities of Gainsburgh.

Together with a topographical and descriptive account of

Stow. 8vo, London, 1817.

Streatfeild, G. S.—Lincolnshire and the Danes. 8vo, London,


Sutton, Edward North Lincolnshire Words. E.D.S. 1881.

Tennyson, Alfred.—The Northern Farmer (Old Style), 1864.

The Northern Farmer (New Style), 1870.

The Northern Cobbler, 1885.

The Spinster's Sweet-arts, 1885.

Owd Ro3, 1889.

Thompson, Pishey.—The History and Antiquities of Boston,

and the villages of Skirbeck, Fishtoft, Freiston, Butterwick,

Berrington, Leverton, Leake, and Wrangle ; comprising the

Hundred of Skirbeck in the county of Lincoln. 8vo, Boston,


Wills, Samuel.—Musings in Moorland and Marsh. 8vo, Lincoln,


Wilton, Jos.—When Wheat is Green. 8vo, London, 1895.

Young, Arthur.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Lincoln. 8vo, London, 1799. (Agricultural Survey



Blackmore, R. D.—? Kit and Kitty, a story of West Middlesex,



Middleton, John.—View of the Agriculture of Middlesex. 8vo,

London, 1798. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Pegge, Samuel.—Anecdotes of the English Language; chiefly

regarding the local dialect of London and its environs;

whence it will appear that the natives of the metropolis

and its vicinities have not corrupted the language of their

ancestors. In a letter from Samuel Pegge, to an old

acquaintance. To which is added a Supplement to Grose's

' Provincial Glossary.' 3rd ed., enlarged and corrected.

Ed. Rev. Henry Christmas. 8vo, London, 1844. [1st ed.


See also Cant, Colloquial, &c.


Axon, William E. A.—George Eliot's Use of Dialect. [Read

before the Manchester Literary Club, Jan. 24,1881.] E.D.S.


Bartram, George.—The People of Clopton, 1897.

' Eliot, George.'—Amos Barton, 1858.

Adam Bede, 1859.

The Mill on the Floss, i860.

Silas Marner, 1861.

[Hatton, J.]—George Eliot in Derbyshire; a volume of gossip

about passages and people in the novels of George Eliot,

by Guy Roslyn. Reprinted from London Society, pp. 90.

I2mo, London, 1876.

Marshall, W. H.—Rural Economy of the Midland Counties,

a vols. 8vo, London, 1790. 2nd ed. ib. 1796. [Reprinted

as 'Provincialisms of the Midland Counties; 1790,' ed.

W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1873.]

Northall, G. F.—Folk-Phrases of Four Counties (Glouc, Staff.,

Warw., Wore). Gathered from unpublished MSS. and

oral tradition, pp. 43. 8vo, London. E.D.S. 1894.


Cozens-Hardy, H. (ed.)—Broad Norfolk: being a series of

articles and letters reprinted from the Eastern Daily Press.

I2mo, Norwich, 1893.

[Cresswell, Mrs. Gerald.]—Eighteen Years on the Sandringham

Estate. The Prince of Wales at Home, by the Lady

Farmer [n.d. ].

Dale, Darley.—Noah's Ark : a tale of the Norfolk Broads, 1890.

Davies, G. C—The Rivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk, 1882.

Davies, John, see Lincolnshire.

Dodd, A. B.—A Cruise on the Norfolk Broads, in Century

Magazine, Oct. 1895.

East Anglian, The, see East Anglia.

Emerson, P. H.—English Idyls. 2nd ed., 1889.

Wild Life on a Tidal Water. The adventures of a house-boat

and her crew, 1890.

East Coast Yarns, 1891.

A Son of the Fens, 1892.

On English Lagoons. A year's yachting, shooting, and fishing

on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, 1892.

Birds, Beasts, and Fishes of the Norfolk Broad-land. 2nd ed.,


Marsh-Leaves from the Norfolk Broad-land, 1898.

Erratics by a Sailor: containing Rambles in Norfolk and

elsewhere. 3 vols. iamo, London, 1800-2.

Forby, Robert, see East Anglia.

Gibbon, C.—Beyond Compare," 1888.

Gillett, Edward.—The Song of Solomon in the Norfolk dialect.

From the Authorised English Version, pp. 19. i6mo.

[Impensis L. L. Bonaparte, i860.]

Glyde, John (ed.).—The Norfolk Garland ; a collection of the

superstitious beliefs and practices, proverbs, curious customs,

ballads and songs, of the people of Norfolk. 8vo, Norwich,


Gunn, John.—Proverbs, adages, and popular superstitions, still

preserved in the parish of Irstead. In the Norfolk Archaeology,

Vol. II, pp. 291-308.

Gurney, Anna—Norfolk Words, pp. 29-39, Trans. Phil. Soc.

London, 1855.

Haggard, H. Rider.—Colonel Quaritch, V.C. ; a tale of country

life. 3 vols., 1888.

The Farmer's Year, 1898, in Longmari's Magazine, Sept.—Dec.


Halliwell, James Orchard The Norfolk Anthology. A collection

of poems, ballads, and rare tracts relating to the county

of Norfolk, collected and ed. by J. O. Halliwell. 4to,

privately printed, 1852.

K., A. B.—Roger Wright's Fortune. By A. B. K., 1885.

Larwood, Joshua.—A Norfolk Dialogue (A. D. 1800). (From

'Erratics by a Sailor,' pp. 69-74. iamo, London, 1800.)

[Reprinted in ' Nine Specimens of English Dialects,' ed.

W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1896.]

Mann, Mary E.—The Fields of Dulditch, 1902.

Marshall, W. H.—The Rural Economy of Norfolk, comprising

the management of landed estates, and the present practice

of husbandry in that county. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1787.

[Reprinted as 'Provincialisms of East Norfolk ; 1787,' ed.

W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1873.]

Munford, George.—An attempt to ascertain the true derivation

of the Names of Towns and Villages, and of Rivers, and

other great natural features of the county of Norfolk. 8vo,

Lynn, 1870.

Nail, John Greaves.—Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, a handbook

for visitors and residents; with chapters on the archaeology,

natural history, &c, of the district; a history, with statistics,

of the East Coast herring fishery, and an etymological and

comparative glossary of the dialect of East Anglia. i2mo,

London, 1866. =Nrf.!

Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany. Vol. II. pt. i. 1873.

Norfolk Archaeology: or, miscellaneous tracts relating to the

antiquities of the county of Norfolk, published by the Norfolk

and Norwich Archaeological Society. 8vo, Norwich, 1847-.

Norfolk Poetical Miscellany. To which are added some select

essays and letters in prose, never printed before, a vols.

8vo, 1744.

Orton, J. S.—The Beeston Ghost; or Forty Years Ago.

A Norfolk tale. Ed. by the Rev. J. S. Orton. pp. 16.

I2mo, London [1884].

Patterson, A.—Man and Nature on the Broads, 1895.

Philological Society, Transactions of the.—See Gurney, Anna.

Rye, Walter The History of Norfolk, 1885.

A Month on the Norfolk Broads on board the wherry Zog,


[Spilling, James.]—Giles's Trip to London : a farm labourer's first

peep at the world. By the Village Schoolmaster, iamo,

London [1872].

Molly Migg's Trip to the Seaside. The adventures and

misadventures of a country lass. ib. [1873].

Johnny's Jaunt. A day in the life of a Suffolk couple. Ed.

by the author of ' Giles's Trip to London.' lamo, Norwich,


'Any and 'Arriett at Yarmouth. A tale about Norfolk Dumplings.

I2mo, London [1880].

Jack Jawkins's First Vote, and how he won Polly Pawkins.

I2mo, Norwich, 1880.

The Cockneys in the Country; a diverting story, in which the

tables are turned on the Londoners. London [1881].

Johnny and Jenny, ib. [1883].

Daisy Dimple, her loves and her lovers. A Norfolk Idyll, ib.


Stevenson, H The Birds of Norfolk, 1866.

Taylor, J. E.—Half-hours in the Green Lanes, 1873.

Young, Arthur.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Norfolk. 8vo, London, 1804. (Agricultural Survey



Baker, Anne Elizabeth.—Glossary of Northamptonshire Words

and Phrases, with examples of their colloquial use, and

illustrations from various authors : to which are added, the

customs of the county. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1854. =Nhp.x

Baker, George.—The History and Antiquities of the County of

Northampton. Vol. I, and pts. i. and ii. of Vol. II. fol.,

London, 1822.

Clare, John.—Poems descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery. i2mo,

London, 1820.

The Village Minstrel, and other poems. 2 vols. ib. 1821.

The Shepherd's Calendar, ib. 1827.

The Rural Muse. ib. 1835.

The Remains of John Clare. Ed. Cherry, ib. 1873.

Donaldson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Northampton. 4to, Edinburgh, 1794. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Markham, Christopher A—The Proverbs of Northamptonshire,

pp. 39. 8vo, Northampton, 1897.

Melia's Magazine for 1896.

Morton, John.—The Natural History of Northamptonshire ; with

some account of the Antiquities, fol., London, 1712.


Sternberg, Thomas.—The Dialect and Folk-lore of Northamptonshire.

8vo, London, 1851. =Nhp.2


Border Counties Magazine. 2 vols. 8vo, Galashiels, 1880-81.

Border Glossary. Alnwick [n.d.]. (In the collection of Prince

L. L. Bonaparte.) = Border Gl. {Coll. L.L.B.)

Brockett, John Trotter.—A Glossary of North_ Country Words,

in use. From an original manuscript, in the library of

John George Lambton, with considerable additions. 8vo,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1825.

A Glossary of North Country Words, with their etymology,

and affinity to other languages; and occasional notices of

local customs and popular superstitions. 3rd edition,

corrected and enlarged by W. E. Brockett. 2 vols. 8vo,

Newcastle, 1846. =N.Cy.1

Denham, Michael Aislabie.—Folk Lore; or manners and

customs of the North of England. By M. A. D. 3 pts. 8vo,

Civ. Dunelm., 1850-52.

The Denham Tracts. A collection of folk-lore, reprinted from

the original tracts and pamphlets printed by Mr. Denham

between 1846 and 1859. Ed. by Dr. James Hardy. 2 vols.

Folklore Soc. 1892 and 1895.

Henderson, William.—Notes on the Folk Lore of the Northern

Counties of England and the Borders. 8vo, London, 1866.

New ed., with many additional notes, 8vo, London, 1879.

Losh, James.A MS. Collection of North Country words, 1783.

Monthly Chronicle of North Country Lore and Legend.

5 vols., Newcastle, 1887-91.

North Country Chorister/The; an unparalleled variety of excellent

songs. Collected and published together, for general

amusement, by a Bishoprick Ballad-singer. [Ed. by

Joseph Ritson.] 8vo, Durham, 1802.

Reprinted in the 'Northern Garlands,' 8vo, London, 1810.

Northern Garlands.—The Bishopric Garland; or Durham

Minstrel: a choice collection of excellent songs. The

Yorkshire Garland : a curious collection of old and new

songs. The Northumberland Garland: or Newcastle

Nightingale : a matchless collection of famous songs. The

North-Country Chorister: an unparalleled variety of

excellent songs. Ed. by the late Joseph Ritson, Esq.

8vo, London, 1810.

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