The bibliography of the principal books, mss., Etc. Quoted in the dictionary list of abbreviations, Etc. Used in the bibliography

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Brierley, Thomas.—Nonsense and Tom-foolery, and Seriousness

and Solemnity, pp. 31. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

[Briscoe, F. W.]—A Fernuth Cure for Slancin ; or, an Adventur

uv a Lung causey felley uz wur i' no Berrying Club. By

Tutty Wunte, a Fernuth Felley. pp. 4. 8vo, Bolton [n.d.].


Brown, James.—Poems, Songs, and Recitations in the Lancashire

dialect. Wigan, 1881.

Burnett, Frances Hodgson.—That Lass o' Lowrie's; a Lancashire

story, 1877.

The Haworth's, 1887.

Burnley Advertiser Almanac for i860, 1865, and 1866. Ed.

' Kester o' Cuddy ' [C. Slater, Esq.]. Burnley.

[Butterworth, James.]—A Sequel to the Lancashire Dialect.

By Paul Bobbin, Cousin German of the Famous Tim Bobbin,

of Merry Memory, pp.46. 8vo, Manchester, 1819.

Byrom, John.—Miscellaneous Poems. 2 vols. 8vo, Manchester,

1773. [ed. 1814.]

Case Of Samples, A; being selections from the Works of

J. T. Staton, Uncle Owdem [J. W. Mellor], W. E. A. Axon,

Felix Folio [John Page], Tom Kershaw, and Jone o'

Jeffrey's [S. Holt], pp. 32. 8vo, Manchester [1870].

Castle, Egerton.—The Light of Scarthey. A romance [1895].

Chapman, T.—Widder Bagshaw anr her nevvy Samul's Whissentide

trip fro' Chowbent to New Brighton, pp. 24. 8vo,

Liverpool [c. 1860].

Widder Bagshaw an' her nevvy Samul's visit to Brown's

Museum, pp. 16. ib. [c. 1870.]

A Lankeyshire Essay upon t'subject o' Dreams; bein' a Papper

read at a Meetin', durin' t'Session, o't Hope Street Soshel

Union, pp. 8. ib. [n.d.]

Chattwood, E.—A Droll Lancashire Sketch ; or, Owd Dick un

Owd Ailse fro th' Nimble Nook, Edenfielt, i' ther fust

chep trip wi Jim Darron un George Duckoth, to Liverpool,

pood on by th' beighlin steam flying machine, pp. 62.

8vo, Haslingden [n.d.].

Cheshire and Lancashire Historical Collector, see Cheshire.

Chetham Society.—Remains Historical and Literary connected

with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester.

Published by the Chetham Society. Vols. I-CXIV, 1843-86.

New Series. Vols. I-XXXIII, 1883-94.

Chorlton, W.—A MS. Glossary of provincial words used in the

neighbourhood of Irlam o' th' Height, and Clifton, near

Manchester [1746].

Clarke, C. Allen.—Turn Fowt Sketches. No. 3, Manchester, 1892.

Clarke, Henry.—The School Candidates : a prosaic burlesque.

i8mo, Utopia, 1788. Reprinted and ed. by J. E. Bailey.

Manchester, 1877.

Clay, Dr.—A MS. Glossary of words used in the neighbourhood

of Ashton-under-Lyne [1846].

Clegg, John Trafford.—Reaund bith' Derby, and other sketches.

By th' Owd Weighver, 1890.

Daisy, 1890.

Gatin' the Warp, 1890.

Reaund Know' Hill, 1890.

Twenty Row, 1890.

David's Loom. A story of Rochdale life in the early years of

the nineteenth century, 1894.

Stories, Sketches, and Rhymes in the Rochdale dialect. 8vo,

Rochdale, 1895.

Cleworth, Martin J. —Daftie Dick, and other stories [c. 1888].

Collier, John. —View of the Lancashire dialect; by way of

dialogue, between Tummus o' William's o' Margit o'

Roaph's, and Meary o' Dick's o' Tummy o' Peggy's.

Showing in that speech the comical adventures and

misfortunes of a Lancashire clown. By Tim Bobbin,

and ed., I2mo, Leeds [1746].

The Miscellaneous Works of Tim Bobbin. Esq., containing his

view of the Lancashire dialect, with large additions and

improvements : also, his poem of the Flying Dragon, and

the Man of Heaton ; together with other whimsical amusements

in prose and verse. To which is added, a life of the

author, by Richard Townley, Esq. 12010, London, 1806.

[var. ed.]

Collins, S.—Miscellaneous Poems and Songs. i2mo, Manchester


Country Words: a North of England Magazine of Literature,

Science and Art. [Ed. by Charles Hardwick.] 17 nos.

8vo, Manchester, 1866-67. [Contains six articles on the

Lancashire dialect or folk-speech, by Jonathan Oldbuck

% (John Harland).]

Cunliffe, Henry.—A Glossary of Rochdale, with Rossendale

Words and Phrases. 4to, Manchester, 1886. ^e.Lan.1

Davies, John.The Races of Lancashire, as indicated by the

local names and the dialect of the county. Reprinted

from the Trans, of the Phil. Soc. London. 8vo, London,


Dickson, R. W.—General View of the Agriculture of Lancashire.

8vo, London, 1815. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Doherty, Austin.—Nathan Barlow. Sketches in the retired life

of a Lancashire Butcher. In verse. 8vo, Manchester, 1884.

[Donaldson, —.] 'A Lancashire Lad.'—Tear Sheddin' for a

twenty pound legacy. 8vo, Manchester [1881].

Takin' th' Doctor a subject, ib. 1883.

A Queer Supper, ib. 1886.

Owd Twist's Trip to Blackpoo' and his return wi' the wrang

lik'ness. ib. 1886.

Larnin to sing for Charrity Sarmons. ib. 1886.

Takin' the New Year in. ib. 1888.

Neddy's Courtship an' Neddy's Rival, ib. 1888.

Clock Dressin' by som Rossende Felleys. ib. 1889.

The Devil i' th' Landlord's Cellar, ib. [n.d.]

A Rossendel Beef-neet, 80 years ago. ib. [n.d.]

Tooth Drawin'. ib. [n.d.]

Dottie, Robert.—The Rambles and Recollections of l R' Dick,'


Dyson, Simeon.—Rural Congregationalism : or Farnworth 50

to 70 years ago. With sketches, and conversations in

dialect, 1881.

' Eavesdropper.'—Sketches of Village Life, Lancaster, 1869.

Fennell, C—The Calico Printer, 1895.

Fent Dick's Election Address, in Accrington Times and

Observer, Feb. 16, 1895.

Ferguson, Charlotte.—Jim Wilson's Resolve [n.d.].

[Ferguson, J. A.]—Wot Aw seed ut th' Preston Eggsibishun.

Bi Dick an' Betty Moudywarp. pp. 30. ismo, Preston,


Dick Moudy warp's Bringing Up, Cooartship, an' Weddin'. 8vo,

Manchester [n.d.].

Dick and Betty Moudywarp at th' Blegburn Eggsibishun. ib.


Dick and Betty Moudywarp's Visit to Blackpool, tb. [n.d.]

Fothergill, Jessie.—Probation, 1879.

Healey, 1884.

The Lasses of Leverhouse, 1888.

Francis, M. E.—A Daughter of the Soil, 1895.

Frieze and Fustian, 1896.

Yeoman Fleetwood, 1899.

North, South, and Over the Sea, 1902.

Gaskel, —.—Original Comic Songs, containing all the songs, &c.

that were published in the former five numbers. Newed.,

8vo, Manchester, 1841.

Gaskell, Elizabeth.—Mary Barton ; a tale of Manchester life,


Gaskell, W.—Two Lectures on the Lancashire dialect, pp. 31.

Svo, London, 1854.

Gibson, A. Craig.—The Lakeland of Lancashire, &c. Trans,

of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian and

Archaeological Society. Pts. 1-10. 1859.

GregSOn, J. S.—Museum Chethamiense ; or, a choice oratorical

catalogue of the rare and valuable curiosities contained in

the College Library, Manchester, pp. 4. 8vo, Manchester,


[Hadfield, H. H.]—Th' Triumph o' Proide ; or th' history o' Jim

Boardman, an' Alise Sidewell, afore an' aftur they'rn wed :

i' two parts an' a bit. . . . By Tummus Yellond. pp. 30.

I2mo, Manchester [i860].

Halliwell, J. O.—Palatine Anthology; a collection of ancient

poems and ballads relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 4to

London. (Privately printed), 1850.

Palatine Garland ; being a selection of ballads and fragments

supplementary to the Palatine Anthology. 4to, London,


Hardwick, Charles.—Traditions, superstitions, and folk-lore

(chiefly Lancashire and the North of England), their affinity

to others in widely-distributed localities; their eastern

origin and mythical significance. 8vo, Manchester, 1872.

Hargreaves, A.A Grammar of the Dialect of Adlington. Heidelberg,


Harland, John (ed.).—Ballads and Songs of Lancashire, chiefly

older than the nineteenth century. Collected, compiled,

and ed. with notes. 8vo, London, 1865.

Lancashire Lyrics : modern songs and ballads of the County

Palatine, ib. 1866.

Harland, John, and Wilkinson, T. T Lancashire Folk-Lore :

illustrative of the superstitious beliefs and practices, local

customs and usages of the people of the County Palatine.

8vo, London, 1867.


Lancashire Legends, Traditions, Pageants, Sports, &c. ib.


Ballads and Songs of Lancashire, ancientandmodem. Collected,

compiled, and ed. with notes by John Harland. 2nd ed.,

corrected, revised, and enlarged by T. T. Wilkinson. 4to,


Haws, T.—Specimen of the Lancashire dialect, with a list of

words, in Monthly Magazine, p. 127, March 1, 1815.

[HeyWOOd, John.]—A Yewud Chap's Trip to Manchester to see

Prince Halbert, th' Queen, an' th' Art Treasures Eggshibishun.

By'Owd John.' pp.32, ismo, Manchester, 1857.

Heywood, Thomas.—On the South Lancashire Dialect, with

biographical notices of John Collier, the author of ' Tim

Bobbin.' Chetham Soc. 1861.

Heywood, Thomas, and Broome, Richard.—The Late Lancashire

Witches. A well received comedy, lately acted at

the Globe on the Banke-side by the Kings Majesties Actors.

4to, London, 1634.

HigSOn, John.—The Gorton Historical Recorder. Droylesden,


Hill, Samuel.—' Foirewood,' or Splinters an' Shavin's fro'

a Carpenter's Bench. A collection of rhymes, chiefly in

the dialect of south-east Lancashire. 8vo, [n. pi.], 1902.

Holt, John.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Lancaster. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


[Holt, S.]—Lancashire Tales. By Jone o' Jeffrey. 8vo, Manchester


Howorth, D. F.—The Folk Speech of Lancashire. Albion

Congregational Magazine, Feb. 1872.

Hoyle, W.—Hoyle's Reciter. Fifty-four original recitations and

dialogues, written expressly for Bands of Hope. pp. 64.

i8mo, Manchester [n.d].

Jack O' Dick's Visit to th' Queen, abeawt th' hard toimes i'

Lancashire. . . . By Jack o' Dick's, Esq., hisseF. i2mo,

Rochdale, 1862.

Kay-Shuttleworth, J. P.—Scarsdale ; or Life on the Lancashire

and Yorkshire Border, thirty years ago. 3 vols. 8vo,

London, i860.

Ribblesdale, or Lancashire sixty years ago. 3 vols. ib. 1874.

Kennedy, Theodora.—Farnorth ; a novel. 2nd ed. 1871.

[Kershaw, T.]—Bits o' Skits i' th' Lancashire dialect. 8vo,

Manchester [n.d.].

L[ahee], M. R.—The Sporting Party: and Owd Neddy Fitton's

visit to th' Earl o' Derby ; a true Lancashire sketch. By

M. R. L. pp. 44. 8vo, London [c. i860].

Tim Bobbin's Adventures with the Irishman ; or Raising the

Dead by the art of Freemasonry; a Lancashire tale.

pp> 55- 8vo, Manchester, i860.

Betty-o'-Yep's laughable tale of Jimmy Cropper at th' Halton

Feast, pp. 30. i2mo, Manchester [1865].

Acquitted though Guilty; or the Tenant of Wild Bank.

A Lancashire story. i2mo, Lancaster, 1882.

Owd Yem un his five daughters; or, Heaw to get rid of an

unwelcom lover; a true Lancashire sketch. By M. R. L.

pp. 32. i2mo, Manchester [n.d.].

Esther Brella's Divvy, an' what hoo did wi' it. pp. 31. 8vo,

Manchester [n.d.].

The Bewitched Teapots, ib. [n.d.]

Trot Coffie's Boggart, ib. [n.d.]

How Bob Manock geet to be th' Cheermon o' th' Henpeck'd

Club. We th'rules un regulations. By a Member, ib. [n.d.]

The Carter's Struggles; showing how Jone o'Jeffrey's wortched

to bring up his family gradely. By M. R. L. ib. [n.d.]

' Lake, Elleray.'—Longleat. A novel. 3 vols., 1870.

Latham, R. G.-On the Language of Lancashire, under the

Romans. Trans, of the Historic Society of Lancashire and

Cheshire, 1857.

Laycock, Samuel.—Lancashire Songs. i6mo, Manchester [1866].

Election of M.P. for the borough of Tweedledom, consisting

of several acts in one scene. By Robinson Crusoe, Jun.,

Esq., and his man Saturday. Ed. by Samuel Laycock.

pp. 8. 8vo, Manchester, 1887.

Lancashire Rhymes: or, homely pictures of the people. i2mo,

London [n.d.].

Heaw Billy Armatage managed to get a neet's lodging, pp. 8.

• 8vo, Blackpool [n.d.].

Laying of the Corner Stone of Accrington Market, in

Accrington Observer and Times, Feb. 2, 1895,

Lee, Jesse A MS. Glossary based on Collier, 1843.

MS. Notes on 'Tim Bobbin.' 2 vols.

Lowe, Roger.—The Diary of Roger Lowe oi'Ashton-in-Makerfield,

Lancashire, 1663-78. 4th ed., Leigh, 1877.

Manchester City News, The.—Var. dates. [Contains a section

of Local Notes and Queries.]

Manchester Court Leet Records, Extracts from the, xvi-xvm


Manchester Guardian, The.—1874-. [Contains a section of

Local Notes and Queries.]

Manchester Literary Club, Papers of the.—Vols. I—III, 1875-

77. [Contains papers on, and references to, the dialect,

by G. Milner, J. H. Haworth, J. E. Bailey, and W. E. A.


Martindale, Adam.—The Life of Adam Martindale written by

himself [1685]. Ed. R. Parkinson, Chetham Soc. 1845.

Masters, C—The Shuttle of Fate, 1895.

Mather, Marshall.—Lancashire Idylls, 1895.

The Sign of the Wooden Shoon, 1896.

[Mellor, J. W.]—Poems in the Lancashire dialect, suitable for

recitation, pp. 34. i2mo, Manchester, 1865.

Uncle Owdem's Tales in the Lancashire dialect, pp. 33.

ib. 1865. [ed. 1867.]

Milner, George.—The Dialect of Lancashire considered as a

vehicle for poetry, pp. 15. Trans, of the Manchester

Literary Club. 8vo, Manchester, 1874.

[Morris, J. P.]— T'Seige o' Brou'ton. A sketch in the Furness

dialect. By a Native, pp. 7. 8vo, Carlisle, 1867.

T'Invasion o' U'ston. A sketch in the Furness dialect, pp. 7.

ib. 1867.

T'Lebby Beck Dobby. A sketch in the Furness dialect, pp. 8.

ib. 1867.

A Glossary of the Words and Phrases of Furness (North

Lancashire), with illustrative quotations, principally from

the old Northern writers. i2mo, London, 1869. = n.Lan.1

Mullins, Thomas.—Johnny of the Brook. A rural story of

Lancashire life. i2mo, Manchester [n.d.].

Thrums from the Spindle, pp. 32. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Nimmo.Japhet.—Rhymes for the Times. 8vo, Manchester, 1852.

Nodal, John H.—The Dialect and Archaisms of Lancashire:

being the first report of the Glossary Committee of the

Manchester Literary Club, pp.24. 8vo, Manchester, 1873.

Nodal, John H., and Milner, George.—A Glossary of the

Lancashire Dialect. Trans, of the Manchester Literary

Club. 8vo, Manchester, and E.D.S. 1875. -=Lan.L

[Ormerod, O.]—O full, true, un pertikler okeawnt o wat me un

maw mistris seede un yerd wi' gooin' to th' Greyte

Eggshibishun e' Lundun, e' eyghtene hundurth un sixty

two, printed oer ogen fro th' ' Rachde Observer'; . . containing

loikewise o dikshunayry, . . be O Felley fro Rachde.

pp. 108. 8vo, Rachde, 1864. [1st ed. 1851, and var. ed.]

OwdWisdom'sLankishire Awmenackforth'yer i86oand 1861.

Owen, John L.—' Th' Good Owd Toimes.' A Lancashire Man's

recollections of Owd Altrincham and Bowdon. pp. 15.

Chester, 1870.

Parr, Ralph.—Shaving done here on the shortest notice, versus

Yeds wi' summut in urn : a comic dialogue, pp. 15. 8vo,

Manchester [n.d.].

Peacock, Robert Backhouse.—A Glossary of the Dialect of the

Hundred ofLonsdale, North and South of the Sands, in the

County of Lancaster; together with an essay on some

leading characteristics of the dialects spoken in the six

northern counties of England (ancient Northumbria). Ed.

J. C. Atkinson, Trans. Phil. Soc. London, 1869. = ne.Lan.1

Pearson, T. (ed.).—Manchester Ballads [n.d.].

Phizackerley, James.—The Song of Solomon in the North

Lancashire dialect, as spoken north of the Wyre. From

the Authorised English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis

L. L. Bonaparte, i860.]

Picton, J. A.—Notes on the South Lancashire Dialect. Extracted

by permission from the Trans, of the Literary and Philosophical

Society of Liverpool. 8vo, Liverpool, 1865.

Pollitt, R.—Solomon Smitheys, his sayin's, sketches, an' so forth.

i2mo, Manchester, 1883.

Proctor, R. W—The Barber's Shop. 8vo, Manchester, 1856.

(ed.).—Gems of Thought and Flowers of Fancy. 8vo, London,


Pryme, Abraham de la Diary [c. 1704]. Ed. C. Jackson,

Surtees Soc. 1870.

'Quidnunc'—Job Sawneyhead's excursion from Morecambe to

Liverpool, to hear Moody and Sankey, including his many

mishaps and subsequent singular conversion. pp. 16.

i2mo, Lancaster, 1876.


Ramsbottam, Joseph.—Phases of Distress : Lancashire rhymes.

Ed. by 'A Lancashire Lad' [John Whittaker]. i2mo,

Manchester, 1864.

[Richardson, George.]—The Ghost of Tim Bobbin. A tale in

rhyme for Christmas time. By Judd o' Ike's o' Jack's,

pp. 16. 8vo, Manchester, 1850.

Ridings, Elijah, and others.—The Village Festival, and other

poems. i8mo, Manchester, 1848.

The Lancashire Muse; containing humorous specimens of the

Lancashire dialect, pp. 32. iamo, Manchester [1853].

Roberts,Mary.—Essay on the Lancashire Dialect, with a glossary.

In the Precursor, ed. Isaac Pitman, pp. 129-54, 1853.

Roby, J.—Traditions of Lancashire, 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1829.

[ed. 1872.]

2nd Series. 2 vols. ib. 1831.

Saunders, John.—Abel Drake's Wife. 8vo, London, 1862.

[Scholes, J.]—Sam Sondknocker's Ride fra Smobridg to Manchistur;

iz visit to Manchistur Mekaniks' Hinstitushon Sho,

wi' a full okeawnt o' what hee zeed, un wheer hee went,

wi' o' his adventures. By Sam iz sel. 2nd ed. pp. 16.

8vo, Manchester, 1856.

Tim Gamwattle's Jawnt, e Ab o'-Dick's o th' Doldrum's waggin,

wi o whul waggin full o foak, fro Smobridg to Manchester,

o seein't Quene, wi just o wap ut th' Eggsibishun ;

o gradely funny teyle fur o winter foyar soide. pp. 61.

ib. [1857.]

Abrum o' Flups' Quortin' an' Weddin' at Smobridg. Written

by Ab. Hissel. pp. 15. ib. [1862.] [ed. 1886.]

Th' Ghost of Owd Clock Case, a humorous fireside story. By

the Author of ' Abrum o' Flups' Quortin', &c.' ib. [n.d.]

Sephton, J.—Notes on a Lancashire Dialect, pp. 4-22 of Otia

Merseiana, Vol. Ill, Magazine of Liverpool University


Shadwell, Thomas.—The Lancashire Witches and Tegue

O'Divelly the Irish Priest, 1682. In Works, Vol. III. 12010,

London, 1720.

S., J.—Summer Evenings with Old Weavers. By J. S. pp. 56.

I2mo, Manchester, 1881.

Sphinx, The, a Journal of Literature, Criticism, and Humour.

[Ed. J. H. Nodal.] 4 vols. 4to, Manchester, 1868-71.

Standing, James.—Echoes from a Lancashire Vale. In prose

and verse. 8vo, Manchester [1885].

Staton, James T.—The Bowtun Loominary an Turn Fowt

Telegraph. 13 vols., Bolton, 1852-61.

Bobby Shuttle un his woife Sayroh's visit to Manchester, un

to th' Greight Hert Treasures Eggshibishun at Owd

Traffort. Written for Bobby hissel, by th' Editor oth

' Bowtun Luminary.' pp. 83. 8vo, Manchester [1857].

Bobby Shuttle un his woife Sayroh's visit to th' Mechanics'

Institushun Eggsibishun at Bowtun. pp. 80. ib. [n.d.]

Bobby Shuttle un his woife Sayroh at th' Grand Review in

Yetton Park, on Setturday, July 27, 1872. pp. 32. ib. [n.d.]

Bobby Shuttle un his woife Sayroh wi' th' Prince un Princess

o' Wales at Bowtun. ib. [1873].

The Song of Solomon in the Lancashire dialect, as spoken at

Bolton. From the Authorised English Version, pp. 19.

i6mo. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte, 1859.]

The Three Graces : a new comic sketch, for representation at

social and family gatherings, pp. 16. 8vo, Manchester


The Husband's Tea Party. A comic sketch, for four characters.

pp. 16. ib. 1861.

Rays fro' th' Loominary : a selection of comic Lancashire tales,

adapted for public reading or reciting. I2mo, Manchester

[c. 1861].

The Lankisliire Loominary un Wickly Looking-Glass. 2 vols.,

Manchester, 1863-65.

Kestor and Betty; or, the Adventures and Mischances of

a Yewood Felley i' th' course uv a hunt after some goose

eggs for a lad uz wer afflicted wi' the pappilarities. 8vo,

Manchester [1865].

The Wife Hunters : a new comic sketch, for representation at

social and family gatherings, pp. 16. ib. 1883.

Pay your own debts : a new temperance drama, in two parts.

pp. 16. ib. 1885.

The Rivals : a humorous dialogue ; also, Going for the Census!

A comic tale. pp. 16. ib. 1888.

The Wrangles ; or Matrimony from two opposite points of

view. A comic sketch, pp. 16. ib. 1888.

Helps to Amusement: a series of original recitations, dialogues,

and sketches, pp. 32. ib. 1888.

Heads and Hearts : or Which wins ? A comic drama, pp. 16.

ib. [n.d.]

Jimmy Troddles' Social Fender. A round of fireside stories,

suited to any season, told by old-fashioned people, ib.


The Old Family Clock, and the Black-eared Pig : a case at

Nisi Prius ! O'Brallaghan versus MacDawdle. pp. 24. ib.


Wriggles the Wiseacre : a comic dramatic sketch, pp. 16.

ib. [n.d.]

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