The bibliography of the principal books, mss., Etc. Quoted in the dictionary list of abbreviations, Etc. Used in the bibliography

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Granger, Joseph.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Durham. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Greenwell, G. C, see Northumberland.

Guthrie, Ramsay.—Kitty Fagan : a romance of pit life. London


Moore, Thomas.—The Song of Solomon in the Durham dialect,

as spoken at St. John's Chapel, Weardale. pp. 19. i6mo.

[Impensis L. L. Bonaparte, 1859.]

Nicholson, W. E., see Northumberland.

Nixon's Gateshead and Tyneside Almanac, 1883.

Northern Minstrel, The, or Gateshead Songster. Being a choice

collection of the most approved modern songs. 4 parts.

i6mo, Gateshead-upon-Tyne, 1806-7.

Palgrave, F. M. T.—A List of Words and Phrases in every-day

use by the natives of Hetton-le-Hole in the County of

Durham ; being words not ordinarily accepted, or but

seldom found in the standard English of the day. E.D.S.

1896. =e.Dur.!

Raine, James (ed.).—The Charters of Endowment, Inventories,

and Account Rolls of the Priory of Finchale. Surtees Soc.

1837. [Contains Glossary of Ancient Durham Words.]

Shields Song Book, The; being a collection of choice and

sentimental songs never before published; written by

Gentlemen of the neighbourhood. South Shields, 1826.

Smith, W. Herbert.—Walks in Weardale. 2nd ed., revised and

enlarged. Also, a paper on the Burtreeford Basaltic Dyke

by George Race, and a paper on the Bedburn by J. P.

Soutter. 8vo, Durham, 1885. =w.Dur.'

Sopwith, Thomas.—An Account of the Mining Districts of

Alston Moor, Weardale, and Teesdale, in Cumberland and

Durham. Alnwick, 1883.


East Anglian, The, or Notes and Queries on Subjects connected

with the counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, and

Norfolk. Ed. by Samuel Tymms. 3 vols. 8vo, 1858-69.

East Anglian Daily Times, The, 1892.

East Anglian Words; from Spurdens' Supplement to Forby,

1840. Ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1879.

Eastern Counties Collectanea, 1872-73.

Everett-Green, E.—Arnold Inglehurst, the Preacher [n.d.].

Forbes, Athol.—Odd Fish. Some East Coast comedies, 1901.

Forby, Robert—The Vocabulary of East Anglia ; an attempt to

record the vulgar tongue of the twin sister counties, Norfolk

and Suffolk, as it existed in the last twenty years of the

eighteenth century, and still exists; with proof of its


antiquity from etymology and authority. 2 vols. 8vo,

London, 1830. =e.An.1

Harris, J. Henry. —East-ho ! Stories told in East Anglia [1902].

Rye, Walter—A Glossary of Words used in East Anglia.

Founded on that of Forby. With numerous corrections

and additions. E.D.S. 1895. =e.An.L

Spurdens, W. T.—The Vocabulary of East Anglia; by the

Rev. R. Forby ; Vol. Ill, being a supplementary volume,

by the Rev. W. T. Spurdens, 1840. pp. xiv, 59. 121110,

London, 1858. =e.An.2

White, Walter—Eastern England, from the Thames to the

Humber. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1865.


Baring-Gould, S.—? Mehalah, a story of the salt marshes, 1880.

Burmester, Frances G.—John Lott's Alice, 1901.

Charnock, Richard Stephen A Glossary of the Essex Dialect.

pp. x, 64. 8vo, London, 1880. ^Ess.1

Clark, Charles John Noakes and Mary Styles ; or, ' An Essex

Calf's' visit to Tiptree races : a poem, exhibiting some of

the most striking lingual localisms peculiar to Essex. With

a Glossary, pp. 48. 8vo, London, 1839. [Reprinted in

' Nine Specimens of English Dialects,' ed. W. W. Skeat,

E.D.S. 1896.]

Copsey, Dan.—A Vocabulary of the Essex Dialect, in Monthly

Magazine, pp. 498 99, July 1814.

Downe, Mark.—Essex Ballads and other poems. 8vo, Colchester,


East Anglian, The, see East Anglia.

Essex Archaeological Society, Proceedings of, see Jephson,

J. M.

Glossary, A, of Provincial Words used in the County of Essex,

pp. 14. i2mo, London, 1851. =Gl. (1851).

H., J. B.—Tiptree Fair in 1844 ; a curious specimen of the

'unlettered Muse.' By J. B. H. 8vo, Tiptree Heath, 1848.

Heygate, W. E . - Poems, 1870.

Jephson, J. M.—Essay on the l East Saxon Dialect.' Proceedings

of the Essex Archaeological Society, Vol. II. pp. 173-

88. Colchester, 1863.

Monthly Magazine, The, for 1814 and 1815. Contains Vocabulary

of the Essex Dialect by Dan. Copsey, and additions

to the same by H. Narbal.

Narbal, H., see Monthly Magazine.

Survey of Gesting Thorpe Parish, 1804.

Young, Arthur.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Essex. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1807. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)


Baylis, F. G.—220 Illustrations of Gloucestershire Dialect, pp.

15. i2mo, [], 1870.

Buckman, S. S.—John Darke's Sojourn in the Cotteswolds and

elsewhere, a series of sketches. 8vo, London, 1890.

Ellacombe, Henry N.—A Gloucestershire Garden. 8vo, London,


Fosbrooke,T. D.—Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts respecting

the County of Gloucester. 2 vols. 4to, Gloucester,


Gibbs, J. Arthur.—A Cotswold Village, or country life and

pursuits in Gloucestershire, 1898.

Giotto of the Cotswolds, A; in Longmaris Magazine, May


Gissing, Algernon.—Both of this Parish. 2 vols., 1889.

A Village Hampden, 1890.

Glossary of Provincial Words used in Gloucestershire ; with

proverbs current in that county, pp. 14. i2mo, London,

1851. =Gl. (1851).

Huntley, Richard Webster.—A Glossary of the Cotswold

(Gloucestershire) Dialect, illustrated by examples from

ancient authors. 8vo, London, 1868. =Glo.2

Late Old Clerk's Humourous Description of the Painted

Glass Windows of Fairford Church. 121110, Fairford, 1873.

Legends, Tales, and Songs in the Dialect of the Peasantry of

Gloucestershire; with several ballads, and a Glossary of

words in general use. I2mo, Cirencester [1877].

Lysons, Samuel.—Our Vulgar Tongue : a lecture on language in

general and a few words on Gloucestershire in particular.

8vo, London, 1868.

Marshall, W. H.—Rural Economy of Glocestershire. 2 vols.

8vo, Glocester, 1789. [Reprinted as ' Provincialisms of the

Vale of Glocester ; 1789,' ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1873.]

* C


Morton, John.—A Gloucestershire Hill-Farm and a Gloucestershire

Vale-Farm. pp.36. In'Husbandry,'Vol. III. London


Northall, G. F., see Midlands.

Robertson, J. Drummond.—A Glossary of Dialect and Archaic

Words used in the County of Gloucester. Ed. by Lord

Moreton, E.D.S. 1890. =Glo.1

Roger Plowman's Excursion to London, with his marriage

to Sarah Jane. I2mo, London [1886].

Smyth, John.—The Lives of the Berkeleys, Lords of Berkeley,

Co. Gloster, from 1066 to 1618, with description of the

hundred of Berkeley and its inhabitants [1639]. 3 vols.

4to, 1883-85.


Blackmore, R. D.—1 Cradock Nowell, 1866.

Capes, W. W.— Scenes of Rural Life in Hampshire among the

Manors of Bramshott, 1901.

Cope, William H.—A Glossary of Hampshire Words and

Phrases. E.D.S. 1883. =Hmp.1

' Countryman at St. Paul's,' in Ancient Order of Foresters'

Miscellany, 1846.

Crespigny, R. C. de, and Hutchinson, Horace.—The New

Forest. 8vo, London, 1895.

Madden, Sir Frederick.—A MS. Glossary of some words used

in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, 1829.

Mitford, M. R.—Country Stories [c. 1855].

Rogers, W. H The Guide to the New Forest [n.d.].

Verney, Lady.—?Lettice Lisle, 1870.

Wheeler's Hampshire Magazine, p. 481, 1828. [Contains a

list of Hampshire words copied from Grose's Provincial


White, Gilbert.—The Natural History of Selbourne; with

observations on various parts of nature ; and the Naturalist's

Calendar. With additions and supplementary notes by

Sir William Jardine. Ed., with further illustrations, a biographical

sketch of the author, and a complete index, by

Edward Jesse. 8vo, London, 1851. [1st ed. 1749.]

Wise, J. R.—The New Forest; its history and its scenery, 4to,

London, 1871 [ed. 1883].


Bound, T. M.—Herefordshire and Shropshire Provincialisms.

In Wellington Journal and Shrewsbury News, Nov. 27, 1875

—May 13, 1876.

Duncumb, John.—Collections towards the History and Antiquities

of the County of Hereford. 4to, Hereford, 1804. [Reprinted

as ' Words used in Herefordshire, 1804,' ed. W. W.

Skeat, E.D.S. 1874.]

General View of the Agriculture of the County of Hereford.

8vo, London, 1805.

Havergal, Francis T.—Herefordshire Words and Phrases,

1887. = Hrf.2

[Lewis, G. C]—A Glossary of Provincial Words used in Herefordshire

and some of the adjoining Counties. 8vo, London,

1839. =Hrf.!

Please Missis the Measter telld me. (From the MS. Collection

of Prince L. L. Bonaparte.)


Cussans, J. E.—History of Hertfordshire ; containing an account

of the descents of the various manors, antiquities, &c. fol.,

Hertford, 1879-81.

Ellis, William The Modern Husbandman, . . . containing

Chiltern and Vale Farming explained according to the

latest improvements. London, 1750. [See also General


Gearey, Caroline.—Rural Life, its humour and pathos. 8vo,


Hertfordshire Mercury and County Express, The, 1887-88.

Salmon, Nathaniel.—The History of Hertfordshire, fol., London,


Young, Arthur.— General View of the Agriculture of Hertfordshire.

8vo, London, 1804.


Brown, T.E.—The Doctor, and other poems. 8vo, London, 1887.

Fo'c's'le Yarns, including Betsy Lee, and other poems, ib. 1889.

The Manx Witch, and other poems, ib, 1889.

Caine, T. H. Hall.—The Deemster, 1887.

The Manxman, 1894, •

Harrison, O.—The Isle-iad ; or, King Orry's Banquet. A fragment

of a Mankish tale. pp. vi, 92. ismo, Douglas [n.d.].

Harrison, William (ed.).—Mona Miscellany, a collection of

proverbs, sayings, ballads, customs, superstitions, legends,

peculiar to the Isle of Man. 8vo, Douglas, 1869.

RydingS, Egbert.—Manx Tales. Introductory preface by Rev.

T. E. Brown. 8vo, Manchester [1895].

Wood, G.—History of the Isle of Man ; traditions, superstitions,

customs, &c. 8vo, [], 1811.


Gray, Maxwell.—Ribstone Pippins ; a country tale, 1898.

The Reproach of Annesley. 3 vols., 1889.

In the Heart of the Storm. 3 vols., 1891.

Long, W. H.—A Dictionary of the Isle of Wight dialect, and of

provincialisms used in the island; with illustrative anecdotes

and tales ; to which is appended the Christmas Boys' Play,

an Isle of Wight ' Hooam Harvest,' and songs sung by the

peasantry; forming a treasury of insular manners and customs

of fifty years ago. 8vo, London, 1886. =I.W.2

Madden, Sir Frederick, see Hampshire.

Marshall, W. H., see South Country.

Moncrieff, Mrs.—A Dream of the Isle of Wight, in the Gentleman's

Magazine, 1863. [Reprinted in Smith's ' Isle of Wight

Words,' pp. 51-52, E.D.S. i88r.]

Smith, Henry, and Smith, C. Roach.—A Glossary of Words in

use in the Isle of Wight, compiled by the late Major Henry

Smith, with additions by C. Roach Smith. E.D.S. 1881.

= I.W.!


Boys, John.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Kent. 4to, Brentford, 1794. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Carr, Mrs. Comyns.—Cottage Folk, 1897.

The Arm of the Lord, 1899.

D'Esterre-Keeling, Elsa.—A Return to Nature, a Kentish idyll.

2nd ed., 1897.

Furley, Robert—A History of the Weald of Kent, with an outline

of the early history of the County. 2 vols. 8vo, Ashford,


Lewis, John.—History and Antiquities, as well Ecclesiastical as

Civil, of the Isle of Tenet (Thanet) in Kent. 2nd ed., 4to,

London, 1736. [Reprinted as ' Words used in the Isle of

Thanet ; 1736,' ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1874.]

Marshall, W. H., see South Country.

[Masters, John White.]—Dick and Sal at Canterbury Fair,

pp. 12. 8vo, Canterbury [n.d.]. [First published before


Nairne, Edward.—Kentish Tales in verse and other humorous

poems, with notes historical, wittical, critical, wag and

pragmatical, and ed., i2mo, Sandgate [1824]. [1st ed.


Parish, W. D. and Shaw, W. F A Dictionary of the Kentish

Dialect and Provincialisms in use in the County of Kent.

E.D.S. 1887. =Ken.i

Pegge, Samuel.—An Alphabet of Kenticisms, containing 600

words and phrases in a great measure peculiar to the

natives and inhabitants of the county of Kent; together

with the derivations of several of them. To which is added

a collection of proverbs and old sayings, which are either

used in, or do relate to the same county. [Written 1735-

36, and printed in 1874 for the Kent Archaeological Society.

Ed. W. W. Skeat. Reprinted for the E.D.S. 1876.]

= Ken.2

' Son of the Marshes, A.'—Annals of a Fishing Village. Ed.

J. A. Owen. 2nd ed., 1892.

Winser, Lilian.—Lays and Legends of the Weald of Kent.

8vo, London, 1897.


Clarke, James.—A Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland,

and Lancashire, fol., London, 1787.

Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various writers, in

the Westmoreland and Cumberland dialects, now first

collected: with a copious glossary of words peculiar to those

counties. 8vo, London, 1839. =Wm. & Cum.1

Ellwood, T.—Lakeland and Iceland: being a glossary of words

in the dialect of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and North

Lancashire which seem allied to or identical with the

Icelandic or Norse, together with cognate place-names and

surnames, and a supplement of words used in shepherding,


folk-lore, and antiquities, pp. xii, 84. 8vo, London.

E.D.S. 1895. =Lakel.1

Ferguson, Robert.—The Northmen in Cumberland and Westmoreland.

8vo, London, 1856.

Green, William.—A Description of the Lakes, Mountains, and

Scenery of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire.

2 vols., Kendal, 1819.

Kirkby, B.—Lakeland Words. A collection of dialect words

and phrases, as used in Cumberland and Westmoreland,

with illustrative sentences in the North Westmoreland

dialect. 8vo, Kendal, 1898. =Lakel.2

Linton, Mrs. E. Lynn.—The Lake Country, 1864.

Lonsdale Magazine, The : or Provincial Repository. Ed. by

John Briggs. 3 vols. 8vo, Kirkby Lonsdale, 1820-22.

Nicolson, Joseph, and Burn, Richard.—The History and

Antiquities of the Counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland.

2 vols. 4to, London, 1777.

North Lonsdale Magazine and Lake District Miscellany;

a Monthly Serial of past and current local literature and

news. Conducted by J. P. Morris. Ulverston, 1866-67.

Ottley, Jonathan.—A Descriptive Guide to the English Lakes.

Keswick, 1850.

Palmer, William T.—Lake Country Rambles. London, 1902.

Pearson, William, and White, William.—The History, Directory

and Gazetteer of the Counties of Cumberland and

Westmoreland, with that part of the Lake District in

Lancashire forming the Lordships of Furness and Cartmel,


Sullivan, J.—The People and Dialect of Cumberland and Westmoreland,

containing the first chapter of a new history.

iamo, Kendal, 1855.

Cumberlandand Westmoreland, ancient and modern: the people,

dialect, superstitions and customs. 8vo, London, 1857.

Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian

and Archaeological Society. 8vo, Kendal,


Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Association

for the Promotion of Literature and Science,


[West, Thomas.]—A Guide to the Lakes, in Cumberland,

Westmoreland, and Lancashire. By the author of 'The

Antiquities of Furness.' 2nd ed., revised throughout and

greatly enlarged. 8vo, London, 1780.

White, P.—Lays and Legends of the English Lake Country.

London, 1893.

Wordsworth, William.—A Description of the Scenery of the

Lakes in the North of England. 8vo, London, 1822.

[ed. 1846.]


Ackworth, John.—Clog Shop Chronicles, 1896.

The Coming of the Preachers. A tale of the rise of Methodism,


Ainsworth, W. Harrison.—The Lancashire Witches : a romance

of Pendle Forest, 1848.

Almond, John.—A Bunch of Water-cresses, or an Afternoon

with Old Bob. 8vo, Blackburn [n.d.].

A Day at Blackpoo' ; or Tommy the Bobbin Carrier and his

wife Mary Ann's trip to t'Sawt Wayter. 8vo, Manchester


Sall-o'-Betty's, or Very Proper. An East Lancashire Sketch.

8vo, Blackburn [n.d.].

Antrobus, C. L.—Wildersmoor, a novel. 2nd ed. 1901.

Ashton, Teddy.—A Basin o' Broth (mostly Lancashire herbs).

Being tales, rhymes, and sketches. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Ashworth, John.—A MS. Glossary of provincial words used in

the Forest of Rossendale [1846].

Ashworth, Richard.—The Rossendale Dialect and its derivations.

A lecture delivered before the Bacup Natural History

Society, on Dec. 1, 1896. pp. 16. 8vo, Bacup [1896].

[Atkinson, J. A.]—The Boggart o' Longsight. A Christmas

Dialogue for four characters, pp. 8. 8vo, Manchester [n.d.].

Axon, W. E. A.—Dr. Rondeau's Revenge and other Lancashire

Sketches, pp. 29. i6mo, Manchester, 1867.

Folk-Song and Folk-Speech of Lancashire. On the ballads

and songs of the County Palatine, with notes on the dialect

. . . and an appendix on Lancashire Folk-Lore. pp. viii, 94.

ib. [1870].

The Black knight of Ashton. Being an account of a visit to

Ashton-under-Lyne to witness the annual ceremony of

Riding the Black Lad. 8vo, Manchester, 1870.

Bamford, Samuel.—Walks in South Lancashire and on its

borders. i2mo, Blackley, 1844.

A MS. Glossary of some words and phrases in use amongst

the rural population of South Lancashire, 1846.

The Dialect of South Lancashire, or Tim Bobbin's Tummus

and Meary : with his rliymes and an enlarged glossary of

words and phrases, chiefly used by the rural population

of the manufacturing districts of South Lancashire, and

ed., I2mo, London, 1854. [isted. 1850.]

Homely Rhymes, Poems, and Reminiscences. Revised and

enlarged ed., i2mo, Manchester, 1864.

Banks, Mrs. G. Linnaeus.—The Manchester Man. A novel.

3 vols., 1876.

Forbidden to Wed, ed. 1885.

[Barber, H.]—Forness Folk, the'r sayin's an dewin's; or sketches

of life and character in Lonsdale north of the Sands. Be

Roger Piketah. Carlisle, 1870.

Barnes, Mr.A MS. Glossary of provincial words used in the

neighbourhood of Ashton-under-Lyne [1846].

[Baron, J.]—A Blegburn Dickshonary. [Revised ed.] By

' Tum-o'-Dick-o'-Bob's.' 8vo, Blackburn, 1891. =m.Lan.x

Bealey, R. R.—Field Flowers and City Chimes. Poems. i2mo,

Manchester, 1866.

Eawr Bessy. Poem. pp. 6. ib. [n.d.]

After-Business Jottings ; poems aud lyrics, ib. [n.d.]

Later-Life Jottings in Verse and Prose. 8vo, Manchester, 1884.

Bigg, John Stanyan.—Alfred Staunton. A novel. London


Shifting Scenes and other poems. London, 1862.

Bolton, John.—The Ulverston Perpetual Tide Table, or an

explanation of the rules for calculating the moon's age, &c,

being a familiar conversation between a Low Furness

farmer and a townsman. Ulverston, 1846.

Geological Fragments collected principally from Rambles

among the Rocks of Furness and Cartmel. ib. 1869.

Booker, John.—A History of the Ancient Chapel of Denton, in

Manchester Parish, in Chetham Miscellanies, Vol. II,

Chetham Soc. 1855.

Bowker, James.—Goblin Tales of Lancashire, 1883.

Brathwaite, R.—The Two Lancashire Lovers ; or the Excellent

History of Philocles and Doriclea. London, 1640.

Brierley, Benjamin.—Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life.

a vols. 8vo, Manchester [1854].

Treadlepin Fold and other tales, ib. [n.d.] [Vol. II of ' Tales

and Sketches,' with a fresh title.]

A Summer Day in Daisy Nook. ib. 1859.

Daisy Nook Sketches, ib. [n.d.]

Chronicles of Waverlow: rural sketches of Lancashire life

and habits, ib. [1863].

Layrock of Langleyside. A Lancashire story, ib. 1864.

Irkdale; or the Old House in the Hollow: a Lancashire story.

2 vols. 8vo, London, 1865.

Marlocks of Meriton. 8vo, Manchester [1867].

Red Windows Hall: a Lancashire story, ib. [1868].

Adventures at Blackpool. By Abo'-th'-Yate. Reprinted from

'Ben Brierley's Journal,' 1881.

The Fratchingtons of Fratchingthorpe. A course of connubial

crosses, or fireside 'fraps.' iamo, Manchester, 1882.

Th' Oddlads' Feight at th' Crystal Palace. By Ab-o'-th-Yate.

8vo, Manchester [1884I.

Ab-o'-th'-Yate in Yankeeland. The results of two trips to

America, 1885.

Ab-o'-th'-Yate's Christmas Dinner. Reprinted from ' Ben

Brierley's New Year Book,' 1886.

Insuring his Life. A farce in one act. pp. 31. i2mo, Manchester,


Cast upon the World. 8vo, Manchester, 1886.

Our Old Chimney Nook: a Christmas sto^. ib. [n.d.]

The Lancashire Weaver Lad : a domestic drama, in three acts.

iamo, Manchester [n.d.].

The Cobbler's Stratagem : a farce. In one act. ib. [n.d.]

A Bundle o' Fents from a Lancashire loom. Comprising

pieces, humorous and pathetic, adapted for reading at

working-men's clubs, &c. 8vo, Manchester I n.d.].

A Batch o' Jannocks from a Lancashire oven. Supplementary

to ' A Bundle o' Fents, &c.' ib. 1888.

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