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Croston, J.—Enoch Crump's Ghost Story ; a legend of"Cheshire, 1887. Darlington, Thomas

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Croston, J.—Enoch Crump's Ghost Story ; a legend of"Cheshire,


Darlington, Thomas The Folk-Speech of South Cheshire.

E.D.S. 1887. =s.Chs.1

Halliwell, J. O., see Lancashire.

Holland, Henry.—General View of the Agriculture of Cheshire.

8vo, London, 1808. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Holland, Robert.—A Glossary of Words used in the County of

Chester. E.D.S. 1886. = Chs.1

Leigh, Egerton—Ballads and Legends of Cheshire. 8vo,

London, 1867.

A Glossary of Words used in the Dialect of Cheshire. Founded

on a similar attempt by Roger Wilbraham, contributed to the

Society of Antiquaries in 1817. 8vo, London, 1877. =» Chs.3

* B 2


Ormerod, George The History of the County Palatine and

City of Chester. 3 vols. fol., London, 1819.

Platt, J. W.— The History and Antiquities of Nantwich, in the

County Palatine of Chester. 8vo, London, 1818.

Prestbury Parish Magazine, 1885.

Warburton, R. E. E.—Hunting Songs and Miscellaneous Poems.

2nd ed., i2mo, London, i860.

Wilbraham, Roger.—An attempt at a Glossary of some words

used in Cheshire. Read before the Society of Antiquaries,

May 8, 1817. 2nd ed., i2mo, London, 1826. — Chs.2

Yates, — .—Owd Peter [n.d.].


Ballantyne, R. M.—Deep Down. A tale of the Cornish Mines,


Bannister, J.—Glossary of Cornish Names, ancient and modern,

local, family, personal, &c. 8vo, Truro, 1871.

Baring-Gould, S.—The Vicar of Morwenstow ; a life of Robert

Stephen Hawker, M.A., 1876.

The Gaverocks ; a tale of the Cornish Coast, 1887.

Richard Cable, 1888.

Mrs. Curgenven of Curgenven, 1893.

Bond, Thomas.—Topographical and historical sketches of the

Boroughs of East and West Looe, in the County of Cornwall.

8vo, London, 1823.

Borlase,W.—Antiquities of the County of Cornwall, fol., Oxford,

1754 [ed. 1769].

The Natural History of Cornwall, ib. 1758.

Bottrell, William.—Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West

Cornwall. 8vo, Penzance, 1870.

2nd Series, ib. 1873.

3rd Series, ib. 1880.

Cahill, John.—Wheal Certainty ; a Cornish story, 1890.

Carew, Richard.—The Survey of Cornwall. 4to, London, 1602.

New edition. 4to, London, 1769.

Clarke, Mrs. H.—Roscorla Farm, 1895.

Cornish Tales, in prose and verse, by various authors. With

a glossary. i2mo, London, 1873.

Cornish Tales, in verse and prose, being specimens of Cornish

Provincial Dialects, iamo, Truro, 1858.

« Cornwall.' A Western Eclogue between Pengrouze and Bet

Polglaze, in the Gentleman's Magazine, XXXII. 287, 1762.

Couch, L. Quiller.—A Spanish Maid, 1898.

Couch, Thomas Q.—The History of Polperro, a fishing town on

the south coast of Cornwall; being a description of the

place, its people, their manners, customs, modes of industry,

&c, by the late Jonathan Couch, with a short account of

the life and labours of the author, and many additions on

the popular antiquities of the district. 8vo, Truro, 1871.

A List of Obsolete Words still in use among the folk of

East Cornwall. Truro [n.d.].

See also Courtney, M. A.

Courtney, M. A. and Couch, Thomas Q.—Glossary of Words

in use in Cornwall. West Cornwall by Miss M. A. Courtney.

East Cornwall by Thomas Q. Couch. E.D.S. 1880. =Cor.1

Daniel, Henry John.—The Bride of Scio, Songs of the Heart,

and other poems. 121110, Truro, 1842.

The Cornish Thalia; being original Cornish poems, illustrative

of the Cornish dialect, pp. 48. 121110, Devonport

[c. 1862].

The Muse in Motley, or a Wallet of Whimsies, pp. 48. ib.


Pickings from my Portfolio ; comprising Cornish comic and

other humorous pieces, pp. 48. ib. [n.d.]

A New Budget of Cornish Poems, pp. 48. ib. [n.d.]

Mary Anne's Christening, ib. [n.d.]

Mary Anne's Troubles, ib. [n.d.]

English, H.—A Glossary of Mining Terms, used in Mexico,

Colombia, Peru, and other parts of South America ; also

those used in the mining districts of Cornwall and Derbyshire.

Compiled from the most authentic sources, pp. 72.

8vo, London, 1830.

Exhibition, The, and other Cornish Tales, in prose and verse,

by various Authors. 8vo, Truro [n.d.].

Forfer, W. Bentinck.—Cousin Jan's Courtship and Marriage.

The Exhibition. Two Cornish tales in verse. i2mo, Truro,


Pentowan ; or the Adventures of Gregory Goulden, Esq.,

and Tobias Penhale. A Cornish story. 8vo, Helston, 1859.

The Helston Furry Day; an account of its origin and

celebration; with the music of the ancient Furry dance.

iamo, Helston, 1861.

Pengersick Castle. A Cornish tale. 8vo, Truro, 1862.

Kynance Cove; or the Cornish Smugglers. A tale of the

last century. 8vo, London, 1865.

The Wizard of West Penwith; a tale of the Land's End.

i2mo, Penzance, 1871.

Cornish Poems and selections from ' Pentowan.' 8vo, Truro


Garland, Thomas.—List of Words in common use in West

Cornwall, in the Journal of the Royal Institution of

Cornwall, pp. 45-54, April 1865.

[Gervis, Marianne] (ed.).—Original Cornish Ballads: chiefly

founded on stories, humorously told by Mr. Tregellas, in

his popular lectures on ' Peculiarities'; to which are

appended some drafts of kindred character, from the portfolio

of the Editress : the whole prefixed by an introductory

essay, on the peculiar characteristics of the Cornish peasantry;

from the gifted pen of Mrs. Miles, pp. iv, 60. 8vo, London,


Hammond, Joseph.—A Cornish Parish: being an account of

St. Austell, town, church, district, and people. 8vo, London,


Hardy, Thomas.—? A Pair of Blue Eyes. 1873.

Harris, J. Henry.—Our Cove ; stories from a Cornish fisher

village [1900].

The Luck of Wheal Veor and other stories of the mine,

moor, and sea, 1901.

Faith. A story of Saint Porth [n.d.].

H[arvey], T[homas] H[ingston].—Harkyology. Mr. Theodosius

Smitheram's account of the sayings and doings of.

the Cambrian Archaeological Association. By T. H. H.

i8mo, Truro, 1862.

H[igham], T. R.—A Dialogue between Tom Thomas and Bill

Bilkey, two Cornish miners. By T. R. H. pp. 24. iamo,

Truro, 1866.

Hocking, J.—The Mist on the Moors, in the Christian World

Annual, 1896.

Hunt, Robert—Popular Romances of the West of England, or

the drolls, traditions, and superstitions of Old Cornwall,

collected and ed. by Robert Hunt. 2 vols. 8vo, London,

1865. New ed. 1896.

JagO, Fred. W. P.—The ancient language, and the dialect of

Cornwall, with an enlarged glossary of Cornish provincial

words. Also an appendix, containing a list of writers on

Cornish dialect, and additional information about Dolly

Pentreath, the last known person who spoke the ancient

Cornish as her mother tongue. 8vo, Truro, 1882. = Cor.2

Jimmy Trebilcock; or the humorous adventures of a Cornish

miner at the Great Exhibition, what he saw, and what he

didn't see. 12010, Camborne, 1863.

Kinahan, George Henry.—On the similarity of some Cornish

rock-names and miners' terms to Irish words. Journal of

the Royal Institution of Cornwall, No. 14, April 1873.

Lee, Charles.—Paul Carah, Cornishman, 1898.

The Widow Woman. A Cornish tale, 1899. '

Cynthia in the West, 1900.

Lyall, Edna.—Donovan, 1882.

Marshall, W. H., see Devonshire.

Monthly Magazine, The, for 1808, contains a list of Cornish


[Netherton, Edward.]—The Song of Solomon in the living

Cornish dialect. From the Authorised English Version.

I2mo. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte, 1859.]

O'Donoghue, F. Talbot.—St. Knighton's Keive ; a Cornish tale.

With a postscript and glossary. 8vo, London, 1864.

Parr, Mrs.—Adam and Eve. 3 vols., 1880.

[Pascoe, Charlotte Champion.]—Wan and Aell, a Cornish

Drawel, as zung, told an spauken by Barzillai Baragweneth.

. . . With notes by a Friend, pp. 24. 8vo, Penzance, 1861.

Pasmore, W. S., see Devonshire.

Pearce, H.—Jacob Treloar, 1893.

Pearce, J. H Esther Pentreath, the Miller's daughter: a study

of life on the Cornish coast, 1891.

Inconsequent Lives, 1891.

Pearse, Mark Guy.—Daniel Quorm and his religious opinions,


Penberthy, C. P.—The Warp and Woof of Cornish life and

character, by Open Eyes (Mrs. C. P. Penberthy). Collated

from the Mining Post and Cornishman. 8vo, London [n.d.].

Peter, T. C. —MS. Collection ot Cornish words. - Cor.3


Polwhele, R.—A Cornish-English Vocabulary ; a vocabulary of

local names, chiefly Saxon, and a provincial glossary, pp.

98. 4to, Truro, 1808.

The History of Cornwall. 7 vols. 4to, London, 1816.

Porter, R.—St. Martin's Summer, 1895.

Provincial Vocabulary, A, see Devonshire.

Pryce, William.—Mineralogia Cornubiensis; a treatise on

minerals, mines, and mining, fol., London, 1778.

Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica ; or, an essay to preserve the

ancient Cornish language : containing the rudiments of that

dialect in a Cornish grammar, and Cornish-English Vocabulary,

&c. 4to, Sherborne, 1790.

Q[uiller-Couch, A. T.]—Dead Man's Rock, 1887.

The Astonishing History of Troy Town, 1888.

Noughts and Crosses, 1891.

I saw Three Ships, and other winter's tales, 1892.

The Haunted Dragoon, 1892.

The Delectable Duchy, 1893.

Wandering Heath, 1895.

Rhodes, W. C—The Story of John Trevennick [n.d.].

Rodd, Edward H.—Birds of Cornwall, 1880.

[Sandys, William.]—Specimens of Cornish provincial dialect,

collected and arranged by Uncle Jan Treenoodle, with

some introductory remarks, and a glossary, by an antiquarian

friend, also a selection of songs and other pieces connected

with Cornwall. 8vo, London, 1846.

Stackhouse, J. L.—Obsolete Words still in use among the folk

of East Cornwall, in the Journal of the Royal Institution of

Cornwall. May 1864.

Thomas, Joseph.—Randigal Rhymes and a glossary of Cornish

words. 8vo, Penzance, 1895.

Timothy Towser, and nineteen other Cornish tales, from

Netherton's Cornish Almanac [n.d.].

Tregellas, J. T Tremuan ; and the St. Agnes Bear Hunt.

Two Cornish tales, pp. 23. i2mo, Truro [c. 1840].

Farmer Brown's Blunders, including the Cayenne Pepper Story;

Capt. Hoskin's Battle of Lanterns; and the London Director,

Hannibal Hollow, at Wheal Blue Bottle, pp. 43. ib. 1857.

Cornish Tales. 8vo, Truro, i860.

Peeps into the Haunts and Homes of the rural population of

Cornwall. Being reminiscences of Cornish character and

characteristics, illustrative of the dialect, peculiarities, &c,

&c, of the inhabitants of West and North Cornwall. 8vo,

Truro, 1863. Another ed., 1868.

Cornish Tales, in prose and verse. With a glossary. i2mo,

Truro, 1868.

Trenhaile, John.—Dolly Pentreath, and other humorous Cornish

tales, in verse. With a portrait of old Dolly, pp. 46.

i2mo, Devonport [1854].

[Verrall, Georgina.]—A Cornish Ghost story ; a night's adventures

at the Devil's Stiler or Jacky Trevose and Mary

Trevean. By ' Elfin.' pp. 19. 8vo, Truro, 1862.

West Cornubian.—A new Budget of Cornish Poems, pp. 36.

8vo, Camborne, 1865.

Whitcombe, Mrs. H. P., see Devonshire.

Worth, R. N., see Devonshire.


Anderson, R.—Ballads in the Cumberland dialect: with notes

and a glossary. 8vo, Carlisle, 1805.

Ballads in the Cumberland dialect, chiefly by R. Anderson,

with notes and a glossary; the remainder by various

authors, several of which have been never before published.

I2tno, Wigton, 1808 [and var. ed.].

Bailey, John.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Cumberland. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Blamire, Susanna.—Poetical Works [c. 1794]. Now for the

first time collected by Henry Lonsdale. With a preface,

memoir, and notes by Patrick Maxwell. i2mo, Edinburgh,


Bobby Banks' Bodderment, a sup of coald keal het up agean.

In the Whitehaven Herald, June 2, 1866.

Branthet Neuk Boggle, a Teahl for a Winter Neeght. In the

Whitehaven Herald, Jan. 5, i86r.

Burn, Peter.—English Border Ballads. 8vo, Carlisle, 1874. [2nd

ed. 1877.]

Poems. London, 1885.

Fireside Crack. 2nd ed., London, 1886.

[Burroughs, J.]—Willie Wattle's M udder. By a Tourist, pp.8.

121110, Whitehaven, 1870.

Caine, T. H. HalL—The Shadow of a Crime, 1885.

A Son of Hagar, 1886.

Chatto, W. A., see Northumberland.

Christian, John.—A Whitehaven Sailor Lad in London, 1880.

The Mason's Ghost Story, 1880.

Clark, Ewan.—Miscellaneous Poems. 8vo, Whitehaven, 1779.

Cowper, H. S.A Grasmere Farmer's Sale Schedule in 1710.

(Reprinted from the Transactions of the Cumberland and

Westmoreland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society.)

8vo, Kendal, 1895.

Dalby, John.—Mayroyd of Mytholm. 3 vols. 1888.

Denton, John, of Cardew.—An Accompt of the Estates and

Families in the County of Cumberland, from the Conquest

to the beginning of the reign of James [I], 1687-88.

Dickinson, William.—A Glossary of Words and Phrases of

Cumberland. i2tno, Whitehaven, 1859.

A Supplement to the Glossary of the Words and Phrases

of Cumberland, with illustrative examples. i2mo, London,


A Glossary of Words and Phrases pertaining to the dialect of

Cumberland. E.D.S. 1878. =Cum.!

Additional Supplement to the Cumberland Glossary. E.D.S.

1881. =Cum.1

A Glossary of the Words and Phrases pertaining to the

dialect of Cumberland. Re-arranged, illustrated, and

augmented by quotations, by E. W. Prevost, with a short

digest of the phonology and grammar of the dialect by

S. Dickson Brown. 8vo, London [1899]. =Cum.4

Lamplugh Club, by a Looker-on, intended to assist in

preserving a faithful record of the dialect of the neighbourhood

of Whitehaven. pp. n . i2tno, Whitehaven, 1856.

The Song of Solomon in the dialect of Central Cumberland.

From the Authorised English Version, pp. 19.

i6mo. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte], 1859.

Joe and the Geologist. A ' Tail' for Joe and the Geologist

by Another Hand. pp. 8. 8vo, Whitehaven [1866].

[Contains also two poems, Scallow Beck Boggle and

Merry Charley.]

Cumberland Farm Life—Memorandums of Old Times. 8vo,

Whitehaven, 1869.

Cumbriana, or Fragments of Cumberland Life. 8vo, London,


Uncollected Literary Remains. Privately printed, 1888.

[Dixon, James.]—Borrowdale in the Old Time ; as gathered

from the conversation of the late Sarah Yewdale, Queen of

Borrowdale, who died February, 1869, in her 101st year,

pp. 8. i2mo, Keswick, 1869.

Ellwood, T.—The Poets and Poetry of Cumberland, including

the Cumbrian Border. Reprinted from the Trans, of the

Cumberland and Westmoreland Association for the Advancement

of Literature and Science, No. ix. 1885.

Farrall, Thomas.—Betty Wilson's Cummerland Teals. Reprinted

from the West Cumberland Times. I2mo, Carlisle,

1876. [3rd ed. 1886.]

Ferguson, Robert The Dialect of Cumberland, with a chapter

on its place-names. 8vo, London, 1873. ^Cum.2

Gibson, Alexander Craig.—The Folk-Speech of Cumberland

and some districts adjacent; being short stories and rhymes

in the dialects of the West Border counties. 8vo, London,

1869. =Cum.a

Gilpin, Sidney (ed.).—The Songs and Ballads of Cumberland, to

which are added dialect and other poems ; with biographical

sketches, notes, and glossary. i2mo, London, 1866.

The Songs and Ballads of Cumberland and the Lake Country.

With biographical sketches, notes, and glossary. Three

Series. 2nd ed., ib. 1874.

The Popular Poetry of Cumberland and the Lake Country.

With biographical sketches and notes. i2mo, Carlisle,


Glossary of Provincial Words used in the County of Cumberland.

pp.19. i2mo, London, 1851. --GI. (1851).

[Graham, Charles.]—Gwordy and Will. A pastoral dialogue

in the Cumberland dialect. pp. 8. 8vo, Whitehaven

[1778] [ed. 1849].

Greenup, Gwordie.—Yance-a-Year. Gwordie Greenup s Cummerland

Alminac, wid tide teable, for 1873. pp.28. i2mo,

Maryport, 1873.

Anudder Batch, Firsts an' Secinds. T'firsts being a few

heamly teals telt at Lingside and t'secinds a reprint o'

rhymes fra Yance-a-Year by Gwordie Greenup. pp. 32.

ib. 1873.


Greenup, Gwordie (continued)

Cumbrian Rhymes, a series of stories, and scraps in dialect

verse, 1876.

Harrison, J.—Poems and Songs, some of which are in the

Cumberland dialect. xamo, Whitehaven [n.d.].

Helvellyn, On, in the Cornhill Magazine, Oct. 1890.

Hutchinson, William.—The History of the County of Cumberland

and some places adjacent. 2 vols. 4to, Carlisle, 1794.

[Hutton, J.]—Billy Brannau. A tale of the Abbey Holme. By

Silpheo, 1885.

Joe and the Geologist, a short story in the Cumberland dialect.

(First printed in the Whitehaven Herald, March 14, 1857.)

Revised by the Author, pp. 7. iamo, Carlisle, 1866.

Joe and the Geologist' and «T'Reets on't,' being another

supplement to 'Joe and the Geologist' by Joehis-sel. pp. 16.

I2mo, Carlisle, 1867. [See also Dickinson, William.]

Jollie, F.—Sketch of Cumberland Manners and Customs : partly

in the provincial dialect, in prose and verse. With a

glossary, pp. iv, 46. i2ino, Carlisle, 1811. [Contains ' Th'

Upshot' by M. Lonsdale].

Lietch, D. R.—Willie Green, 1870.

Linton, Mrs. E. Lynn—Lizzie Lorton of Greyrigg. 3 vols., 1866.

With a Silken Thread, 1880.

Lonsdale, Mark.—Th1 Upshot, 1811. [See Jollie, F.]

Mary Drayson's Honeymoon; being a short account of her

visit to London, the sights she saw there, and the scrapes

she got into. By a Cumberland Lad. pp. 32. i2ino,

Carlisle, 1872.

Muncaster Boggle, The. pp. 8. i2mo, Whitehaven, 1870.

[ed. 1884.]

Nicolson, Guil.— Glossarium Brigantinum, collectore Guil.

Nicolson, 1677. Printed with notes in the Trans, of the

Royal Soc. of Literature, Vol. IX. pt. ii. pp. 303-23, 1868.

Ostle, J. Sharpe.—Notes on the Cumbrian Dialect. A lecture.

Pastoral Dialogue in the Cumberland Dialed:: with a

humourous epistle, by a Young Shepherd to his friend in

Borrowdale. . . pp. 12. 8vo, Keswick, 1849. [See Graham,


Penrith Observer, The.—Var. dates.

Poll Book, The, of the Election of a Representative in Parliament

for the Borough of Whitehaven. . . 8vo, Whitehaven, 1832.

Powley, M.—Echoes of Old Cumberland. Poems and translations.

8vo, Carlisle, 1875.

Past and Present among the Fells. Reprinted from the

Trans, of the Cum. and Wm. Archaeological Society, 1876.

Prevost, E. W., see Dickinson, William.

Rayson, John.—Miscellaneous Poems and Ballads, chiefly in the

dialects of Cumberland and the English and Scottish

borders. i2mo, London, 1858.

The Song of Solomon in the Cumberland dialect. From

the Authorised English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis

L. L. Bonaparte, 1859.]

Rea, Alice.—The Beckside Boggle and other stories. London,


Relph, Josiah.A Miscellany of Poems, consisting of original

poems, translations, pastorals in the Cumberland dialect,

familiar epistles, fables, songs, and epigrams. With a

preface and a glossary. 8vo, Glasgow, 1747.

Poems. With the life of the Author. 8vo, Carlisle, 1798.

Richardson, J.—' Cummerland Talk' ; being short tales and

rhymes in the dialect of that county : together with a few

miscellaneous pieces in verse, iamo, Carlisle, 1871. 2nd

Series, 1876 [and var. ed.].

Rigby, Cuthbert.—From Midsummer to Martinmas. A West

Cumberland Idyl. London, 1891.

[RitSOn, Isaac.]—Copy of a Letter wrote by a young shepherd

to his friend in Borrowdale. New ed. To which is added

a Glossary of the Cumberland words, pp. 16. 121110,

Penrith, 1788.

• Another ed., i2mo, Whitehaven, 1866.

Sargisson, J.—Joe Scoap's Jurneh through Three Wardles, 1881.

Sopwith, Thomas, see Durham.

Stagg, John.—Miscellaneous Poems. 8vo, Carlisle. 1804.

Miscellaneous Poems, some of which are in the Cumberland

dialect, pp. xii, 237. 2nd ed., i2mo, Workington, 1805.

The Cumbrian Minstrel; being a poetical Miscellany of

Legendary. Gothic, and Romantic Tales, the scenes and

subjects of which are principally laid in the Border Counties

of England and Scotland. . . 2 vols. 8vo, Manchester, 1821.

Telford, Thomas.—The Philosophy of Betty Cwoates. Readings

in the Cumberland dialect, pp. 12. ismo, Keswick, 1893.

Walcott, Mackenzie E. C. (ed.).—Glossary of Words in the

Cumbrian dialect. From the Trans, of the Royal Soc. of

Literature. Vol. IX, new series, 1868. [See Nicolson,


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