The bibliography of the principal books, mss., Etc. Quoted in the dictionary list of abbreviations, Etc. Used in the bibliography

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Adams, H. C.—Wykehamica. A history of Winchester College

and Commoners, from the foundation to the present day.

8vo, Oxford, 1878.

Ainsworth, W. Harrison.—Rookwood, a romance, 1834.

Baker, T.—Tunbridge Wells, or the Yeoman of Kent, 1703.

Barham, Richard Harris.—Ingoldsby Legends, 1840-47.

Carmine ed., 1867.

Barrere, Albert, and Leland, Charles G.—A Dictionary of

slang, jargon, and cant, embracing English, American, and

Anglo-Indian slang, Pidgin English, Tinkers'jargon and other

irregular phraseology. 2 vols. 8vo, Ballantyne Press, 1889.

Baumann, Heinrich.—Londinismen-Slang und Cant: Alphabetisch

geordnete SammlungdereigenartigenAusdrucksweisen

der Londoner Volkssprache sowie der iiblichsten Gauner-,

Matrosen , Sport- und Zunft-Ausdrilcke. Mit einer geschichtlichen

Einleitung und Musterstttcken. Ein Supplement

zu alien Engl.-Deutschen Worterbuchern von Heinrich

Baumann. 8vo, Berlin, 1887.

Carew, Bampfylde-Moore—The Life and Adventures of

Bampfylde-Moore Carew, the King of the Beggars, with

canting dictionary, 1791. Another ed.,ed.T. Price [c. 1810].

Carew, F. W. (ed.)—No. 747 ; being the Autobiography of

a Gipsy, 1891.

Colquhoun, P.—A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis, 1796.

Commoner Word-Book, or dictionary of words and phrases

current in Winchester School. MS. 1864.

Dickens, Charles.—Pickwick Papers, 1837.

Nicholas Nickleby, 1838.

Oliver Twist, 1838.

Barnaby Rudge, 1841.

Martin Chuzzlewit, 1844.

Dombey and Son, 1848.

David C'opperfield, 1850.

Bleak House, 1853.

Great Expectations, 1861.

Our Mutual Friend, 1865.

Farmer, John S Slang and its Analogues, past and present.

A dictionary, historical and comparative, of the heterodox

speech of all classes of society for more than three hundred

years. With synonyms in English, French, German,

Italian, &c. 1890-1904.

Fielding, Henry.—The Author's Farce, 1730.

The History oftheAdventuresof Joseph Andrews. 2vols., 1742.

The History of Tom Jones. 6 vols., 1749.

Amelia, 1751.

Gilbert, W. S ' Bab ' Ballads, 1869.

More 'Bab' Ballads, 1873.

Goddard, E. H Brasenose Ale. A collection of verses annually

presented on Shrove Tuesday, by the Butler of Brasenose

College, Oxford. Privately printed, 1878.

Grose, Francis The Olio, 1769.

Lexicon Balatronicum. A dictionary of Buckish Slang,

University Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. 8vo, London,


Grose, Francis, and Egan, Pierce—Grose's Classical Dictionary

of the Vulgar Tongue, revised and corrected, with the

addition of numerous slang phrases, collected from tried

authorities. By Pierce Egan. 8vo, London, 1823.

Harman, Thomas.—Caveat, or Warening for Common Cursetors,

vulgarly called Vagabones, 1566. Ed. E.E.T.S. 1869.

Horsley, J. W.—Jottings from Jail, 1887.



[Hotten, James Camden.]—The Slang Dictionary ; or the

vulgar words, street phrases, and fast expressions of high

and low society. 8vo, London, 1865.

Kipling* Rudyard.—The Record of Badalia Herodsfoot, 1890.

Barrack-Room Ballads and other Verses, 1892.

Lytton, E. G. E. L. Bulwer Pelham, 1828.

Paul Clifford, 1830.

M[ansfield], R. B.—School Life at Winchester College, 1870.

Mayhew, Henry.—London Labour and the London Poor: the

condition and earnings of those that will work, cannot work,

and will not work. 4 vols. 8vo, London, 1851-62, and ed.


The Criminal Prisons of London, 1862.

[Moore, Thomas.]—Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress, with

a preface, notes, and appendix. By One of the Fancy.

i2mo, London, 1819.

Murray, D. Christie.—A Novelist's Note-Book, 1887.

Peacock, F. M.—A Soldier and a Maid; a romance of the late

war in Burmah [1890].

Reade, Charles.—Jack of All Trades, 1858.

Autobiography of a Thief, 1858.

Smollett, T. G.—Adventures of Roderick Random, 1748.

Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, 1751.

Adventures of Ferdinand, Count Fathom, 1753.

The Reprisal, 1757.

Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, 1762.

Thackeray, W. Makepeace—Ballads, 1855.

Miscellanies : Prose and Verse, 1855.

Tunbridge Wells, or a Day's Courtship. A Comedy, as it is

acted at the Duke's Theatre. London, 1678.

Wickham, G.—A Bluecoat Boy's Recollections of Hertford

School, 1841.




Aasen, Ivar.— Norsk Ordbog med Dansk Forklaring. Christiania,

Adams, Thomas. — Practical Works [c. 1655] in Nichol's

Puritan Divines, 1861-62.

[Adelung, Johann Christoph.]—Versuch eines vollstandigen

grammatisch-kritischen Wdrterbuches der hochdeutschen

Mundart, mit bestandiger Vergleichung der iibrigen Mundarten,

besonders aber der oberdeutschen. 5 Theile, 4to,

Leipzig, 1773-86.

iElfiric's Grammatik und Glossar [c. 975]. Ed. J. Zupitza.

Berlin, 1880.

iElfiric's Lives Of Saints, being a set of Sermons on Saints' Days

formerly observed by the English Church. Ed. W. W. Skeat,

E.E.T.S. 1881-90.

Albrecht, Karl.—Die Leipziger Mundart. Grammatik und

Wo" rterbuch der LeipzigerVolkssprache. 8vo, Leipzig, 1881.

Alexander and Dindimus: or the letters of Alexander to

Dindimus, king of the Brahmans, with the replies of

Dindimus [c. 1375]. Ed. W. W. Skeat, E.E.T.S. 1878.

Alisaunder, King [c. 1300]. In Weber's Metrical Romances,

Vol. I. Edinburgh, 1810. See also William of Palerne.

Ancren Riwle, The; a treatise on the rules and duties of

monastic life. Ed. and transl. from a semi-Saxon MS. of

the 13th century, by James Morton. 4to, London, Camden

Soc. 1853.

Andrewes, Bishop.—Sermons, 1642.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, The, according to the several original

authorities. Ed., with a translation, by Benjamin Thorpe.

2 vols. 8vo, London, Rolls Series, 1861.

Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary of the 8th century : Corpus Christi

College Library, Cambridge. In Wright's Vocabularies,

1884 (q.v.).

Annandale, Charles, see Ogilvie, John.

Anturs Of Arther, The [c. 1420]. In Robson's Early English

Metrical Romances, Camden Soc. 1842. See also Scottish

Alliterative Poems.

Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to antiquity.

Published by the Soc. of Antiquaries of London. 4U),

London, 1814, &c.

Ash, John—The New and Complete Dictionary of the English

Language. In which all the words are introduced, . . the

obsolete and uncommon words supported by authorities.

2 vols. 8vo, London, 1775.

—— 2nd ed., 2 vols 8vo, London, 1795.

Ascham, Roger.—The Scholemaster, 1570. Ed. E. Arber,


Audelay, John.—Poems. A specimen of the Shropshire Dialect,

15th century. Ed. J. O. Halliwell, Percy Soc. 1844.

Avowing of King Arthur, The [c. 1420]. In Robson's Early

English Metrical Romances, Camden Soc. 1842.

Awdeley, John.—The Fraternitye of Vacabondes, 1565. Ed. E.

Viles and F. J. Furnivall, E.E.T.S. 1869.

Bacon, Francis.—Essays, 1597.

Historie of the Raigne of King Henry the Seventh, 1622. Ed.

J. R. Lumby. London, 1876.

Bailey, N.—An Universal Etymological English Dictionary :

comprehending the derivations of the generality of words

in the English tongue ; . . also the dialects of our different

counties. . . 8vo, London, 1721.

21st ed., 8vo, London, 1770.

A New Universal Etymological English Dictionary. . . Originally

compiled by N. Bailey. Now republished with many

corrections, additions, and literate improvements . . . by

Joseph Nicol Scott, fol., London, 1755.

Household Dictionary, 1736.

Colloquies of Erasmus, translated 1733, ed. 1877.

Baker, Sir Richard.—A Chronicle of the Kings of England from

the time of the Roman government unto the death of King

James, fol., London, 1674.

Bale, John.—Select Works [c. X550]. Parker Soc. 1849.

Barbour, John.—The Bruce ; or, the Book of the most excellent

and noble prince, Robert de Broyss, King of Scots: compiled

by Master John Barbour, A.D. 1375. Ed. W. W. Skeat,

E.E.T.S. 1870.

Barcia, Roque.—Filosofia de la lengua espanola: sindnimos

castellanos. 2 vols. 8vo, Madrid, 1863-65.

1 Baret, John.]—An Alvearie or Quadruple Dictionarie, containing

four sundrie tongues: namelie, English, Latine, Greeke,

and French. Newlie enriched with varietie of wordes,

phrases, prouerbs and diuers lightsome obseruations of

grammar, fol. [London, 1580.]

Barnes or Berners, Dame Juliana.—Boke of St. Albans [i486].

Facsimile reprint, 1881.

The Treatyse of Fysshinge with an Angle [1496]. An earlier

form [c. 1650]. Ed., with glossary, by Thomas Satchell,

E.D.S. 1883.

Barnfield, Richard The Affectionate Shepheard, 1594. Ed.

J. O. Halliwell, Percy Soc. 1845.


Bartlett, John.—A New and Complete Concordance or verbal

index to words, phrases, and passages in the dramatic

works of Shakespeare, with a supplementary concordance

to the poems. 4to, London, 1894.

Beaumont, F. and Fletcher, J.—Works [1606-16]. Ed. G.

Darley. 2 vols., 1859.

Becket, Thomas—The Life and Martyrdom of Thos. Becket

[c. 1300]. Ed. W. H. Black, Percy Soc. 1845.

Beets, A., see De Vries, M.

Bellenden, John.—The First Five Books of the Roman History :

transl. from the Latin of Titus Livius [1533]. 4to, Edinburgh,


Historie and Chroniklis of Scotland, fol., Edinburgh, 1536.

Bellot, James.—The French Methode, wherein is contained a

perfite order of grammar for the French tongue. 8vo,


Benson, Th.—Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum. Oxonise, 1701.

Beowulf: with a transliteration and notes by Julius Zupitza.

E.E.T.S. 1882.

Berghaus, Heinrich.—Der Sprachschatz der Sassen. Ein

WOrterbuch der plattdeutschen Sprache in den hauptsachlichsten

ihrer Mundarten. 8vo, Berlin, 1880-83.

Berners, see Barnes.

Beues of Hamtoun, The Romance of Sir [c. 1350]. Ed. E.

Kalbing, E.E.T.S. 1885-86.

Bible.—Wyclif, John, &c—The Holy Bible, containing the Old

and New Testaments with the Apocryphal books, in the

earliest English version made from the Latin Vulgate by

John Wycliffe and his followers [c. 1380]. Ed. J. Forshall

and F. Madden. 4 vols. 4to, Oxford, 1850.

Coverdale, Myles.—The Holy Scriptures of the Olde and

Newe Testamente with the Apocripha; faithfully translated

from the Hebrue and Greke, 1535.

The Great Bible, 1539.

The English Bible. Imprinted at London by Jhon Day, 1551.

The Geneva Bible, 1562.

The Bishops' Bible, 1568.

The English Bible, Authorised Version, 1611.

Birlinger, Anton.—Schwabisch-Augsburgisches Wbrterbuch.

8vo, Miinchen, 1864.

Blackstone, Sir William. — Commentaries on the Laws of England.

4 vols., 1765-69.

Blancard, Stephen—The Physical Dictionary. Wherein the

terms of anatomy, the names and causes of diseases, chyrurgical

instruments, and their use are accurately describ'd. . .

4th ed., 8vo, London, 1702.

Bland, Robert.—Proverbs, chiefly taken from the Adagia of

Erasmus, with explanations; and further illustrated by

corresponding examples from the Spanish, Italian, French

and English languages. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1814.

Blount, Thomas.—Glossographia : or a Dictionary interpreting

the hard words of whatsoever language, now used in our

refined English tongue. . . [1st ed. 1656].

— 3rd ed.,with corrections and additions. ByT. B. 8vo,

London, 1670.

5th ed., 8vo, London, 1681.

Nomolexicon; a Law Dictionary. 2nd ed., London, 1691.

Ancient Tenures. 8vo, London, 1679.

Boekenoogen, G. J.—De Zaansche Volkstaal. Bijdrage tot de

kennis van den Woordenschat in Noord-Holland. 8vo,

Leiden, 1897.

Boorde, Andrewe.—A Compendyous Regyment or a Dyetary of

Helth made in Mountpyllier [1542]. The Fyrst Boke of

the Introduction of Knowledge [1547]. Ed. F. J. Furnivall,

E.E.T.S. 1870.

Bosworth, J. and Toller, T. N.—An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary,

based on the MS. collections of the late Joseph Bosworth ;

ed. and enlarged by T. N. Toller. 4to, Oxford, 1882-98.

Boucoiran, L.—Dictionnaire analogique et etymologique des

idiomes me"ridionaux qui sont paries depuis Nice jusqu'a

Bayonne et depuis les Pyrenees jusqu'au centre de la

France. Nouvelle edition, 8vo, Leipzig and Paris, 1898.

Boyd, Z.—Last Battell of the Soule. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1629.

Boyer, A.—The Royal Dictionary abridged. In two parts.

I. French and English. II. English and French. . . 13th ed.,

carefully corrected, with large additions. 8vo, London, 1771.

Bradley, Richard.—A Survey of the ancient Husbandry and

Gardening, collected from Cato,Varro, &c. 8vo, London, 1725.

Bremen Worterbuch.—Versuch eines bremisch-niedersachsischenWOrterbuchs.

worin nichtnurdie in und urn Bremen,

sondern auch fast in ganz Niedersachsen gebrauchliche

eigenthumliche Mundart . . . gesammelt. 5 Theile, 8vo,

Bremen, 1767-71.

Versuch eines bremisch-niedersachsischen Worterbuchs.

Zweiter Nachtrag enthaltend Zusatze und Verbesserungen.

8vo, Bremen, 1869.

Brereton, William.—Travels in Holland, the United Provinces,

England, Scotland and Ireland, 1634-35. Ed. E. Hawkins,

Chetham Soc. 1844.

Brewer, E. Cobham.—Dictionary of Phrase and'Fable. . . 19th

ed., revised and corrected. 8vo, London [1870].

Broeckaert, Jan.—Bastaardwoordenboek. 8vo, Gent, 1895.

Brome, Richard.—The Joviall Crew ; or the Merry Beggars;

a Comedie, 1652.

Browne, Sir Thomas.—Works [1640-80]. Ed. Simon Wilkin.

3 vols. 8vo, London, 1892-94.

Bullein, William.—A Dialogue bothe pleasaunt and pietifull,

wherein is a godlie Regiment against the Fever Pestilence.

4to, London, 1564. Reprinted in 1569, 1573, 1578.

B[ullokar], J[ohn] An English Expositor : teaching the interpretation

of the hardest words used in our language. With

sundry explications, descriptions, and discourses. By I. B.

sm. 8vo, London, 1616.

Another ed., sm. 8vo, London, 1641.

6th ed., sm. 8vo, Cambridge, 1680.

Bunyan, John.—Pilgrim's Progress, pt. i. 1678 ; pt. ii. 1684.

Burguy, G. F.—Burguy's Glossaire. In tome III of Grammaire

de la Langue d'Oil, par G. F. Burguy. 2nd ed., Berlin, 1870.

Burton, Robert.—The Anatomy of Melancholy, 1621. Ed. A. R.

Shilleto. 3 vols. 8vo, London, 1893.

Butler, Samuel.—Poems (including Hudibras) [1663-78]. Ed.

Robert Bell. 3 vols., London, 1855.

Caedmon.—Metrical Paraphrase, Anglo-Saxon and English. By

B. Thorpe, 1832.

Calisch, J. M.—New Complete Dictionary of the English and

Dutch languages, in two parts. 8vo, Tiel, 1875.

Camden, William.—Remaines of a greater Worke, concerning

Britaine. . . 4to, London, 1605.

Capgrave, John.—The Chronicle of England. Ed. F. C. Hingeston,

Rolls Series, 1858.

Carey, Henry.—The Ballad of ' Sally in our Alley,' c. 1719.

Castle of Love.—Bishop Grosseteste's ' Castle of Love' [c.

1320]. Ed. R. F. VVeymouth, Trans. Phil. Soc. London, 1864.

Catholicon Anglicum, an English-Latin Wordbook, dated 1483.

Ed. S. J. H. Heritage, E.E.T.S. 1881.

Caux, J. W. de.—The Herring and the Herring Fishery, with

chapters on fishes and fishing, and our sea fisheries in the

future. 8vo, London, 1881.

Caxton, William.—The History of Reynard the Fox translated

[1481]. Ed. E. Arber, 1878.

Eneydos, 1490. Englisht from the French Liure des Eneydes,

1483. Ed. W. T. Culley and F. J. Furnivall, E.E.T.S. 1890.

Blanchardyn and Eglantine [c. 1489]. Ed. L. Kellner,

E.E.T.S. 1890.

The right plesaunt and godlie historie of the Foure Sonnes

of Aymon. Englisht from the French by William Caxton

[c. 1489]. Ed. O. Richardson, E.E.T.S. 1885.

Century Dictionary, The.—An encyclopedic lexicon of the English

language. Prepared under the superintendence of William

Dwight Whitney. 6vols.4to, New York [1889-91], =(C.D.)

Chambers, R.—Cyclopaedia of English Literature. 3rd ed.,

revised by Dr. Carruthers. 2 vols., London, 1876.

Chambers's English Dictionary, pronouncing, explanatory, and

etymological. Ed. James Donald. 8vo, London, 1885.

Chapman, George.—Works [c. 1634]. Ed-> w i t n notes, by R. H.

Shepherd. 3 vols. 8vo, London, 1874-75.

Chaucer, Geoffrey Complete Works [1369-1400]. Ed. W. W.

Skeat. 6 vols. 8vo, Oxford, 1894.

Chaucerian and other pieces. Being a Supplement to the

Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Ed. W. W. Skeat.

8vo, Oxford, 1897.

Chester Plays, The [c. 1400]. Ed. H. Deimling, E.E.T.S. 1893.

Chettle, Henry, and Day, John The Blind Beggar of Bednall

Green. Ed. W. Bang, Materialien zur Kunde des alteren

englischen Dramas. Band I. 8vo. Louvain, 1902.

Chettle, Henry.—Kind-Heart's Dream : containing five apparitions

with their invectives against abuses reigning, 1592.

Ed. E. F. Rimbault, Percy Soc. 1841.

Chronicon Vilodunense, sive de Vitaet Miraculis Sanctae Edithae

Regis Edgari filise ; Carmen Vetus Anglicum [c. 1420].

Londini, (830.

Ed. C. Horstmann. Heilbronn, 1883.

*G 2


Cleanness [c. T360], see Early English Alliterative Poems.

C[OCkeram], H[enry].—The English Dictionarie: or an Interpreter

of hard English words. . . By H. C. sm. 8vo,

London, 1623.

5th ed., revised and enlarged, sm. 8vo, London, 1637.

Coles, Elisha.—An English Dictionary : explaining the difficult

terms that are used in Divinity, Husbandry, Physick,

Phylosophy, Law, Navigation, Mathematicks, and other

Arts and Sciences. . . 8vo, London, 1677.

A Dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English ; containing all

things necessary for the translating of either language into

the other. 2nd ed. enlarged. 4to, London, 1679.

Comenius, J. A.—Janua Linguarum Reserata: sive, Omnium

Scientiarum et Linguarum Seminarium. . . 8vo, London,


Complaynt of Scotlande, The, vyth ane exortatione to the

Thre Estaits to be vigilante in the deffens of their Public

Veil, 1549. With an appendix of contemporary English

tracts. Ed. J. A. H. Murray, E.E.T.S. 1872.

Concordance to the Canonical books of the Old and New

Testaments : to which are added, a concordance to the

books called Apocrypha ; and a concordance to the Psalter,

contained in the Book of Common Prayer. 8vo, London,


Cookery-Books, Two Fifteenth-Century [c. 1430 and 1450].

Ed. T. Austin, E.E.T.S. 1888.

Cooper, Thomas.—Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicse.

. . . fol.| Londini, 1565.

Coopman, Th.—Steenbakkerij: Vak- und Kunstwoorden. Nr. 1.

8vo, Gent, 1894.

Cornelissen, P. Jozef, en Vervliet, J.-B.—Idioticon van het

Antwerpsch Dialect (Stad Antwerpen en Antwerpsche

Kempen). 8vo, Gent, 1899-1903.

Cotgrave, Randle.—A French and English Dictionary, . . . with

another in English and French. . . . Whereunto are added

sundry animadversions by James Howell. fol., London,

1673. [1st ed. 1611.]

Coventry Mysteries, The [c. 1460]. Ed. J. O. Halliwell, Shakespeare

Soc. 1841.

Coverdale, Myles, see Bible.

Cowell, John.—The Interpreter: or Booke containing the

signification of words, sm. 4to, London, 1637. [1st ed.


Cranmer, see Testament, New.

Culpeper, Nicholas.—Pharmacopoeia Londinensis : or the London

Dispensatory further adorned by the Studies and

Collections of the Fellows, now living of the said Colledg.

sm. fol., London, 1653.

Cunisset-Carnot.—Vocables Dijonnais. 8vo, Dijon, 1889.

Cursor Mundi (The Cursur of the world). A Northumbrian poem

of the 14th century in four versions. Ed. R. Morris.

3 vols., E.E.T.S. 1874-92.

Cynewulfs Christ. An eighth century English epic. Edited, with

a modern rendering, by I. Gollancz. London, 1892.

Dahnert, Johann Carl.—Platt-Deutsches Worter-Buch nach

der alten und neuen Pommerschen und Riigischen Mundart.

4to, Stralsund, 1781.

Dale, J. H. van.—Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal.

4ae, vermeerderde en verbeterde druk door H. Kuiper

en A. Opprel. 8vo, 's-Gravenhage, 1896-.

Dalrymple, James.—The Historie of Scotland wrytten first in

Latin by Jhonc Leslie, Bishop of Rosse, and translated

in Scottish by Father James Dalrymple, the 3eare of God,

1596. Ed. E. G. Cody. 2 vols., S.T.S. 1888-95.

Danneil, Johann Friedrich.—Worterbuch der altmarkischplattdeutschen

Mundart. 8vo, Salzwedel, 1859.

DanskOrdbogudgiven under Bidenskabernes Selskabs Bestyrelse.

7 Tomes, 4to, Ki0benhavn, 1793-1853.

Davies, John.—Works [c. 1618J. Ed. Grosart. 1876.

Davies, J.—Antiquae Linguae Britannicae,. . . et Linguae Latinae,

Dictionarium Duplex, fol., Londini, 1632.

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