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Johnston, Thomas.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Selkirk. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Thomson, C. M.—Drummeldale: lights and shadows from the

border hills. Sketches and poems. 8vo, Selkirk, 1899.

[ed. 1901.]

[Wilson, John.]—Noctes Ambrosianae. By Christopher North.

In Blackwood's Magazine, March 1822—Feb. 1835. [In

Vols. I-IV of'Works.']

Works. Ed. by Prof. Ferrier. 12 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1854-58.


Bonaparte, Prince Louis Lucien.—A MS. Collection of Shetland


Brand, John, see Orkney Islands.

Burgess, J. J. Haldane.—Rasmie's Buddie, Poems in the Shetlandic.

8vo, Paisley, 1892.

Lowra Biglan's Mutch. A Shetland novelette, pp. 88. 8vo,

Kirkwall, 1896.

Tang. A Shetland story, 1898.

Some Shetland Folk. First group, 1902.

Shetland Sketches and Poems, including Peerie Aandrew ;

or, Da Knowes o' Pettister, A Nicht in Tammy Scolla's

But-End, &c, &c. [n.d.]

Clark, W. Fordyce.—Northern Gleams. Tales of the Shetland

Isles, 1898.

Cowie, R.—Shetland : descriptive and historical. 8vo, Aberdeen,


Edmonston, Arthur.—A View of the ancient and present state

of the Zetland Isles. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1809.


Edmonston, Eliza.—Sketches and Tales of the Shetland Islands.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1856.

Edmonston, Thomas An Etymological Glossary of the

Shetland and Orkney dialect, with some derivations of

names of places in Shetland. (Partly read at two meetings

of the London Philological Society in 1866.) 8vo, Edinburgh,

1866. =S. & Ork.1 [with MS. add.]

H., J.—Da Last Foy. A sketch in the Shetlandic. By J. H.

pp. 8. 8vo, Lerwick, 1896.

Hanton, T—Drifted Northward [c. 1890].

Hibbert, Samuel—A description of the Shetland Islands, comprising

an account of their scenery, antiquities, and superstitions.

4to, Edinburgh, 1822.

Reprint. 4to, Lerwick, 1891.

Jakobsen, Jakob.—The Dialect and Place Names of Scotland.

Two popular lectures. 4to, Lerwick, 1897.

Det Norrgne Sprog pa Shetland. 8vo, Kpbenhavn, 1897.

' Junda.'—Echoes irom Klingrahool. pp. 52. i2mo, Lerwick


L., G. S.—Shetland Fireside Stories. By G. S. L. 1877.

Manson's Shetland Almanac and Directory for 1893, &c.

8vo, Lerwick.

Martin, Martin, see West Scotland.

Neill, P., see Orkney Islands.

Nicolson, John.—Sprigs o' Aithstin' Hedder. pp. 52. 121110,

Lerwick [1898].

OUason, T. P.—Mareel. pp. 96. 8vo, Lerwick [1901].

Peterkin, Alexander, see Orkney Islands.

Shetland News, The, with which is incorporated the Orkney

and Shetland Telegraph. Lerwick, 1897 seq.

Shirreff, John General View of the Agriculture of the Shetland

Islands. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1814. (Agricultural Survey


Sinclair, Catherine.—Shetland and the Shetlanders; or, the

Northern Circuit. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1840.

Spence, John.—Shetland Folk-Lore. 8vo, Lerwick, 1899.

Stewart, George.—Shetland Fireside Tales, or The Hermit of

Trosswickness. and ed. 1892.

Willock, John A Shetland Minister of the eighteenth century,

being passages in the life of the Reverend John Mill.

I2mo, Kirkwall [1897].


Allan, Robert.—Border and other Poems. 8vo, Kelso, 1887.

Buchan, John.—John Burnet of Barns ; a romance, 1898.

Grey Weather. Moorland tales of my own people, 1899.

A Lost Lady of Old Years ; a romance, 1899.

Cunningham, John.—Broomieburn Border Sketches, 1894.

Dibdin, James C.—Scottish Border Life, a series of original

sketches, 1897.

Hamilton, Lord Ernest—The Outlaws of the Marches, 1897.

The Mawkin of the Flow, 1898.

Laing, Alexander.—Wayside Flowers : being poems and songs.

i2mo, Edinburgh, 1846.

Miscellaneous Poems, chiefly Scottish. 8vo, Irvine, 1894.

Muir, George.—The Clydesdale Minstrelsy: a collection of

poems and songs, chiefly in the Scotish dialect. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1816.

Nicholson, John.—Historical and Traditional Tales in prose and

verse, connected with the south of Scotland, original and

select. 8vo, Kirkcudbright, 1843.

Scott, Thomas.—Poems, with Edwin and Catherine, or, the

distressed lovers. A tragedy. 8vo, Paisley, 1793.

Snaith, J. C—Fierceheart the Soldier, 1897.

Songs and Ballads of Clydesdale. With illustrative notes by

A. Nimmo. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1882.

Swan, Annie S.—Aldersyde. A Border story, 1892.

Telfer, James.—Border Ballads and other miscellaneous pieces.

8vo, Jedburgh, 1824.

Watson, James (ed.).—Living Bards of the Border. Edinburgh,


Wilson, John Mackay.—Historical, traditionary, and imaginative

tales of the Borders, and of Scotland; with an illustrative

glossary, by CaptainThomasBrown. 6vols.4to, Manchester,



Buchanan, Robert.—Poems, Songs, and other writings. Ed.

James Love. 8vo, Falkirk, 1901.

Fergusson, R. Menzies.—My Village, 1893.

A Village Poet, 1897.

Graham, P.—General View of the Agriculture of Stirlingshire.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1812. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Harvey, William.—Kennethcrook : some sketches of village

life, 1896.

Muir, William.—Poems on various subjects. With notices

biographical and critical of the author and his writings.

8vo, Glasgow, 1818.

Nimmo, William A General History of Stirlingshire; with

the natural history of the Shire, a map, &c. 8vo, Edinburgh,


Towers, Walter Poems, Songs, and Ballads. 8vo, Glasgow,


Wyse, George.—Original Poems and Songs. 3rd Series. 8vo,

Falkirk, 1829.


Henderson, John General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Sutherland. 8vo, London, 1812. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Nicholson, Edward W. B—Golspie : Contributions to its Folklore.

8vo, London, 1897.

Sellar, Patrick.—Reports of Strathnaver, Morvich, and Culmaily

Farms, in ' Husbandry,' Vol. Ill, pp.69-87. London [1833].


Black, WilliamA Princess of Thule, 1873.

Boswell, James.—The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, with

Samuel Johnson, LL.D. 8vo, London, 1785. [Vol. V of

Boswell's Life of Johnson, ed. by George Birkbeck Hill.

6 vols. 8vo, Oxford, 1887.]

Breton, F.—A Heroine in Homespun [c. 1890].

Carrick, John D—The Laird of Logan, or Wit of the West:

being a collection of anecdotes, jests, and comic tales.

i6mo, Glasgow, 1835.

Corspatrick of Raymondsholm, a Westland tale. 2 vols.

i2mo, London, 1822.

Macdonald, Alexander The Story of a Disputed Settlement

after the Disruption ; or, Love, Law, and Theology, 1869.

[ed. 1877.]

Martin, Martin.—A late Voyage to St. Kilda, the remotest of all

the Hebrides. 8vo, London, 1698.

A description of the Western Islands of Scotland. To which

is added a brief description of the Isles of Orkney and

Shetland. 8vo, London, 1703.

Napier, James.—Folk Lore : or, superstitious beliefs in the West

of Scotland within this century. With an appendix, shewing

the probable relation of the modern festivals of Christmas,

May Day, St. John's Day, and Halloween, to ancient sun

and fire worship. 8vo, Paisley, 1879.

Smith, W. Anderson.—Lewsiana, or life in the Outer Hebrides.

8vo, London, 1875.

Strang, James—A Lass of Lennox, 1899.

Tytler, Sarah.—The Macdonald Lass. A study from last

century, 1895.

Wood, Joanna E Farden Ha', 1902.


Fraser, Gordon.—Wigtown and Whithorn : historical and

descriptive sketches, stories and anecdotes, illustrative of

the racy wit and pawky humour of the district. 8vo,

Wigtown, 1877.

Poems, ib. 1885.

Webster, J., see Galloway.



Barlow, Jane.—Irish Idylls, 1892.

Bogland Studies, 1892.

Kerrigan's Quality, 1894.

Strangers at Lisconnel. A second series of Irish Idylls, 1895.

Mrs. Martin's Company and other stories, 1896.

From the East unto the West, 1898.

From the Land of the Shamrock, 1901.

Ghost-Bereft, with other stories and studies in verse, 1901.

Barrington, Jonah.—Personal Sketches of his own times,


Barry, William—The Wizard's Knot, 1901.

Blackburne, E. Owens.—Irish Stories, humorous and tragic.

8vo, London [n.d.].

Bodkin, M. MCD.—Shillelagh and Shamrock, T902.


Bullock, Shan F.—Irish Pastorals, 1901.

Carleton, William Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry.

2 Series. Dublin, 1830-33 [ed. 1843].

Fardorougha the Miser, 1839 [ed. 1848].

Comparison, A Short, between the English and Irish Pronunciation

and Phraseology, by a Gentleman many years

a resident in England, israo, Dublin, 1817.

Dublin Daily Express. Var. dates.

Duffy, Charles Gavan.—The Ballad Poetry of Ireland. Dublin,


Edgeworth, Maria and Richard Lovell.—Essay on Irish

Bulls, 1802.

Francis, M. E.—Frieze and Fustian, 1896.

North, South, and Over the Sea, 1902.

Hall, S. C. and A. M.—Ireland : its scenery, character, &c.

3 vols. 8vo, London, 1841-43.

Hinkson, K.—A Cluster of Nuts [c. 1890].

An Isle in the Water, 1893.

The Way of a Maid, 1895.

Hume, A.—Remarks on the Irish dialect of the English Language.

From the Trans, of the Historic Soc. of Lane, and Chesh.,

Vol. XXX. pp. 52. 8vo, Liverpool, 1878.

Joyce, P. W.—The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places.

2nd ed. 8vo, Dublin, 1870.

Kennedy, Patrick.—Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts.

8vo, London, 1866.

The Fireside Stories of Ireland. 8vo, Dublin, 1870.

Legends of Mount Leinster. Dublin, 1855.

Lever, Charles James—The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer,


Charles O'M alley, 1841.

Jack Hinton, the Guardsman, 1843.

Arthur O'Leary, 1844.

The O'Donoghue, 1845.

The Confessions of Con Cregan, 1849-50.

The Daltons, 1852.

Sir Jasper Carew, 1855.

The Martins of Cro' Martin, 1856.

Davenport Dunn, 1857-59.

Lover, Samuel.—Legends and Stories of Ireland. Two Series.

1831-34 [ed. 1848].

Rory O'More, 1837.

Handy Andy, 184a.

MacDonagh, Michael.—Irish Life and Character, 1898.

McManus, L.—The Silk of the Kine, 1896.

McNulty, Edward.—Misther O'Ryan. An incident in the

history of a nation. i2mo, London, 1894.

Mason, William Shaw A Statistical Account, or Parochial

Survey of Ireland, drawn up from the communications of

the Clergy. 3 vols. 8vo, Dublin, 1814-19.

Mathew, Frank.—At the Rising of the Moon, 1893.

The Wood of the Brambles, 1896.

Morgan, Lady S. O—O'Donnell [c. 1859].

Mulholland, Rosa.—The Fit of Ailsa' Shoe. pp. 227-63 of

' The Haunted Organist,' &c. London [1891].

Paddiana. a vols., ed. 1848.

Petty, Sir William.—The Political Anatomy of Ireland, &c.

8vo, London, 1691.

Somerville, E. JE. and Ross, Martin Some Experiences of

an Irish R. M. 8vo, London, 1902.

Stoker, Bram.—The Snake's Pass, 1891.

Tennyson, Alfred.—To-morrow, 1885.

Thackeray, W. Makepeace The Irish Sketch-Book, by Mr.

M. A. Titmarsh. 2 vols. i2mo, London, 1843.

Yeats, W. B—Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry, 1888.

Young, Arthur.—A Tour in Ireland, with general observations

on the present state of that kingdom, made in the years

1776-78, and brought down to the end of 1779. 4to, London,



Ballymena Observer, The. Ed. W. J. Knowles, 1892.

Hume, A., see Down.

O'Neill, Moira.—Songs of the Glens of Antrim, 1900.

Patterson, D.—The Provincialisms of Belfast and the surrounding

districts pointed out and corrected, pp. 28. 8vo,

Belfast, T86O.

Patterson, R. L—The Birds, Fishes, and Cetacea commonly

frequenting Belfast Lough. 8vo, Belfast, 1880.

Patterson, William Hugh—A Glossary of Words in use in the

counties of Antrim and Down. E.D.S. 1880. = N.I.1

Stevenson, John.—Pat M'Carty, farmer, of Antrim, his rhymes

with a setting. 8vo, London, 1903.


Folk-Lore, in Cornhill Magazine, Feb. 1877.

MacManus, Seumas.—The Leadin' Road fo Donegal, and other

stories by ' Mac,' 1895.

'Twas in Dhroll Donegal. By 'Mac' 3rd ed. 1897.

The Bend of the Road, 1898.

In Chimney Corners. Merry tales of Irish Folk-lore, 1899.

The Strong Weakness of Oiney Kittach, in Century Magazine,

Oct. 1899.

The Station in Nancy Maquires, in Harpers Magazine, Jan.


Billy Lappin's Search for a Fortune, in Century Magazine,

Feb. 1900.

Pathrick's Proxy, in Pearson's Magazine, March 1900.

The Romance of Phelim Ruadh. ib. May 1900.

The Parvarted Batchelor. ib. July 1900.

Death and the Deluder. ib. Aug. 1900.

Simmons, D. A.—A list of peculiar words and phrases formerly

in common use in the County Armagh, together with

expressions at one time current in South Donegal. Reprinted

from the Educational Gazette, pp. 20. 8vo,

Dublin, 1890.


Hume, A.—Origin and Characteristics of the people in the

counties of Down and Antrim. Read in the sub-section

of Anthropology, at the meeting of the British Association

for the Advancement of Science, in Belfast, Aug. 22, 1874.

pp. 20. 8vo, Belfast, 1874.

Knox, Alexander.—A History of the County of Down, &c.

8vo, Dublin, 1875.

[Lyttle, W. G.]—The Adventures of Paddy M'Quillan. Robin's

Readings. Author's ed., Vol. I. 8vo, Bangor [n.d.].

The Adventures of Robin Gordon, of Bally cuddy, County

Down. Robin's Readings. Author's ed., Vol. II. 8vo,

[, n.d.]

Life in Ballycuddy, County Down. Robin s Readings.

Author's ed., Vol. III. 8vo, Bangor [1892].

Betsy Gray; or Hearts of Down : a tale of Ninety-eight.

3rd ed. ib. 1894. [Reprinted from the North Down Herald.']

Patterson, William Hugh, see Antrim.

Savage-Armstrong, George Francis Ballads of Down.

i2mo, London, 1901.


Cruck-a-Leaghan, and Gallion, Slieve.—Lays and Legends of

the North of Ireland. i2mo, London, 1884.

Nooth, Charlotte.—Original Poems, including Ballads written

in the dialect of the northern parts of Ireland, with a play.

8vo, [], 1815.


Bartram, George—The White-headed Boy, 1898.

Croker, T. C Fairy Legends and Traditions of South Ireland,


Curtin, J.—Legends of the Fairies and Ghost-world, 1895.

Downey, Edmund.—Through Green Glasses and the voyage of

the Ark [1903].

Kickham, C. J.—Knockmagow [n.d.].


Flecher, H. MCD—Poems, Songs, and Ballads. Belfast, 1866.

Hamilton, M Across an Ulster Bog, 1896.

Huddleston, Robert A Collection of Poems and Songs on

different subjects. 2 vols. 8vo, Belfast, 1844-46.

[Hume, Rev. A.]—Poor Rabbin's Ollminick for the toun o'

Bilfawst, containing varrious different things, which ivvery

parson ought t' be acquentit with. . . By Billy McCart.

Belfast, 1861-63.

McIlroy, Archibald.—The Humour of Druid's Island. 8vo,

Dublin, 1902.

Northern Whig, The. May 8, 1901.

Staples, J. H.—Notes on Ulster English dialect for comparison

with English dialects, by the late A. J. Ellis, F.R.S., with

samples in paleotype, comparison specimen, and word list.

PP- 357-98, Trans. Phil. Soc. London, 1895-98.

Ulster Journal of Archaeology, The. Ed. by Robert Macadam.

9 vols., Belfast, 1853-62.



Larminie, W—West Irish Folk Tales and Romances, collected

and translated by W. Larminie. 8vo, London, 1894.

Lawless, Emily—Maelcho [c. 1890].

Grania ; the story of an Island. 2 vols., 1892.

Lucas, E. A.—A Romantic Lover of Connaught, in Chapman's

Magazine, Oct. 1895.


Kennedy, Patrick.—The Banks of the Boro : a chronicle of the

county of Wexford. 8vo, London, 1867.

Evenings on the Duffrey. 8vo, Dublin, 1869.

McCall, J. P.—Fenian Nights' Entertainment, in the Shamrock

Magazine, 1894.

The Humour of Ireland, 1894.

Observations on the Social Habits and Dialect of the

Baronies of Forth and Bargy, Wexford. By an Officer

oftheLine. In Brayley's'Graphic and Historical Illustrator,'

pp. 244-46. 4to, London, 1834.

Picton, J. A.—Dialect of Forth and Bargy. Trans, of Liverpool

Literary and Philosophical Society, 1866-67.

Poole, Jacob.—A Glossary, with some pieces of verse, of the old

dialect of the English colony in the Baronies of Forth and

Bargy, county of Wexford, Ireland. Formerly collected

by Jacob Poole. . . Now ed., with some introductory

observations, additions from various sources, and notes, by

William Barnes. 8vo, London, 1867. = Wxf.'


Australian Words from the Gentleman's Magazine, 1877-80.

Barlow, P. W.—Kaipara, or experiences of a settler in North

New Zealand, 1880.

Boldrewood, Rolf.—Robbery under Arms. 3 vols., 1888.

A Colonial Reformer. 3 vols., 1890.

The Miner's Right. 3 vols., 1890.

The Squatter's Dream, 1890.

A Sydney-side Saxon, 1891.

Nevermore. 3 vols., 1892.

Ferguson, Dugald.—Vicissitudes of Bush Life in Australia and

New Zealand, 1891.

Geikie, A. Constable.—Canadian English, in the Canadian

Journal, Vol. II, 1857.

Harrison, J. E.—The Kara Yerta Tragedy. An Australian

romance [n.d.].

Hay, W. D Brighter Britain, 1882.

Hogan, James Francis.—The Lost Explorer, an Australian

story, 1890.

Martin, Annie.—Home Life on an Ostrich Farm, 1890.

Millet, Mrs. Edward.—An Australian Parsonage, or the Settler

and the Savage in Western Australia, 1872.

Morris, Edward E Austral English. A dictionary of Australasian

words, phrases, and usages, with those aboriginal-

Australian and Maori words which have become incorporated

in the language, and the commoner scientific words that

have had their origin in Australasia. 8vo, London, 1898.

Nicols, Arthur.—Wild life and adventures in the Australian

Bush ; four years' personal experience. 2 vols., 1887.

Praed, Mrs. Campbell.—The Romance of a Station. 2 vols.


Roper, Edward.—By Track and Trail; a journey through Canada,


Vogan, A. J.—The Black Police. A story of modern Australia



«Adeler, Max.'—Elbow Room, 1876.

Out of the Hurly-Burly, 1878.

American Folk-Lore Society, Transactions of, for 1894.

[Contains Newfoundland Words by G. Patterson.]

Bartlett, John Russell Dictionaryof Americanisms. A glossary

of words and phrases usually regarded as peculiar to the

United States. 2nd ed., Boston, 1859. 4th ed., ib. 1877.

Bradley, A. G Sketches from Old Virginia, 1897.

Dialect Notes. Published by the American Dialect Society.

Vol. I. 8vo, Norwood, Mas?., 1896.

Green, B. W Word-book of Virginia Folk-speech. 8vo,

Richmond, U.S.A., 1899.

Harris, Joel Chandler Tales of the Home Folks in peace and


Howells, W. D.—Their Wedding Journey, 1871.

The Lady of the Aroostook, 1879.


Johnston, Richard Malcolm Old Times in Middle Georgia,


Kansas University Quarterly Magazine. Vol. I, No. 2, Oct.

1892 ; No. 3, Jan. 1893.

Lloyd, Nelson.—The Chronic Loafer, 1901.

Lowell, James Russell The Biglow Papers, ed. with an

introduction, notes, glossary, and copious index by Homer

Wilbur. Cambridge, Mass., 1848. Second Series, 1867.

Pickering, John.—A Vocabulary, or collection of words and

phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar to the

United States of America. 8vo, Boston, 1816.

'Slick, Samuel' [Haliburton, T. C.].—The Clockmaker, or the

sayings and doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville. 8vo,

London, 1836.

Slosson, Annie Trumbull.—Dumb Foxglove and other stories,


Westcott, Edward Noyes.—David Harum. A story of American

life, 1898 [ed. 1900].


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