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Davidson, D.—Thoughts on the Seasons, 1789.

Elder, George Ogilvy.—Borgue : the story of a seaboard parish.

and ed. 1897.

Kerr, Robert.—Maggie o' The Moss; and other poems. Ed.,

with a memoir, by Malcolm M'L. Harper. 8vo, Dalbeattie,


Muir, Robert James.—The Mystery of Muncraig. A story of

the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, 1900.

Webster, J., see Galloway.


B[ell], J. J.—Wee Macgreegor. By J. J. B. i2ino, Glasgow,


[Black, John.]—The Falls of Clyde, or, the Fairies; a Scottish

dramatic pastoral in five acts. With three preliminary

dissertations. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1806.

Carmichael, John.—Swincy Farm ; or, Margaret Lambert, the

betrayed wife; a Lanarkshire tale; Sketches, or word

pictures; and Poems, 1886.

Coghill, James.—Poems, Songs, and Sonnets. 8vo, Glasgow,


Ewing, William.—Poems and Songs, pp. 32. 8vo, Glasgow,


Fraser, William C—The Whaups of Durley, 1895.

1 Glasgow, Young.'—The Deil's Hallowe'en : a poem. pp. 60.

i6mo, Glasgow, 1856.

Gordon, Frank.—Pyotshaw; or, The Devil's Seat. A story of

the Scotch Black Country, 1885.

Graham, Dougal.— The Collected Writings of Dougal Graham,

' Skellat' Bellman of Glasgow. Ed. with notes, together

with a biographical and bibliographical introduction, and

a sketch of the chap literature of Scotland, by George

MacGregor. 2 vols. 8vo, Glasgow, 1883.

Hamilton, Janet.—Poems of Purpose and Sketches in Prose of

Scottish peasant life and character in Auld Langsyne,

sketches of local scenes and characters, with a glossary.

iamo, Glasgow, 1865.

Works, ed. 1885.

Hamilton, William.—Poems on several occasions. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1760.

Hunter, James.—Poems and Sketches, pp. 52. 8vo, Glasgow,


Jeems Kaye : his adventures and opinions. Reprinted from the

Bailie. New and enlarged ed. 8vo, Glasgow [1903I.

Johnston, Ellen.—Autobiography, Poems, and Songs of Ellen

Johnston, the'Factory Girl.' 2nd ed. 8vo, Glasgow, 1869.

Johnstone, Thomas.—A Soldier's Thoughts in verse. Edinburgh,


Lemon, James (ed.).—Lays of St. Mungo : or, the Minstrelsy

of the West. With biographical and historical notes.

i6mo, Glasgow, 1844.

LithgOW, William.—Poetical Remains, 1618 60. Now first

collected. Edinburgh, 1863.

Lochore, Robert.—The Foppish Taylor, or Francy Disgraced.

Glasgow, 1796.

Tales in Rhyme, and minor pieces ; in the Scottish dialect.

ib. 1815.

MacDonald, Hugh Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect, 1865.

McIndoe, G.—Poems and Songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1805.

M'Lachlan, Tom.—Thoughts in Rhyme, pp. 88. 8vo, Glasgow,


Meston, William—Poetical Works. 6th ed. iamo, Edinburgh,

1767. [ist collected ed.]

Motherwell, William.—Poetical Works. With a memoir by

James M'Conechy, Esq. A new ed., with large additions.

8vo, Paisley, 1881. [1st ed. 1827.]

Murdoch, Alexander G.—Lilts on the Doric Lyre : a collection

of humorous poems and versified sketches of Scottish

manners and character, iamo, Glasgow, 1873.

The Laird's Lykewake, and other poems. London, 1877.

Scotch Readings, humorous and amusing. 5th ed., 8vo,

Glasgow, 1895.

Nicholson, James.—Kilwuddie and other poems. With life

sketch and portrait of the Author. 4th ed., ismo, Glasgow,

1895. [1st ed. i860.]

Idylls o1 Hame, and other poems. I2mo, London, 1870.

Wee Tibbie's Garland and other poems. i2mo, Glasgow, 1873.

Orr, Alexander.—Laigh Flichts and Humorous Fancies. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1882.

Parker, John.—Miscellaneous Poems, pp. 72. iamo, Glasgow,


Patrick, William.—A popular description of the indigenous

plants of Lanarkshire, with an introduction to botany, and

a glossary of botanical terms. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1831.

Penman, William.—Echoes from the Ingleside. A selection of

songs and poems. Glasgow, 1878.

Ramsay, Allan.—Patie and Roger, a Pastoral, in the Scots

dialect. To which is added an imitation of the Scotch

Pastoral, by Josiah Burchett. 8vo.. London, 1720. [1st

sketch of ' The Gentle Shepherd.']

The Gentle Shepherd, a Scots Pastoral Comedy. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1725.

The Gentle Shepherd, a Pastoral Comedy; with illustrations

of the scenary : an appendix, containing memoirs of David

Allan, the Scots Hogarth; besides original, and other

poems connected with the illustrations: and a comprehensive

glossary. To which are prefixed an authentic life of Allan

Ramsay, and an inquiry into the origin of pastoral poetry;

the propriety of the rules prescribed for it; and the practice

of Ramsay. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1808. [Scenary ed.]

Poems. 4to, Edinburgh, 1721.

Poems, with new additions and notes, to which is added, the

Gentle Shepherd, a Scots Pastoral Comedy, with songs ;

also, a glossary or explanation of the Scots words. 8vo,

Dublin, 1733.

Rodger, Alexander.—Poems and Songs, humorous, serious, and

satirical [c. 1838]. Ed., with an introduction, by Robert

Ford. 8vo, Paisley, 1897.

Stewart, James.—The Twa Elders and other poems. 8vo,

Airdrie, 1886.

Struthers, James.—Poetic Tales : with other poems and songs.

I2mo, Glasgow, 1838.

Tennant, Robert.—Wayside Musings. 8vo, Airdrie, 187a.

Thomson, David.—Musings among the Heather : being poems

chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1881.

Thomson, William.—Leddy May and other Poems. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1883.

Wardrop, Alex.—Johnnie Mathison's Courtship and Marriage.

With poems and songs. 8vo, Coatbridge, 1881.

Watson, Walter.—Poems and Songs, chiefly in the Scottish

dialect. 8vo, Glasgow, 1853.

Watt, John.—Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1827.

Wiggle, William Epitome of the life of William Wiggle, the

Duntreck Bard ; a tragic tale. Glasgow, 1808.

Wright, Joseph.—Janet Hamilton, and other poems. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1889.

Laird Nicoll's Kitchen, and other Scottish stories. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1893.

Scenes of Scottish Life. ib. [1897].


Bruce, George.—Poems, Ballads, and Songs on various occasions.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1813.

Hepburn, G. B.—General View of the Agriculture and Rural

Economy of East Lothian. 4to, Edinburgh, 1794. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Hunter, P. Hay.—James Inwick, ploughman and elder. With

a glossary, 1895.

[Lumsden, James.]— Rural Rhymes and Sketches in East Lothian.

By Samuel Mucklebackit. 8vo, Edinburgh [1885].

Sheep-head and Trotters, being savoury selections, poetic and

prosaic, from the bulky literary remains of Samuel Mucklebackit

and Thomas Pintail, late Parnassian Hill and arable


farmers in Lothian; prepared and presented by their sole

living executor, James Lumsden. 8vo, Haddington [1892].

The Battles of Dunbar and Prestonpans, and other selected

poems (new and old), ib. 1896.

Plenderleath, John.—The Kittlegairy Vacancy. A new way of

getting rid of Old Ministers. 2nd ed., Edinburgh, 1885.

Robertson, George.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Mid-Lothian. 4to, Edinburgh, 1793.

Swan, Annie S.—Carlowrie, or Among Lothian Folk, 1895.

[Tod, John.]—More Bits from Blinkbonny. A tale of Scottish

village life between 1831 and 1841. By John Strathesk.

2nd ed., Edinburgh, 1885.

Bits from Blinkbonny, or Bell o' the Manse. A tale of

Scottish village life between 1841 and 1851. By John

Strathesk. ib. 1891.

Trotter, J.—General View of the Agriculture of West Lothian.

4to, Edinburgh, 1794. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Waddell, P. Hately.—An old Kirk Chronicle, being a history of

Auldhame, Tyninghame, and Whitekirk in East Lothian,

from session records, 1615-1850. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1893.


Donaldson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Nairn. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Gordon,W.—Original Poems on various subjects, both instructive

and entertaining, with a variety of amusing Scotch songs

and other pieces. 8vo, Elgin, 1828.

[Hay, William.]—The Lintie o' Moray, being a collection of

poems, chiefly composed for and sung at the anniversaries

of the Edinburgh Morayshire Society. From 1829 to 1841.

pp. 82. 8vo, Forres, 1851.

Leslie, William.—General View of the Agriculture of the Counties

of Nairn and Moray. 8vo, London, 1813. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Survey Ofthe Province Of Moray, historical, geographical, and

political. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1798.


Blackball, Alex.—Lays of the North. 8vo, Fochabers, 1849.

Buchan, Peter (ed.).—Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North

of Scotland, hitherto unpublished, 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh,


Gordon, Alexander.—The Folks o' Carglen, or, Life in the

North, 1891.

Northward Ho ! Stories of Carglen, 1894.

Gordonhaven, scenes and sketches of fisher life in the North.

By an old fisherman. With an introduction by W. Alexander.

I2mo, Edinburgh, 1887.

Grant, David.—Lays and Legends of the North, and other poems

and songs, humorous and grave, original and translated.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1884.

Scotch Stories, or the Chronicles of Keckleton. 2nd ed., 8vo,

Edinburgh [? 1892].

Gregor, Walter—An Echo of the Olden Time from the North

of Scotland. I2tno [, n.d.].

Notes on the Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland. Folk-

Lore Soc. VII. 1881.

Kerr, John.—Reminiscences of a Wanderer and comical curiosities

of country life. Chiefly collected in the north-eastern

counties of Scotland. Part i, 1890.

Miller, Hugh.—Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland ;

or, the traditional history of Cromarty. 8vo, Edinburgh,

1835. [3rd ed. 1853.]

Sinclair, Sir John.—General View of the Agriculture of the

Northern Counties and Islands of Scotland. 4to, London,

1795- (Agricultural Survey Reports.)

Sinclair, John Scenes and Stories of the North of Scotland.

New ed. 1891.


Barry, George.—The History ofthe Orkney Islands, in which is

comprehended an account of their present as well as their

ancient state. 4to, Edinburgh, 1805.

Brand, John.—A new description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-

Firth, and Caithness. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1701.

Dennison, W. Traill.—-The Orcadian Sketch-Book, being traits

of Old Orkney life written partly in the Orkney dialect.

8vo, Kirkwall, 1880.

Edmonston, Thomas, see Shetland Islands.

Fergusson, R. Menzies.—Rambles in the Far North, and ed.


Martin, Martin, see West Scotland.

Neill, P.—A Tour through some of the Islands of Orkney and •

Shetland. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1806.

Peterkin, Alexander.—Notes on Orkney and Zetland : illustrative

of the history, antiquities, scenery, and customs of

those islands. Vol. I. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1822.

Vedder, David.—Orcadian Sketches ; legendary and lyrical

pieces. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1832.

Wallace, James.—A Description of the Isles of Orkney. i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1693.

New ed., with the additions made by the Author's son in

the ed. of 1700. Ed. John Small. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1883.


Affleck, James.—The Posthumous Poetical Works of James

Affleck, Biggar. With a sketch of the Author's life, &c.

Ed. John Affleck. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1836.

Nicol, James.—Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 2 vols.

I2mo, Edinburgh, 1805.

Johnston, Thomas.—General View of the Agriculture of

Tweeddale. 4to, London, 1799. (Agricultural Survey


Pennecuik, Alexander The Works of Alexander Pennecuik,

Esq., containing the Description of Tweeddale, and miscellaneous

poems. Anew ed., with copious notes, forming

a complete history of the county to the present time. To

which are prefixed, Memoirs of Dr. Pennecuik, and a map

of the Shire of Peebles or Tweeddale. 8vo, Leith, 1815.

[The Description of Tweeddale and the Poems first printed

in 1715.]

Sanderson, Robert.—Poems and Songs. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1865.


Aitken, J. R.—Love in its tenderness. Idylls of Enochdhu, 1901.

Campbell, orthe Scottish Probationer. 3 vols. 12010, Edinburgh,


Cleland, Robert.—Inchbracken, the story of a Fama Clamosa,

1883 [ed. 1887].

Edwards, Thomas.—Strathearn Lyrics and other poems. 8vo,

Paisley, 1889.

Haliburton, Hugh.—Horace in Homespun. A series of Scottish

Pastorals. With preface, notes, and glossary by J. Logie

Robertson. 4to, Edinburgh, 1886.

' For Puir Auld Scotland's Sake.' A book of prose essays

(with a few poetical fringes) on Scottish literary and rural

subjects. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1887.

In Scottish Fields. 8vo, London, 1890.

Ochil Idylls and other poems. i2mo, London, 1891.

Furth in Field. A volume of essays on the life, language, and

literature of Old Scotland. 8vo, London, 1894.

Dunbar: being a selection from the poems of an old Makar,

adapted for modern readers, lamo, London, 1895.

Harp of Perthshire, The. A collection of songs, ballads, and

other poetical pieces, chiefly by local authors, with notes

explanatory, critical, and biographical, by Robert Ford.

8vo, Paisley, 1893.

Kerr, Symon.—Scottish Poems and Songs. i2mo, Perth, 1802.

MacGregor, Hector.—The Souter's Lamp. 8vo, Edinburgh,


Maclaren, Ian—Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush, 1895.

The Days of Auld Lang Syne, 1895.

A Footstep from the Unseen, 1895.

A Servant Lass, in the Woman at Home, Oct. 1895.

Kate Carnegie and those Ministers, 1896.

Monteath, John.—Dunblane Traditions ; being a series of warlike

and legendary narratives, biographical sketches of eccentric

characters, &c. Compiled from anecdotes gleaned from the

tales of old people in Dunblane and vicinity. To which is

added an appendix of original poems and songs. 8vo,

Stirling, 1835. [Reprint Glasgow, 1887.]

Nairne, Caroline.—Life and Songs of the Baroness Nairne

[c. 1780]. Ed. Charles Rogers, 1869.

Nicol, Alexander.-- Poems on several subjects, both comical and

serious. In two parts. To which are added, The

Experienced Gentleman, and The She Anchoret; written

in Cromwell's time, by the then Duchess of Newcastle.

isino, Edinburgh, 1766.

Nicoll, Robert.—Poems. 3rd ed. : with numerous additions,

and a Memoir of the author. i2ino, Edinburgh, 1843.


Robertson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Perth. 8vo, Perth, 1799. (Agricultural Survey


Sabbath Nights at Pitcoonans, by the Author of' Sandy Scott's

Bible Class,' 1899.

Sandy Scott's Bible Class, 1897.

SelbV, Robert Rhymes. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1840.

Sinclair, John.—Simple Lays : consisting of a few specimens of

poems and songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. iamo,

Perth, 1818.

Smith, Robert.—Poems of Controversy betwixt Episcopacy and

Presbytery : also several poems and merry songs on other

subjects. With some funeral elegies on various noblemen

and gentlemen. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1853. [Reprinted from

the original ed. of 1714.]

Spence, Charles.—From the Braes of the Carse, poems and

songs by the late Charles Spence, ed. by James M. Strachan.

4to, Perth, 1898.

Stewart, James.—Sketches of Scottish Character, and other

poems. With a memoir of the author. i2mo, Perth, 1857.

Tytler, Sarah.—The Witch-Wife, 1897.


Allan, Robert.—Evening Hours: Poems and Songs. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1836.

Barr, John.—Poems and Songs, descriptive and satirical, iamo,

Edinburgh, 1861.

Clark, Robert.—Original Poetical Pieces, chiefly Scottish.

pp. 23. 8vo, Paisley, 1836.

Random Rhymes : chiefly Scottish, pp.36. i2mo, Glasgow,


Finlayson, William.—Simple Scotish Rhymes. i2mo, Paisley,


Fraser, John.—Poetic Chimes, or Leisure Lays : also, a Scottish

national play, in three acts, entitled King James V, or, the

Gipsy's Revenge, and ed., enlarged. 121110, Paisley, 1853.

Gilmour, David—Reminiscences of the ' Pen ' Folk. By One

whoknewthem. 2nd ed., 4to, Paisley, 1873. [1st ed. 1871.]

Paisley Weavers of other days; and The ' Pen ' Folk. ib. 1876.

Harp Of Renfrewshire, The : a collection of songs and other

poetical pieces (many of which are original), accompanied

with notes, explanatory, critical, and biographical, and

a short essay on the poets of Renfrewshire. [Ed.

W. Motherwell.] i6mo, Paisley, 1819.

Hector, William.—Selections from the Judicial Records of

Renfrewshire. Illustrative of the administration of the

laws of the county, and manners and condition of the

inhabitants, in the 17th and 18th centuries. With notes

introductory and explanatory, and six fac-similes of old

documents. 8vo, Paisley, 1876.

Henderson, J. Murdoch.—The Chronicles of Kartdale, Our

Jeames, 1898.

M'Gilvray, Alexander.—Poems and Songs, satirical and

descriptive, bearing on the political, moral, and religious

character of man, in this country at the present day.

2nd ed., enlarged. 8vo, Glasgow, 1862.

Martin, A.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Renfrew. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Mitchell, John.—A Night on the Banks of Doon, and other

poems. 8vo, Paisley, 1838.

The Wee Steeple'sGhaist, and otherpoemsandsongs. ib. 1840.

Neilson, James M.—Poems and Songs chiefly in the Scottish

Language. 8vo, Glasgow, 1877.

Picken, Andrew.—The Dominie's Legacy. 3 vols., 1830.

Picken, Ebenezer—Poems and Epistles, mostly in the Scottish

dialect. 8vo, Paisley, 1788.

Miscellaneous Poems, Songs, &c, partly in the Scottish dialect.

2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1813.

Tannahill, Robert.—Poems and Songs. i2mo, Paisley, 1807

[and var. ed.].

Webster, David.—Original Scottish Rhymes; with humourous

and satirical songs, ismo, Paisley, 1835.

Wilson, Alexander.—Watty and Meg, or the Wife reformed.

i2tno, Newcastle [1792].

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. i2tno, Paisley, 1790.

[ed. 1816 and 1844.]

Wilson, John.—General View of the Agriculture of Renfrewshire.

8vo, Paisley, 1812. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Young, John—Homely Pictures in Verse, chiefly of a domestic

character, iamo, Glasgow, 1865.

Lochlomond Side and other poems, ib. 1872.


Allan, Robert—Poems. Jedburgh, 1871.

Competing and other Poems on the Auld Brig. Hawick, 1853.

Leyden, John.—Scenes of Infancy and other poems. Ed. by

Rev. J. Morton, 1819.

Murray, J. E. D. (ed.)—Hawick Songs and Recitations, iamo,

Hawick, 1892.

Murray, Robert.—Hawick Characters. With sketch and portrait

of the author. 8vo, Hawick, 1901.

Ruickbie, James.—The Way-side Cottager; consisting of pieces

in prose and verse. To which are added miscellaneous

poems, iamo, Hawick, 1807.

Scott, Andrew.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. i2tno,

Edinburgh, 1805 [and var. ed.].

Poems on various subjects, ib. 1826.

Smith, John G The Old Churchyard, The Twa Mice, and

miscellaneous poems and songs. Kelso, 1862.

Ure, David.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Roxburgh. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Whyte, Robert Poems, including Tales, Ballads, and Songs.

8vo, Kelso, 1867.

Wilson, William.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect.

121T10, Jedburgh, 1824.


Borland, R.—Yarrow: its poets and poetry. 8vo, Dalbeattie,


Currie, James.—Wayside Musings : poems and songs. Selkirk,


Douglas, Robert.—General View of the Agriculture in the

counties of Roxburgh and Selkirk. 8vo, Edinburgh,

1798. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Elliott, Jean.—The Flowers of the Forest, 1755.

Hogg, James.—Scottish Pastorals, poems, and songs, mostly

written in the dialect of the south, pp. 62. 8vo, Edinburgh,


The Mountain Bard. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1807.

The Queen's Wake. A legendary poem, 1813.

Brownie of Bodsbeck, and other tales. 2 vols. i2mo, Edinburgh,


Winter Evening Tales. 2 vols., ib. 1820.

Perils of Man. 3 vols. i2mo, London, 1822.

A Queer Book. Edinburgh, 1832.

The Ettrick Shepherd's Tales. In 6 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1838.

The Poetical Works of the Ettrick Shepherd. 5 vols. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1840.

The Works of the Ettrick Shepherd. A new ed., with memoir

of the author, by the Rev. T. Thomson. Poems and Life.

Tales and Sketches. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1865.

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