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Glass, Andrew.—Tales and Traditions of Ayrshire and Galloway.

8vo, Glasgow, 1873.

Goldie, John.—Poems and Songs. i2mo, Ayr, 1822.

Hetrick, Robert.—Poems and Songs. i2mo, Ayr, 1826.

Hunter, John Kelso.—Life Studies of Character. 8vo, London,


Johnston, Henry.—Chronicles of Glenbuckie, 1889.

Kilmallie. 2 vols. 1891.

Doctor Congalton's Legacy. A chronicle of North Country

By-ways, 1896.

Kennedy, John.—Poetical Works. 8vo, Ayr, 1818.

Mackie, David.—Ayrshire Village Sketches and Poems. 8vo,

Kilmarnock, 1896.

MacQueen, Thomas.—My Gloaming Amusements, a variety of

poems, on several serious and entertaining subjects. 12D10,

Beith, 1831.

Meikle, James.—Poems on Various Subjects. i2mo, Ayr, 1823.

Ochiltree, Henry.—Out of her Shroud, 1897.

Ramsay, John.—Woodnotes of a Wanderer. 8vo, Glasgow,

1868. [1st ed. 1836.]

Rankine, John.—Poems and Songs on important subjects. 8vo,

Glasgow, 1813.

Reminiscences of«Auld Ayr.' 8vo, Edinburgh, 1864.

Service, John.—The Life and Recollections of Doctor Duguid of

Kilwinning. Written by himself, and now first printed from

the recovered manuscript. 3rd ed. 8vo, Edinburgh [? 1887].

Thir Notandums, being the literary recreations of Laird Canticarl

of Mongrynen (of kittle memory). To which is appended

a biographical sketch of James Dunlop, Esq. ib. 1890.


Sillar, David.—Poems. 8vo, Kilmarnock, 1789.

Smith, Hugh.—The Poetical Miscellany of Morals and Religion.

Irvine, 1832.

White, John.—Joltings in Prose and Verse. 8vo, Irvine, 1879.


Cramond, William The Annals of Cullen : being extracts from

records relating to the affairs of the royal burgh of Cullen,

961-1887. 2nd ed. i2mo, Buckie, 1888.

Donaldson, James General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Banff. 4to, Edinburgh, 1794. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Gordon, J. F. S.—The Book of the Chronicles of Keith, Grange,

Ruthven, Cairney, and Botriphnie : events, places, and

persons. 8vo, Glasgow, 1880.

Gregor, Walter.—The Dialect of Banffshire : with a glossary of

words not in Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary. Trans. Phil.

Soc. London, 1866. =Bnff.1

Presbytery Book of Strathbogie, Extracts from the, 1631-54.

Aberdeen, 1841.

Smiles, S Life of a Scotch Naturalist: Thomas Edward [of

Banff]. 8vo, London, 1876 [and var. ed.].

Taylor, William.—Scots Poems. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1787.


Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, History of the. 14 vols.,

Alnwick, 1831-93.

Brockie,William.—The Leaderside Legends, pp.48. Sunderland,


The Confessional and other poems, ib. 1877.

Calder, Robert McLean.—A Berwickshire Bard. The songs

and poems of Robert McLean Calder. Ed., with introductory

memoir, by W. S. Crockett. 8vo, Paisley, 1897.

Chisholm, Walter.—Poems : by the late Walter Chisholm,

a Berwickshire shepherd lad. Ed., with a prefatory notice,

by William Cairns. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1879.

Crockett, W. S. (ed.)—Minstrelsy of the Merse; the poets and

poetry of Berwickshire. A county anthology. 8vo, Paisley,


Denham, M. A.—Folk-lore; or a collection of local rhymes,

proverbs, sayings, prophecies, slogans, &c. relating to

Northumberland, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and Berwick-on-

Tweed. 8vo, Richmond, in Com. Ebor., 1858.

Henderson, George.—The Popular Rhymes, Sayings, and

Proverbs of the County of Berwick. With illustrative

notes. i2mo, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1856.

Johnston, George.—A Flora of Berwick-upon-Tweed. 2 vols.

i2tno, Edinburgh, 1829-31.

Kerr, Robert.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Berwick. 8vo, London, 1813. (Agricultural Survey


Linen, James Alexander.—Poems, in the Scots and English

dialect, on various occasions. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1815.

Lowe, Alexander.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Berwick. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Steel, Andrew.—Poetical Works. 2nd ed., Edinburgh, 1873.

Sutherland, William.—Poems and Songs. 8vo, Haddington,



Forbes, Robert.—Ajax, his speech to the Grecian Knabbs,

attempted in broad Buchans. By R. F., gent. To which

is added a Journal to Portsmouth and a Shop-Bill in the

same dialect, with a key. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1742.

Select Collection of Scots Poems, A, chiefly in the broad Buchan

dialect. To which is added a collection of Scots Proverbs :

by the Rev. Mr. David Fergus(s)on. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1785.

Tarras, William.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1804.


Brand, John, see Orkney Islands.

Henderson, John.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Caithness. 2 parts. 8vo, London, 1812.

Home, John.—A Canny Countryside, 1896.

[McLennan, Malcolm.]—Peasant Life. Sketches of the villagers

and field-labourers in Glenaldie. 3rd ed., 2 Series. 8vo,

London, 1871.

Nicolson, D.—MS. Collection of Caithness words. ^Cai.1

* F



Salmon, James.—Gowodean : a Pastoral, 1868.

Taylor, William.—Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 2nd

ed., with large additions. 8vo, Paisley, 1827.

Ure, David.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Dumbarton. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Walker, John.—Poems in English, Scotch, and Gaelic, on

various subjects. i2mo, Glasgow, 1817.


Anderson, Alexander.—The Two Angels, and other poems-

London, 1875.

Carlyle, Jane Welsh.—Letters and Memorials. 3 vols., 1883.

Carlyle, Thomas.—Unpublished Letters. Ed. by C. Townsend

Copeland. In the Atlantic Monthly, Sept.-Oct. 1898.

Cromek, R. H.—Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song:

with historical and traditional notices relative to the

manners and customs of the peasantry. 8vo, London, 1810.

Froude, J. A.—Thomas Carlyle : history of the first forty years

of his life, a vols., 1882.

Graham, Richard.—A Fisherman's Letter to the proprietors and

occupiers of Salmon Fisheries in Solway, and rivers

communicating therewith, 1804.

Hawkins, Susanna.—Poems and Songs. Vol. V. pp. 60.

8vo, Dumfries, 1841.

Johnston, B.—General View of the Agriculture of the County of

Dumfries. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Johnstone, John.—Poems, on various subjects ; but chiefly

illustrative of the manners and superstitions of Annandale.

8vo, Dumfries, 1820.

Kennedy, James.—Poems and Songs. 8vo, Dumfries, 1823.

Mayne, John.—The Siller Gun. Single 4to sheet, 1777. [Expanded

to 2 cantos in 1779, to 3 in 1780, to 4 in 1808, to

5 in 1836.]

M'Nay, Andrew.—Poetical Works. Comprising a number of

poems and songs, chiefly written in the Scottish dialect,

and illustrative of the manners of the peasantry of Scotland.

8vo, Dumfries, 1820.

Paton,,James.—Castlebraes. Drawn from 'The Tinlie MSS.'

8vo, Edinburgh, 1898.

Ponder, Peter.—Kirkcumdoon. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1875.

Quinn, Roger.—The Heather Lintie ; being poetical pieces,

spiritual and temporal, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 2nd

ed. iamo, Dumfries, 1863. [1st ed. 1861.]

Reid, Robert.—Poems, Songs, and Sonnets. 8vo, Paisley, 1894.

Shennan, Robert.—Tales, Songs, and Miscellaneous Poems,

descriptive of rural scenes and manners ; chiefly in the

Scottish dialect. i2ino, Dumfries, 1831.

Singer, William.—General View of the agriculture, state of

property, and improvements in the county of Dumfries.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1812. (Agricultural Survey Report.)

Wallace, Robert.—A Country Schoolmaster, James Shaw. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1899.


Neill, P.—List of Fishes found in the Frith of Forth, and rivers

and lakes near Edinburgh, with remarks. 8vo, Edinburgh,


Sibbald, Sir R.—The history, ancient and modern, of the

sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross, and of the Firths of Forth

and Tay. fol., Edinburgh, 1710. Another ed., 8vo, Cupar-

Fife, 1803.

Strain, £ . H.— Elmslie's Drag-net, being certain notes made by

him in the fishing village of Aberspendie, 1900.


Aikman, James.—Poems, chiefly lyrical, partly in the Scottish

dialect. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1816.

Ballantine, James.—Poems. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1856.

The Miller of Deanhaugh. ib. 1869.

The Gaberlunzie's Wallet. 3rd ed., revised, with glossary.

ib. [1875].

Crawford, David—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect, on

various subjects. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1798.

Elliott, N—The Literary Hours of a Working Man. Edinburgh,


Fergusson, Robert.—Poems on various subjects. In two parts.

i2mo, Edinburgh, 1785. [1st ed. 1773.]

Forbes, Peter.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1812.

Glass, Willison.—The Caledonian Parnassus ; a Museum of

original Scottish songs. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1812.

Har'st Rig, The, and the Farmer's Ha': two poems in the

Scottish dialect. 2nd ed., corrected, pp. 64. iamo,

Edinburgh, 1801. [1st ed. 1794.]

Howden, R.—The King's Welcome to Edinburgh, by a Country

Shepherd, his Wife and Daughter, pp. 24. i2mo, Edinburgh,


Inglis, John.—Poems and Songs. Edinburgh, 1866.

Johnston, Archibald.—Lays of Edina, with notes and introductions.

i2mo, Edinburgh, 1864.

Lauder, James.—Warblings of a Caged Bird. Leith, 1870.

Learmont, John.—Poems pastoral, satirical, tragic, and comic.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1791.

Liddle, William.—Poems on different occasions, chiefly in the

Scottish dialect. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1821.

Logan, Alexander.—Auld Reekie Musings: being poems and

lyrics. With a glossary, iamo, Edinburgh, 1864.

Macaulay, James.—Poems on various subjects, in Scots and

English. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1788.

Maclagan, Alexander.—Sketches from Nature and other poems.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1851.

Macneill, Hector,—Scotland's Scaith, or the history o' Will and

Jean. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1795.

The Waes o' War, or the Upshot o1 the history o' Will and

Jean. In four parts, ib. 1796.

Poetical Works. 2 vols. i2mo, London, 1801. Newed., i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1856.

Bygane Times, and Late Come Changes; or, a Bridge Street

dialogue, in Scottish verse, by the Author of ' Will and

Jean.' 2nd ed. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1811.

M'Dowall, William.—Poems. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1839.

M'Laren, John W.—Rhymes frae the Chimla-Lug. i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1881.

[Moir, David Macbeth.]—The Life of Mansie Wauch, tailor in

Dalkeith : written by himself. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1828.

Pennecuik, Alexander.—Streams from Helicon : or, poems on

various subjects. In three parts. 2nded. 8vo, London, 1720.

Smith, James.—Poems, Ballads, and Songs. 3rd ed. Edinburgh,


Jenny Blair's Maunderings, adapted for recital. 2nd ed. ib.


Habbie and Madge : a series of Scottish dialogues in humble

life. 2nd ed. ib. 1872. [ed. 1881.]

Humorous Scotch Stories, &c. adapted for recital. 7th ed.

ib. 1872.

Archie and Bess, or, the life of a Scotch Mason, ib. 1876.

Canty Jock, and other stories. 3rd ed. ib. 1882.

The Merry Bridal o' Firthmains and other Poems and Songs.

2nd ed. 1866.

Stevenson, W. Grant.—Puddin'. An Edinburgh story, 1894.

Thomson, James.—Poems, in the Scottish dialect. 4to, Edinburgh,


Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. New ed., containing

many poems never before published. i2mo, Leith, 1891.

[1st ed. 1801.]

Tweeddale, John.--Moff, 1896.

Wilson, Robert.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1822.


Brown, James.—The Round Table Club : or, conversations,

scenical, scientific, historical, and social. 8vo, Elgin, 1873.

Couper, Robert.—Poetry, chiefly in the Scottish language.

2 vols. i2mo, Inverness, 1804.

Cramond, Wm.—Extracts from the Records of the Kirk-Session

of Elgin, 1584-1779; with a brief record of the readers,

ministers, and bishops, 1567-1897. Reprinted from Elgin

Courant and Courier. 8vo, Elgin, 1897.

Donaldson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Elgin. 4to, London, 1794. (Agricultural Survey


Slater, James.—Seaside Idylls. Ed., with a memoir, by John

Wellwood. I2mo, Elgin, 1898.

Tester, William Hay Leith.—Poems. 8vo, Elgin, 1865.


Annals of Dunfermline. Ed. by E. Henderson. 8vo, Glasgow,



Barnard, Lady Anne.—Auld Robin Gray: a ballad, 1771.

Ed. W. Scott, 1824.

Beatty, W.—The Secretar. Founded on the story of the Casket

Letters, 1897.

Douglas, Alexander.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect.

8vo, Cupar, 1806.

Grant, James—One of < The Six Hundred.' A novel [n.d.].

Gray, Charles.—Poems, iamo, Cupar, 1811.

[Latto, W. D.]—Tammas Bodkin : or, the humours of a Scottish

tailor. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1864.

Tammas Bodkin. Swatches o' hodden-grey. 8vo, London,


Mac Donald, George.—Alec Forbes of Howglen. 3 vols., 1865.

Meldrum, David Storrar The Story of Margredel, being

a fireside history of a Fifeshire family, and ed., 1894.

Grey Mantle and Gold Fringe, 1896.

M'Laren, J. Wilson.—Tibbie and Tam, or the upcomes, dooncomes,

and ongauns o' twa cannie Scots, 1894.

Pryde, David.—The Queer Folk of Fife : tales from the kingdom,


Robertson, Andrew Smith.—The Provost o' Glendookie.

Glimpses of a Fife town, 1894.

Setoun, Gabriel.—Sunshine and Haar; some further glimpses

of life at Barncraig, 1895.

Robert Urquhart, 1896.

George Malcolm, 1897.

The Skipper of Barncraig, 1901.

Taylor, Robert.—Markinch Minstrelsy ; or the lunar influences

of three nights. 5th ed. pp. 40. i6mo, Kirkcaldy, 1870.

[1st ed. 1811.]

Tennant, William.—Anster Fair, a poem in six cantos. With

other poems. 3rd ed., i2mo, Edinburgh, 1815. [1st ed.

1812, and van ed.]

Cardinal Beaton. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1823.

Papistry Storm'd; or, the Dingin' down o' the cathedral.

Ane poem, in sax sangs. By M. W. T. i2tno, Edinbrogh,



Barrie, J. M Auld Licht Idylls, 1888.

A Window in Thrums, 1889.

The Little Minister, 1891.

Margaret Ogilvy, 1896.

Sentimental Tommy, the story of his boyhood, 1896.

Beattie, George.—John of Arnha' and other poems [c. 1820],

ed. 1882.

Headrick, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Angus or Forfar. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1813. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Inglis, James.—Oor Ain Folk. Being memories of Manse life

in the Mearns and a crack aboot auld times. 3rded. i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1895. [1st ed. 1893.]

Lowson, Alexander.—John Guidfollow, or The Murder of the

Earl of Strathmore, a mystical, historical romance of Forfarshire,


Mackenzie, Fergus.—Sprays of Northern Pine, 1897.

Morison, David.—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo,

Montrose, 1790.

Paton, T. L.—A Home in Inveresk, 1896.

Reid, Alan.—Sangs o' the Heatherland. Scots poems and

ballads. 8vo, Paisley, 1894.

Salmond, J. B.—My Man Sandy, 1894 [and var. ed.].

Sands, John Sims Poems on various subjects: political,

satirical, and humorous. 1st Series. 8vo, Arbroath, 1833.

Smart, Alexander.—Rambling Rhymes. iarao, Edinburgh, 1834.

Songs of Labour and Domestic Life; with rhymes for little

readers. 8vo, Edinburgh, i860.

Watson, Thomas.—The Rhymer's Family ; a collection of bantlings.

Arbroath, 1851.

WattJamesE.—Poetical Sketches of Scottish Life and Character.

8vo, Dundee, 1880.

Willock, A. Dewar.—Rosetty Ends, or the Chronicles of

a Country Cobbler. 3rd ed. 1889. [1st ed. 1886.]


Crockett, S. R The Stickit Minister, 1893.

Mad Sir Ucghtred of the Hills, 1894.

The Raiders, 1894.

Bog-Myrtle and Peat, 1895.

The Men of the Moss-Hags, 1895.

The Lilac Sunbonnet, 1894.

Cleg Kelly, 1896.

The Grey Man, 1896.

That Popish Parson Fellow, 1896.

Lochinvar, 1897.

Lad's Love, 1897.

The Standard Bearer, 1898.

The Black Douglas, 1899.

Kit Kennedy : country boy, 1899.

Little Anna Mark, 1900.

Love Idylls, 1901.

Banner of Blue, 1902.

The Dark o' the Moon, 1902.

Cunningham, Thomas M.—Har'st Kirn and other poems and

songs, 1797.

Denniston, Capt. (ed.)—The Battle of Craignelder; a very

ancient Gallovidian ballad. Edinburgh, 1832.

Gallovidian, The. Vols. I-V, 1899-1903.

Harper, Malcolm M'L. (ed.)—The Bards of Galloway : a cotlection

of poems, songs, ballads, &c, by natives of

Galloway. 8vo, Dalbeattie, 1889.

Irving, Elizabeth Jane.—Fireside Lays. 8vo, Glasgow, 1872.

Lauderdale, John.—A collection of Poems, chiefly in the Scottish

dialect. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1796.

Mactaggart, John.—The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia, or,

the original, antiquated, and natural curiosities of the South

of Scotland; containing sketches of eccentric characters

and curious places, with explanations of singular words,

terms, and phrases ; interspersed with poems, tales, anecdotes,

&c, and various other strange matters; the whole

illustrative of the ways of the peasantry and manners of

Caledonia; drawn out and alphabetically arranged. 8vo,


2nd ed., 1876.

Nicholson, William.—Poetical Works. With a memoir by

Malcolm M'L. Harper. 4th ed. 8vo, Dalbeattie, 1896.

[1st ed. 1814.]

'Saxon' (ed.).—Galloway Gossip sixty years ago. 2nd ed.

Bedlington, 1878.

Scott, James K.—Galloway Gleanings, Poems and Songs. 8vo,

Castle-Douglas, 1881.

Symson, Andrew.—A large description of Galloway, 1684.

With an appendix, containing original papers, from the

Sibbald and Macfarlane MSS. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1823.

Trotter, R. De Bruce.—Galloway Gossip, or the southern

Albanich 80 years ago. 8vo, Dumfries, 1901.

Webster, J.—General View of the Agriculture of Galloway,

comprehending the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and Shire

of Wigton. 4to, Edinburgh, 1794. (Agricultural Survey



Gall, Richard.—Songs [c. 1801]. With Memoir by A. Balfour,


Ritchie, A. I.—The Churches of Saint Baldred : Auldhame,

Whitekirk, Tyninghame, Prestonkirk. 4to, Edinburgh,


Roberts, John.—Rhyme and Reason ; a real Miller's Musings :

in prose and verse. 8vo, Dunbar, 1861.

Sands, J.—Sketches of Tranent in the Olden Time. 12010,

Edinburgh, 1881.

Skirvlng.Adam.—Songs: Tranent Muir, and Johnny Cope, 1745.

Teenan, Joseph.—Song and Satire, pp. 82. 8vo, Edinburgh,



Robertson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Inverness. 4to, London, 1808. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)

Robson, James, see Argyllshire.


Burness, John.—The Adventures of Thrummy Cap [c. 1796].

Plays, Poems, Tales, and other pieces. i2mo, Montrose, 1819.

The Ghaist o' Garron Ha' [c. 1823].

Cramond, Win.—The Annals of Fordoun, being extracts from

records relating to the affairs of the parish of Fordoun

from the earliest times to the year 1894. 8vo, Montrose,


Donaldson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the

County of Kincardine. 4to, London, 1795. (Agricultural

Survey Report.)



Gideon, Guthrie, a monograph written 1712 to 1730. Ed. by

C. E. Guthrie Wright. With an introduction by the Right

Rev. John Dowden, D.D. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1900.

Jamie, William.—The Muse of the Mearns: being poems and

songs, in Scottish verse. 12010, Aberdeen, 1844.

Stray Effusions ; or Gleanings from Nature. 8vo, Montrose,


The Emigrant's Family ; or Scotland and Australia, and other

poems. Glasgow, 1853.

Robertson, George.—General View of the Agriculture of Kincardineshire.

8vo, London, 1813. (Agricultural Survey



Armstrong, Andrew J.—Ingleside Musings and Tales told in

Rhyme. 8vo, Dalbeattie, 1890.

The Cobbler o' Kirkiebrae, a romance of Galloway, 1896.

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