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Monipennie, John.—An Abridgement, or Summarie of the Scots

Chronicles; with a briefe description of Scotland. To

which is added, the Description of the Western Isles of

Scotland, &c. [Reprinted from the original edition of

1612.] 8vo, Edinburgh, 1818.

Monro, Col. Robert.—Expedition with the Worthy Scots Regiment

(called Mackeye's Regiment), &c. fol., London, 1637.

Montgomerie-Fleming, J. B.—Desultory Notes on Jamieson's

Scottish Dictionary. 8vo, Glasgow, 1899.

Motherby, Robert.—Pocket Dictionary of the Scottish Idiom, in

which the signification of the words is given in English and

German, chiefly calculated to promote the understanding of

the Works of Sir Walter Scott, Rob. Burns, Allan Ramsay,

&c. With an appendix containing notes explicative of

Scottish customs, manners, traditions, &c. i2mo, Konigsberg,


Motherwell, William (ed.).—Minstrelsy : Ancient and Modern,

with an historical introduction and notes. 4to, Glasgow,


Murray, C.—Spring in the Howe of Alford, in Black and White,

Apr. 18, 1896.

Murray, James A. H.—The Dialect of the Southern Counties of

Scotland: its pronunciation, grammar, and historical relations.

With an appendix on the present limits of the

Gaelic and Lowland Scotch, and the dialectal divisions of

the Lowland tongue. And a linguistical map of Scotland.

Trans. Phil. Soc. London, 1873.

Neill, P.—Account of British Horticulture drawn up for the

Edinburgh Encyclopedia. 4to, Edinburgh, 1817.

Nelson, Edwin Paul.—Poetical Works, chiefly in the Scottish

dialect, iamo, Edinburgh, 1814.

New Year's Morning, in Edinburgh; and Auld Handsel

Monday, in the country: two poems in the Scottish

dialect, by the Author of 'The Shepherd's Wedding.'

pp. 23. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1792.

Ochiltree, Henry.—Redburn, 1895.

Oliphant, Mrs Katie Stewart, 1852.

It was a Lover and his Lass, 1883.

Outram, George.—Legal and other Lyrics. A new ed., with

explanatory notes and a glossary, ed. by J. H. Stoddart.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1887.

Paterson, James.—Origin of the Scots and the Scottish Language.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1855.

Patrick, St., a novel. 3 vols. iamo, Edinburgh, 1819.

Pennant, Thomas British Zoology of Fishes. 8vo, Chester,


A Tour in Scotland, 1769. ib. 1771.

A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1772. 4to,

London, 1774-76.

British Zoology of Birds. 2 vols. 8vo, Warrington, 1776.

Pennecuik, Alexander.—A Collection of Scots Poems on

several occasions, by the late Mr. Alexander Pennecuik,

and others, pp. 64. iamo, Glasgow, 1787.

Merry Tales for Lang Winter Nights; in dialogues betwixt

the Tinklarian Doctor and his Grandam, &c. pp. 12.

I2mo, Edinburgh, 1810.

Petticoat Tales. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1823.

Pinkerton, John.—Ancient Scottish Poems. 2 vols. 8vo, London,


Scottish Poems Reprinted. 3 vols., ib. 1792.


Piper Of Peebles, The, a tale. By the Lamb-Leader, pp. 20.

I2mo, Dundee, 1794.

[Pitcairn, Alexander.]—The Assembly; or, Scotch Reformation;

a comedy. As it was acted by the persons in the drama.

Done from the original manuscript, written in the year

1692. pp. xiii, 17. I2mo, Edinburgh, 1766.

Pitcairn, Robert.—Criminal Trials and other proceedings before

the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland. Trials during the

reign of James the Sixth. In four parts, 1569-1602. 4*0,

Edinburgh, 1829.

Pocket Songster, The ; or Caledonian Warbler : a collection of

popular Scotch songs and a selection of new ones. i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1823.

Rae-Brown, C.—A Cockney in Kilts ; or the Highlands up to

date. 2nd ed. 1895.

Rait, Robert S.—A Royal Rhetorician : A Treatise on Scottis

Poesie, A Counterblaste to Tobacco, &c, &c, by King

James VI and I. Ed. with an introduction, by Robert S.

Rait. I2mo, Westminster, 1900.

Ramsay, Allan (ed.)—The Ever Green, being a collection of

Scots Poems, wrote by the Ingenious before 1600. 2 vols.

I2mo, Edinburgh, 1724. [Var. ed.]

The Tea-Table Miscellany: a collection of choice songs, Scots

and English. 2 vols., ib. 1724 [ed. 1871].

Collection of Scots Proverbs, ib. 1737.

Ramsay, E. B.—Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.

i2mo, Edinburgh, 1858. [Var. ed.]

2nd Series, 1861.

Ramsay Of Ochtertyre.—Scotlandand Scotsmen in the eighteenth

century. Ed. 1822.

Redden, Helen P.—M'Clellan of M'Clellan, 1895.

Riddell, Henry Scott.—Poems, Songs, and miscellaneous pieces.

i2mo, Edinburgh, 1847.

The Gospel of St. Matthew. Translated into Lowland Scotch.

[Impensis L. L. Bonaparte.] London, 1856.

The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scotch : from the Authorised

English Version. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte.] ib. 1857.

The Song of Solomon in Lowland Scotch. From the Authorised

English Version. 4to, London, 1858.

Poetical Works. Ed., with a memoir, by James Brydon. 2 vols.

8vo, Glasgow, 1871.

Robin Gray The entertaining history of Old Robin Gray : an

ancient Scotch tale. 8vo, London, 1789.

Robson, Joseph Philip.—The Song of Solomon in Lowland

Scotch, from the Authorised English Version, pp. 19.

i6mo. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte, i860.]

Rogers, Charles.—The Modern Scottish Minstrel; or the Songs

of Scotland of the past half century, with memoirs of the

poets. 5 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1855-57.

Traits and Stories of the Scottish People. 8vo, London, 1867.

Three Scottish Reformers, Alexander Cunningham, fifth Earl

of Glencairn, Henry Balnaves of Halhill, and John Davidson,

Minister of Prestonpans, with their poetical remains and

Mr. Davidson's ' Helps for young scholars in Christianity.'

Ed., with memoirs, by the Rev. Charles Rogers, ib. 1874.

Rollock, Robert.—Select Works [1599], reprinted from the

original editions. Ed. by William M. Gunn. 2 vols. 8vo,

Edinburgh, Wodrow Soc. 1844-49.

Row, John.—The History of the Kirk of Scotland, from the year

1558 to August 1637. With a continuation to July 1639.

[c. 1650.] 8vo, Edinburgh, Wodrow Soc. 1842.

Roy, George.—Generalship ; or How I managed my Husband.

A tale, ed. 1895.

Roy, Neil.—The Horseman's Word. A novel, 1895.

Rutherford, Samuel.—Religious Letters written to eminent

individuals during the Persecution in Scotland. Aberdeen

[c. 1660].

Samson, Dominie.—The Saunts o' Balmawhapple : a true story.

Being an account of their sayings and doings, professions

and practices, in the management of a certain institution

there. 2nd ed. pp. 12. 8vo, Crieff [n.d.].

Saxon and the Gael, The, or the Northern Metropolis. 4 vols.

I2tno, London, 1814.

Scot (Of Satchels).—True History of the name of Scot. 4to,

Edinburgh, 1776.

Scot, William.—An Apologetical Narration of the State and

Government of the Kirk of Scotland since the Reformation.

[c. 1642.] 8vo, Edinburgh, Wodrow Soc. 1846.

Scotch Haggis, The : a miscellaneous compilation, illustrative

of Scottish wit, humour, and drollery; with occasional

traits of character, manners, &c. i6mo, Glasgow [n.d.].

Scott, Sir Walter.—Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting

of historical and romantic ballads, collected in the southern

counties, with a few of modern date, founded upon local

tradition. 3 vols. 8vo, Kelso, 1802-3. [ed. 1848.]

Poetical Works. 12 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1833-34.

Another ed., complete in 1 vol. With all his introductions

and notes; also various readings, and the editor's notes, ib.


The Globe ed. With a biographical and critical memoir

by F. T. Palgrave. 8vo, London, 1866 [ed. 1890].

Waverley, 1814.

Guy Mannering, 1815.

The Antiquary, 1816.

Black Dwarf, 1816.

Old Mortality, 1816.

Rob Roy, 1817.

The Heart of Mid-Lothian, 1818.

Bride of Lammermoor, 1819.

The Legend of Montrose, 1819.

The Abbot, 1820.

The Monastery, 1820.

The Pirate, 1821.

The Fortunes of Nigel, 1822.

Quentin Durward, 1823.

St. Ronan's Well, 1824.

Redgauntlet, 1824.

Chronicles of the Canongate, 1827-28.

The Fair Maid of Perth, 1828.

Sharpe, Charles Kirkpatrick(ed.).—A Ballad Book. Edinburgh,

1823. Reprinted 1868.

Shepherd's Wedding, The: a Scots pastoral entertainment of

one act. 2nd ed. pp. 23. I2tno, Edinburgh, 1789.

Shirrefs, A.—Sale Catalogue for 1795-6, &c, &c. Being an

humble address to his friends and the public, in Hudibrastic

verse. To which is added his former poetical address and

shop-bill, as published, at Aberdeen, in the year 1785.

pp. 29. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1795.

Sibbald, James.—Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, with glossary.

4 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1802.

Sinclair, Sir John.—Observations on the Scottish Dialect. 8vo,

London, 1782.

The Statistical Account of Scotland; drawn up from the

communications of the ministers of the different parishes.

21 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1791-99.

General Report on the agricultural state and political circumstances

of Scotland. 5 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1819.

(Agricultural Survey Report.)

Smith, James.—The Merry Bridal o' Firthmains, and other

poems and songs. 2nd ed. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1866.

Smugglers, The ; a tale descriptive of the sea-coast manners of

Scotland. 3 vols. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1819.

Song Of Solomon, The, in Lowland Scotch. From the Authorised

English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis L. L.

Bonaparte, i860.]

Spaewife, The, a tale of the Scottish Chronicles. 3 vols, i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1823.

Spalding, John.—The History of the Troubles and memorable

transactions in Scotland, from the year 1624 to 1645.

From the original MS. of John Spalding. In 2 vols.,

with an index to each; and a glossary. 8vo, Aberdeen,


Spottiswoode Miscellany, The : a collection of original papers

and tracts, illustrative chiefly of the civil and ecclesiastical

history of Scotland. Ed. James Maidment. 2 vols., 8vo,

Edinburgh, Spottiswoode Soc. 1844-45.

Statistical Accounts, see Sinclair, Sir John.

Steel, Mrs. F. A.—Red Rowans, 1895.

Stevenson, Robert Louis Edinburgh Notes, 1879.

Kidnapped, 1886.

The Master of Ballantrae, 1889.

Catriona, a sequel to ' Kidnapped,' 1892.

Weir of Hermiston, 1896.

Swan, Annie S.—The Gates of Eden. A story of endeavour,


A Victory Won, 1895.

Thorn, Archibald.—Amusements of solitary hours, in poetry and

prose, pp. 60. 8vo, Kilmarnock, 1812.

Thom, Robert W The Courtship and Wedding of Jock o' the

Knowe. pp. 60. 8vo, Glasgow, 1877. 4th ed. ib.


Poems, ib. 1880.


Thomson, John H. (ed.)—A Cloud of Witnesses for the Royal

Prerogatives of Jesus Christ; being the last speeches and

testimonies of those who have suffered for the truth in

Scotland, since the year 1680. Reprinted from the original

editions, with explanatory and historical notes by the Rev.

John H. Thomson. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1871. [1st ed.


Thomson, Samuel.—Poems on different subjects, partly in the

Scottish dialect. 121110, Belfast, 1793.

Train, Joseph.—Poetical Reveries. i2mo, Glasgow, 1806.

Strains of the Mountain Muse. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1814.

Twa Cuckolds, The, and the Tint Quey, or Thrawart Maggy.

Two tales, in the Scottish dialect, pp. 24. iamo, Edinburgh,


Tweedie, W. K. (ed.)—Select Biographies. Ed. chiefly from

MSS. in the Library of the Faculty of Advocates. 2 vols.

8vo, Edinburgh, Wodrow Soc. 1845-47.

Union, The: or Select Scots and English Poems. i2mo,

Edinburgh, 1753.

Vedder, David.—Poems, legendary, lyrical, and descriptive.

Now first collected. i2mo, Edinburgh, 1842.

Waddell, P. Hately.—The Psalms ; frae Hebrew intil Scottis.

Edinburgh, 1871 [ed. 1891].

Isaiah ; frae Hebrew intil Scottis. ib. 1879.

Walford, L. B Dick Netherby, 1881.

Walker, Dr.—Essays on Natural History and Rural Economy.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1808.

Walker, Patrick.—Remarkable passages in the life of Mr. Alex.

Peden. Edinburgh, 1727.

Watson, James.—Choice Collection of comic and serious poems.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1706.

Whistle-Binkie; a collection of songs for the social circle.

2 vols. 8vo, Glasgow, 1853.

Whitehead, S. R.—Daft Davie, and other sketches of Scottish

tyfe and character, 1876.

Wodrow, Robert.—The History of the sufferings of the Church

of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution. With

an original memoir of the author, extracts from his correspondence,

a preliminary dissertation, and notes by the

Rev. Robert Burns. 4 vols. 8vo, Glasgow, 1828. [1st ed.


The Correspondence of the Rev. Robert Wodrow. Ed. from

MSS. in the Library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh,

by the Rev. Thomas M'Crie. 3 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh,

Wodrow Soc. 1842-43.


Aberdeen Weekly Free Press. June 1898 to Sept. 1903.

[Alexander, William.]—Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk in the

parish of Pyketillim; with glimpses of the parish politics

about A.D. 1843. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1871.

Sketches of Life among my Ain Folk. i2mo, Edinburgh,

1875 [ed. 1882].

Notes and Sketches illustrative of Northern Rural Life in the

eighteenth century. By the author of ' Johnny Gibb of

Gushetneuk.' ib. 1877.

Anderson, James.—General View of the Agriculture and Rural

Economy of the County of Aberdeen. 4to, Edinburgh,


Anderson, William.—Rhymes, Reveries, and Reminiscences.

I2mo, Aberdeen, 1851 [and ed. 1867].

Beattie, William.—Fruits of Time Parings, being a small collection

of orginal poems, Scotch and English, composed to fill

up a few of the author's blank hours. Aberdeen, 1801.

Reprinted Aberdeen, 1813 and 1873.

Buchan, Peter.—Gleanings of Scotch, English, and Irish scarce

old ballads, many of them connected with the localities of

Aberdeenshire. i6mo, Peterhead, 1825.

Cadenhead, William Flights of Fancy, and lays of Bon-

Accord. i2mo, Aberdeen, 1853.

Cobban, J. Maclaren.—The King of Andaman, a saviour of

society, 1895.

The Angel of the Covenant, 1898.

Cock, James.—Simple Strains; or, the Hamespun Lays of an

untutored Muse. 2 vols. I2mo, Aberdeen, 1806. [2nd ed.


Couper, Robert.—The Tourifications of Malachi Meldrum, Esq.

of Meldrum-hall. 2 vols. i2mo, Aberdeen, 1803.

Deeside Tales; or sketches of men and manners among the

peasantry of Upper Deeside since 1745. I2mo, Aberdeen,


Extracts from the Presbytery Book of Strathbogie, A.D.

1631-1654. [Ed. by John Stuart.] 4to, Aberdeen,

Spalding Club, 1843.

Forbes, William.—The Dominie Depos'd; or some reflections

on his intrigue with a young lass, and what happened

thereupon : interspers'd with advice to all school-masters,

precentors, and dominies on Dee-side. With the sequel.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1785. [1st ed. ? 1746.]

Goodwife at Home, The ; in metre, illustrating the dialect of

the North-west district of Aberdeenshire; with a glossary.

By a Lady. pp. 19. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1867.

Greig, Gavin.—Logie o' Buchan. An Aberdeenshire pastoral of

last century. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1899.

Guidman of Inglismill, The, and the Fairy Bride. With

glossary and introductions, historical and legendary. 4to,

Edinburgh, 1873.

[Keith, Charles.]—The Farmer's Ha', a Scots poem, by a student

of Marischal College. i2tno, Aberdeen, 1776 [ed. 1801].

Mac Donald, George.—David Elginbrod. 3 vols., 1863.

Robert Falconer, 1868.

Malcolm, 1875.

The Marquis of Lossie, 1877.

Sir Gibbie, 1879.

Castle Warlock, 1882.

Donal Grant, 1883.

Milne, John.—Selections from the Songs and Poems of John

Milne. Aberdeen, 1871.

Murray, Charles.—Hamewith. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1900.

Ogg, James.—Willie Waly ; and other poems. i2mo, Aberdeen,


Ogilvie, Joseph.—John Ogilvie, lexicographer, LL.D. A biographical

sketch (together with his contributions to the

Aberdeen Magazine, &c). 8vo, Aberdeen, 1902.

Paul, William.—Past and Present of Aberdeenshire, or Reminiscences

of seventy years. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1881.

Records of Aboyne, The, 1230-1681. New Spalding Club,

Aberdeen, 1894.

Records of the Meeting of the Exercise of Alford, 1662-88.

Ed. by Rev. T. Bell. New Spalding Club, Aberdeen, 1897.

Robb, Alexander.—Poems and Songs, 1852.

Ross, Alexander.—The Fortunate Shepherdess, a pastoral tale,

in three cantos, in the Scottish dialect. To which is

added a few songs. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1768.

The Rock and the wee Pickle Tow. ib. 1768.

Helenore; or the Fortunate Shepherdess. A pastoral tale.

To which is added the life of the Author. Comprehending

a particular description of the romantic place where he

lived, and an account of the manners and amusements of

the people at that period, by his grandson, the Rev. Alexander

Thomson. 8vo, Dundee, 1812.

Helenore ; or the Fortunate Shepherdess. A poem in the

broad Scotch dialect. A new edition, containing a sketch

of Glenesk, a life of the author, and an account of his

inedited works by John Longmuir. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1866,

Ruddiman, Jacob.—Tales of a Scottish Parish. 8vo, London,

1889. [1st ed. 1828.]

Selections from the Records of the Kirk-Session, Presbytery,

and Synod of Aberdeen. [Ed. by John Stuart.] 4to,

Aberdeen, Spalding Club, 1846.

Shirrefs, Andrew.—Jamie and Bess, a pastoral comedy, iamo,

Aberdeen, 1787.

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1790.

Skinner, John.—Amusements of leisure hours: or poetical

pieces, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. To which is prefixed,

a sketch of the author's life, with some remarks on Scottish

poetry. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1809.

Songs and Poems, by the Rev. John Skinner, author of

1 Tullochgorum.' With a sketch of his life, by H. G. Reid.

8vo, Peterhead, 1859.

Still, Peter.—The Cottar's Sunday, and other poems, chiefly in

the Scottish dialect. I2mo, Aberdeen, 1845.

Stoker, Bram ? The Watter's Mou'. 8vo, Westminster, 1895.

Stuart, John (ed.) Selections from the Records of the Kirk-

Session, Presbytery, and Synod of Aberdeen, 1562-1681.

Spalding Club, 1846.

Thorn, William.—Rhymes and Recollections of a hand-loom

weaver, ismo, London, 1844.

Turreff, Gavin.—Antiquarian Gleanings from Aberdeenshire

Records. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1859.

Walker, William.—The Bards of Bon-Accord, 1375-1860.

8vo, Aberdeen, 1887.


Watson, William—Glimpses o' Auld Lang Syne. 8vo,

Aberdeen, 1903.

Williams, George—The Fairmer's Twa Tint Laddies. Privately

printed, 1900.


Maclntyre, W.—Poems, sentimental and humorous. 8vo, Glasgow,


Munro, Neil—The Lost Pibroch and other Sheiling Stories, 1896.

John Splendid, 1898.

Doom Castle, a romance, 1901.

The Shoes of Fortune, 1901.

Robson, James.—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Argyle and western part of Inverness-shire. 4U), London,

1794. (Agricultural Survey Report.)


Ainslie, Hew.—A Pilgrimage to the Land of Burns: and

Poems. With a memoir of the author by Thomas C. Latto.

8vo, Paisley, 1892. [1st ed. 1822.]

Aitken, William—Lays of the Line and other poems. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1883.

Aiton, William—General View of the Agriculture of the County

of Ayr. 4to, Glasgow, 1811.

Ballads and Songs of Ayrshire, The, illustrated with sketches,

historical, traditional, narrative, and biographical, 8vo.

Ayr, 1846.

2nd Series. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1847.

Ballantine, J. and Thorn, A.—Poems on several occasions.

lamo, Paisley, 1789.

Brown, J.D.—Ballads, founded on Ayrshire traditions, with minor

poems and lyrics. i2mc, Kilmarnock, 1850.

Burns, Robert—Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 8vo,

Kilmarnock, 1786.

Poems, Songs, and Letters, being the complete works of Robert

Burns, ed. from the best printed and manuscript authorities,

with glossarial index and a biographical memoir by

Alexander Smith. 8vo, London, 1868 (Globe ed.).

A complete word and phrase Concordance to the Poems and

Songs of Robert Burns, incorporating a glossary of Scotch

words, with notes, index, and appendix of readings. Compiled

and ed. by J. B. Reid. 8vo, Glasgow, 1889.

Douglas, George.—The House with the Green Shutters, 1901.

Fisher, James.—Poems on various subjects. 8vo, Dumfries, 1790.

Gait, John The Annals of the Parish, 1821.

The Ayrshire Legatees, 1821.

The Steamboat, 1822.

The Provost, 1822.

Sir Andrew Wylie of that Ilk, 1822.

The Entail; or the Lairds of Grippy, 1823.

Ringan Gilhaize ; or the times of the Covenanters, 1823.

The Last of the Lairds, 1826.

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