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Yorkshire Notes and Queries, for 1888.

Yorkshire Weekly Post, The. Var. dates.

Yule Clog, The, or t'Hallamsher Christmas E'en. Be a Jingling

Whitesmith, pp. 12. i6mo, Sheffield [1886].


Beale, Anne.—Gladys the Reaper [n.d.].

Bye-gones; relating to Wales and the Border counties. 9 vols.

4to, Oswestry, 1871-86. [Reprinted from the Oswestry


Collins, J.—A list of words from the Gower dialect of Glamorganshire.

Trans. Phil. Soc. London, Vol. IV, pp. 223-23, 1850.

Cymru Fu. (Notes and Queries relating to the past history of

Wales), 1888.

Hartshorne, Charles Henry, see Shropshire.

Laws, Edward.—The History of Little England beyond Wales,

and the Non-Kymric colony settled in Pembrokeshire.

4to, London, 1888.

Morgan, W. E. T Radnorshire Words. E.D.S. 1881. = Rdn.1

Owen.Elias Archaic Words, Phrases, &c, of Montgomeryshire,

in Collections Historical and Archaeological relating to

Montgomeryshire, issued by the Powys-land Club. Vol. IV.

pt. ix, Oct. 187x ; Vol. VI. pt. xiii, Oct. 1873 ; Vol. VII.

pt. xiv, Apr. 1874.

Raine, Allen (Mrs. Beynon Puddicombe).—A Welsh Singer, 1897.

Torn Sails ; a tale of a Welsh village, 1898.

By Berwen Banks, 1899.

Garthowen ; a story of a Welsh homestead, 1900.



Allan, William.—Hame-spun Lilts, or poems and songs, chiefly

Scottish. 8vo, London, 1874.

Anderson, David.—Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect, and

ed., 8vo, Aberdeen, 1826.

Andrews, William.—Bygone Church Life in Scotland. Ed. by

William Andrews. 8vo, London, 1899.

Annals of the Parish of Dalmailing. i2tno, Edinburgh, 1821.

Aytoun, W. E. (ed.)—The Ballads of Scotland. 2 vols. 8vo,

Edinburgh, 1858.

3rd ed., revised and augmented. 2 vols., ib. 1871.

Baillie, Principal.—Letters and Journals. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh,


Balfour, Sir James.—Practicks, or System of the more ancient

Law of Scotland, fol., Edinburgh, 1754.

Ballads.—Four Books of Choice Old Scottish Ballads, 1823-44.

8vo, Edinburgh. Reprinted for private circulation, 1868.

Ballads and Poems by Members of the Glasgow Ballad Club.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1885.

Barr, Amelia E.—The Last of the McAlisters [n.d.].

[Beattie, James.]—Scoticisms, arranged in alphabetical order,

designed to correct improprieties of speech and writing.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1787.

Biographia Presbyteriana. Vol. I containing the lives of the

Rev. Mr. Alexander Peden [1728], the Rev. Mr. John

Scmple [1727], the Rev. Mr. John^Welwood [1727], and

the Rev. Mr. Richard Cameron [1727]. By Patrick Walker.

Vol. II containing the lives of the Rev. Mr. Donald Cargill

[1732], and Mr. Walter Smith [1732] ; by Patrick Walker.

And the Rev. Mr. James Renwick, by the Rev. Alex.

Shields. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1827.

Birnie, William—The Blam of Kirk-Buriall, tending to perswade

Cemiteriall Civilitie, 1606. Ed. by W. Turnbull. London,


Blakhal, Gilbert.—A Breiffe Narration of the services done to

three noble ladyes, 1631 -1649. 4to, Aberdeen, Spalding

Club, 1844.

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Var. dates.

Book.of Scottish Poems, The ; ancient and modern. Ed., with

memoirs of the authors, by J. Ross. 2 vols. 8vo, Paisley,


Boswell, Alexander.- Songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect.

Edinburgh, 1803.

Poetical Works, now first collected and ed. by R. Howie

Smith. 8vo, Glasgow, 1871.

Breadalbane, A.—Memories of the Manse. Glimpses of Scottish

Life and Character [c. 1890].

Brown, T.—A Dictionary of the Scottish Language; comprehending

all the words in common use in the writings of Scott,

Burns, Wilson, Ramsay, and other popular Scottish authors.

i2mo, London, 1845.

Bruce, Michael.—Lectures and Sermons, Good News in Evil

Times, &c. 4to, 1708.

Soul Confirmation, a Sermon, 1709.

Bruce, Robert.—Sermons, reprinted from the original edition of

1590 and 1591. With collections for his life, by Robert

Wodrow. Ed. W. Cunningham, D.D. 8vo, Edinburgh,

Wodrow Soc. 1843.

Buchanan, George.—The Works of Mr. George Buchanan, in

the Scottish language : containing The Chamaeleon, a

satire against the Laird of Lidingtone. And an Admonition

to the true Lords, maintainers of justice, and obedience to

the King's grace, pp. 51. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1823.

[Calder, Robert.]—Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Display'd ;

or, the folly of their teaching discover'd, from their books,

sermons, prayers, &c, with considerable additions, taken

from scarce and valuable MSS., &c. i2mo, London, 1847.

[1st ed. 1694.]

Caledonian Muse, The: a chronological selection of Scottish

poetry from the earliest times. Ed. Joseph Ritson. 8vo,

London, 1821.

Campbell, C. M.—Deilie Jock, 1897.

Carlop Green, or Equality Realized; a poem,in three cantos.

Written in the year 1793. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1817.

Carr, Sir John.—Caledonian Sketches, or a Tour through

Scotland in 1807. 4to, London, 1807.

Chambers, Robert (ed.).—The Scottish Songs; collected and

illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1829.

The Scottish Ballads ; collected and illustrated, ib. 1829.

Popular Rhymes of Scotland. New ed., 8vo, London [1870].

[1st ed. 1826.]

Child, Francis James (ed.).—English and Scottish Ballads.

4 vols. 8vo, Boston, 1857.

The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. In 10 pts. 4to,

Boston [1882-98].

Clan-Albin, a national tale. 4 vols. I2mo, Edinburgh, i8rs.

Cleland, William.—Collection of Poems. 8vo, [], 1697.

Cochran-Patrick, R. W.—Mediaeval Scotland. Chapters on

agriculture, manufactures, factories, taxation, revenue, trade,

commerce, weights and measures. 8vo, Glasgow, 1892.

Collin, Zacharias.—An Essay on the Scots-English Dialect.

An academical dissertation, pp. 85. 8vo, Lund, 1862.

Colvil, John.—Mock Poem. 2 parts, 8vo, London, 1681.

Colvil, Samuel.—The Whigs' Supplication, or the Scots Hudibras,


Colville, James.—The Scottish Vernacular as a Philological

Study. [From the Proceedings of the Philosophical Society

of Glasgow.] pp. 20. 8vo, Glasgow, 1898-99.

Comic Poems of the years 1685 and 1793; on rustic scenes

in Scotland at the times to which they refer : with explanatory

and illustrative notes. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1817.

Complaint, The : a poem on the proposed tax on powdered heads,

pp. 11. I2mo, Edinburgh, 1795.

Cracks about the Church.—A Crack aboot the Kirk for kintra

folk. 6th ed., 8vo, Glasgow [1843].

A Second Crack aboot the Kirk for kintra folk. 4th ed., ib.


A Third Crack aboot the Kirk, or questions for the times,

answered by modern reformers. 4th ed., ib.

Cross, William The Disruption : a tale of trying times. 2nd

ed., 8vo, Glasgow, 1877. [1st ed. 1844.]

Cunningham, Allan.—Songs : chiefly in the Rural Language of

Scotland, pp. xx, 83. 8vo, London, 1813.

Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, a dramatic poem ; the Mermaid of

Galloway; the Legend of Richard Faulder; and twenty

Scottish songs, ib. 1822.

Traditional Tales of the English and Scotish peasantry. 2 vols.

i2mo, London, 1822. [New ed. 1874.]

The Songs of Scotland, ancient and modern, with an introduction,

and notes historical and critical, and characters of

the lyric poets. 4 vols. 8vo, London, 1825.

Dick, John.—A Dictionary of the Scottish Language : containing

an explanation of upwards of 6,000 words used by the most

celebrated ancient and modern Scottish authors. Edinburgh,


Dickson, David.—Select Practical Writings, 1660. Ed. 1845.


Dickson, Nicholas.—The Kirk Beadle: a collection of anecdotes

and incidents relating to the Minister's Man. 8vo, Glasgow,


The Elder at the Plate: a collection of anecdotes and incidents.

ib. 1892.

The Auld Scotch Minister, as sketched in anecdote and story

by Nicholas Dickson. ib. 1892.

The Auld Scotch Precentor, as sketched in anecdote and story

by Nicholas Dickson. ib. 1894.

Discipline, a novel. 3 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1814.

Dixon, James Henry (ed.).—Scottish Traditional Versions of

Ancient Ballads. Percy Soc. 1845.

Donald, G. W.—Poems, Ballads, and Songs, iamo, Arbroath,


Donaldson, Thomas.—Poems, chiefly in the Scotish dialect;

both humourous and entertaining. 8vo, Alnwick, 1809.

Drummond, William.—The Muckomachy; or the Midden-Fecht

(Polemo-Middinia): a poem, in three cantos. With enlargements

by the moderns, pp. 70. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1846.

Duncan, Andrew.—Appendix Etymologiae. Edinburgi, 1595.

Ed. W. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1874.

Dysart.—Notices from the Local Records of Dysart. Ed.

W. Muir, Maitland Club. 4to, Glasgow, 1853.

Edgar, Andrew.—Old Church Life in Scotland : lectures on

Kirk-Session and Presbytery Records, and Series. 8vo,

Paisley, 1886.

Edinburgh Topographical, Traditional, and Antiquarian

Magazine, The. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1848.

Elcho Castle; or Edmund and Velina: a tale. pp. 12.

I2mo, Stirling, 1796.

Erskine,John.—Institute of the Law of Scotland, fol., Edinburgh,


Farmers' Journal, The. Var. dates.

Ferguson, David.—A Collection of Scottish Proverbs. The

greatest part of which were at first gathered together by

Mr. David Ferguson, and put into an alphabetical order

after he departed this life, anno 1598. pp. 35. 8vo,

Edinburgh [1641], ed. 1785.

Ferrier, Susan E.—Marriage, 1818.

The Inheritance, 1824.

Destiny, 1831.

Findlater, Jane Helen.—The Green Graves of Balgowrie, 1896.

Finlay, James (ed.) Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads,

chiefly ancient, with explanatory notes and a glossary.

2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1808.

Fittis, Robert Scott.—Sports and Pastimes of Scotland, historically

illustrated. 8vo, Paisley, 1891.

Fleming, Robert The Fulfilling of the Scripture, fol., London,


Forbes, John.—Certaine Records touching the estate of the Kirk

in the years 1605 and 1606. 8vo, Edinburgh. Wodrow

Soc. 1846.

Ford, Robert.—Thistledown. A book of Scotch humour,

character, folk-lore, story and anecdote. I2mo, Paisley,

1891. New and enlarged ed. 8vo, Paisley, 1895.

Francisque-Michel.—A critical inquiry into the Scottish

language with the view of illustrating the rise and progress

of civilisation in Scotland. 4to, Edinburgh, 1882.

Galloway, George.—Poems. The Tears of Poland. To which are

added, songs on various subjects, Scots and English ; with

other poetical pieces. 2nd ed. pp. 42. i2tno, Edinburgh,

1795. [1st ed. 1788.]

Poems on various subjects, Scotch and English ; to which are

added, songs and jests, &c, &c. pp. 76. ib. 1792.

The Fatal Effects of Duelling; or an elegy on the much

lamented death of Lieutenant William Graham.... To which

are added, Dunbarton Castle, The Stirling Jug, An Epistle

to R. G., Answer, pp. 12. ib. 1795.

The Admirable Crichton, a tragedy; in five acts. To which

are added, songs, and other pieces in verse, pp. 79. ib.


The Battle of Luncarty, or the valiant Hays triumphant over

the Danish invaders ; a drama of five acts. With other

pieces in verse, &c. To which is prefixed, an essay on the

drama, relative to Scotland, including some account of the

author, pp. x, 84. ib. 1804.

Victorious Nelson, an ode. With other poems, pp. 24. ib.


The Honest Sutor's Magazine; or King Crispin's Review :

containing miscellaneous pieces in prose and verse. By

the Author ofthe Tragedy of Crichton, &c. pp.36. 16.1810.

Elegy on his Grace Henry Duke of Buccleugh, &c. Born

Sept. 1746;—came to the dukedom 1752;—died Jan. 11,

1812. pp. 8. ib. 1812.

Glenfergus. 3 vols. iamo, Edinburgh, 1820.

Gordon, Patrick.—A short abridgement of Britane's Distemper,

from the yeare of God 1639 to 1649. 4to> Aberdeen, Spalding

Club, 1849.

Grey, Cyril.—The Misanthrope's Heir. London, 1897.

Guid Scotch Dictionary; a dictionary of the Scottish language.

By Cleishbotham the Younger. Ed. 1897.

Guthrie, E. J.—Scottish Customs, local and general. 8vo,

London, 1885.

Guthry, Henry.—Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, iamo,

Glasgow, 1747.

Hamilton, Elizabeth.—The Cottagers of Glenburnie; a tale of

the farmer's ingle-nook. 2nd ed. 1808.

Handbook ofthe Scottish Language, a compendious dictionary.

By Cleishbotham the Younger, 1858.

Harding, R. F.—Glenairlie, or the Last of the Graemes, 1884.

Heddle, Ethel T.—Marget at the Manse, 1899.

Colina's Island, 1900.

Henderson, Andrew.—Scottish Proverbs, collected and arranged

by Andrew Henderson, with an introductory essay by

W. Motherwell. I2mo, Edinburgh, 1832.

New ed., with explanatory notes and a glossary by James

Donald. 8vo, Glasgow, 1881.

Henderson, George The Gospel of St. Matthew, translated

into Lowland Scotch. i6mo, London. [Impensis L. L.

Bonaparte, 1862.]

The Song of Solomon in Lowland Scotch. From the Authorised

English Version, pp. 19. i6mo. [Impensis L. L. Bonaparte,


Henderson, T. F.—Old-world Scotland. Glimpses of its modes

and manners. 8vo, London, 1893.

Herd, David.A collection of Ancient and Modern Scottish

Songs, heroic ballads. 2 vols. iamo, Edinburgh, 1776.

Hislop, Alexander.—The Proverbs of Scotland, collected and

arranged, with notes explanatory and illustrative, and

a glossary, ismo, Glasgow, 1862. [ed. 1874.]

The Book of Scottish Anecdote: humorous, social, legendary,

and historical. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1874.

Hogg, James.—The Jacobite Relics of Scotland ; being the

songs, airs, and legends of the adherents to the House of

Stuart, a vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1819.

Reprinted from the original ed. 2 vols. 8vo, Paisley, 1874.

Holdsworth, A. E.—How Dave won back to Lizbeth, in

Chapman's Magazine, Oct. 1895.

Howetoon. Records of a Scottish Village. By a Residenter.

8vo, Paisley fn.d.].

Hume, David.—Domestic Details by Sir David Hume of Crossrig,

one of the senators of the College of Justice : April 28,

1697—Jan. 29, 1707. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1843.

Hunter, P. Hay.—John Armiger's Revenge, 1897.

Hunter, P. Hay, and Whyte, Walter.—My Ducats and my

Daughter. Ed. 1895.

Jamieson, John.—An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish

Language : illustrating the words in their different significations,

by examples from ancient and modern writers;

shewing their affinity to those of other languages, and

especially the Northern ; explaining many terms, which,

though now obsolete in England, were formerly common to

both countries; and elucidating national rites, customs, and

institutions, in their analogy to those of other nations : to

which is prefixed, a dissertation on the origin of the

Scottish language. 2 vols. 4to, Edinburgh, 1808.

New ed., carefully revised and collated, with the entire

Supplement incorporated, by John Longmuir and David

Donaldson. 4 vols. 4to, Paisley, 1879-82. = ^JAM.)

Jamieson, Robert.—Popular Ballads and Songs, from tradition,

manuscripts, and scarce editions; with translations of

similar pieces from the ancient Danish language, and a few

originals by the Editor. 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1806.

John Nip-Nebs, in Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, 1837.

Jokes. For the people by the people : being a choice collection

ofthe raciest and most original wit and humour ofthe day,

selected from the Prize Joke column of the Dundee Weekly

News. I2mo, Dundee, 1889.

2nd Series, ib. 1889.

Kathleen, St., or the Rock of Dunnismoyle. 4 vols. iamo,


Kean, S Both Worlds Barred, 1894.


Keith, Leslie.—A Lost Illusion, 1890.

'Lisbeth, 1894.

The Love of Prue, 1895.

The Indian Uncle, 1896.

My Bonny Lady, 1897.

Kelly, James.A complete Collection of Scotish Proverbs,

explained and made intelligible to the English reader.

8vo, London, 1721.

Kettle, R. M.—The Highland Sister's Promise and other stories,


Kinloch, George Ritchie (ed.) The Ballad Book. Edinburgh,

1827. Another ed. 1868.

Ancient Scottish Ballads, recovered from tradition, and never

before published : with notes, historical and explanatory :

and an appendix, containing the airs of several of the ballads.

8vo, London, 1827.

Kirkton, James.—The secret and true history of the Church of

Scotland, from the Restoration to the year 1678. To which

is added, an account of the murder of Archbishop Sharp,

by James Russell, an actor therein. Ed. from the MSS.

by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe. 4to, Edinburgh, 1817.

Lang, Andrew.—A Monk of Fife, 1896.

Lawson, Mrs. J. K.—A Vain Sacrifice, 1892.

Lawson, John Parker.—The Book of Perth : an illustration of

the moral and ecclesiastical state of Scotland before and

after the Reformation. With introductions, observations,

and notes. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1847.

Leighton, Robert.—Scotch Words and the Bapteesement o' the

Bairn. 3rd ed. pp. iv, 24. i2mo, London, 1869.

Lennox Garland, A; gleaned from divers fields of Scottish

Poesy, i860.

Lindesay of Pitscottie, Robert.—The Historie and Cronicles of

Scotland. Ed. by J5L. J. G. Mackay. 2 vols. 1899.

Lintoun Green, or the third market day of June, O. S., 1685.

A poem in nine cantos. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1817.

Lockhart, J. G.—Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 3 vols., 1819.

Some Passages in the life of Adam Blair, 182a.

Reginald Dalton, a novel. 3 vols., 1823.

Lorimer, George.—Leaves from the Buik of the West Kirke.

With a preface by the Rev. James MacGregor. 4to,

Edinburgh, 1885.

Lyndsay, Sir David.—Poetical Works [c.1568]. New ed., carefully

revised. [Ed. David Laing.] 2 vols. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1871.

Mackay, Charles (ed.) The Legendary and Romantic Ballads

of Scotland, ismo, London, 1861.

The Poetry and Humour of the Scottish Language. 8vo,

London, 1882.

A Dictionary of Lowland Scotch, with an introductory chapter

on the poetry, humour, and literary history of the Scottish

language, and an appendix of Scottish proverbs. 4to,

Edinburgh, 1888.

Madeod, N._The Starling, 1867.

McUroy, Archibald.—By Lone Craig-Linnie Burn. 8vo, London,


McNeill, P.—The Battle of Preston, Gaffer Gray, and other poems

and songs. Edinburgh [c. 1895].

Magopico, Mas John.—Memoirs of the Life, Character, Sentiments

and Doctrines of that celebrated pulpit hero,

Mas John Magopico, . . . together with anecdotes of the

life of his very reverend friend, trusty bottle-companion,

and fellow-labourer in the vineyard, Plumbino. pp. 36.

8vo, Paisley, 1836.

Maidment, James (ed.).—A New Book of Old Ballads, 1844.

[ed. 1868.]

Scottish Ballads and Songs. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1859.

Scottish Ballads and Songs, historical and traditionary. 2 vols.

ib. 1868.

A Book of Scotch Pasquils, 1568-1715. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1868.

A North Countrie Garland, 1824. ib. 1868.

Maxwell (Of Arkland).—Select Transactions of the Society of

Improvers in the Knowledge of Agriculture in Scotland.

8vo, Edinburgh, 1743.

Practical Bee Master. I2mo, Edinburgh, 1747.

Melvil, Sir James.—The Memoirs of Sir James Melvil of Halhill:

containing an impartial account of the most remarkable

affairs of state during the sixteenth century, not mentioned

by other historians : more particularly relating to the

kingdoms of England and Scotland, under the reigns of

Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James.

Published from the original manuscript, by George Scott.

anded.. corrected. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1735.

Melvill, James.—The Autobiography and Diary of Mr. James

Melvill [1598]. With a continuation of the diary [1610].

Ed. by Robert Pitcairn. 8vo, Edinburgh.Wodrow Soc. 1842.

Melville, Andrew.—Extracts from the Commonplace Book of

Andrew Melville, doctor and master in the Song School of

Aberdeen, 1621-40. 8vo, Aberdeen, 1899.

Memoirs of Veitch, Hog, &c, 1680. Edinburgh, 1846.

Miller, Hugh.—My Schools and Schoolmasters, or the story of

my education. 8vo, Edinburgh, 1852.

Miller, William.—Willie Winkie and other songs and poems.

Ed., with an introduction, by Robert Ford. 4to, Paisley,

1902* [1st ed. 1863.]

Miscellany of Popular Scottish Poems, chiefly of a humorous

and descriptive character. With notes. i6mo, London,


Mitchell, Hugh.—Scotticisms, Vulgar Anglicisms, and Grammatical

Improprieties corrected, with reasons for the corrections

; being a collection upon a new plan : alphabetically

arranged, and adapted to the use of academies, men of

business, and private families, pp. x, 96. iarao, Glasgow,


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