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Refund Policy

ADEA AADSAS does not issue a refund for submitted applications. To withdraw your ADEA AADSAS application from consideration you must send a letter to ADEA AADSAS. In the letter, include your full name, ADEA AADSAS ID number, and the reason why you are withdrawing your application.

Returned Checks

ADEA AADSAS charges a returned check fee of $35 for all checks returned by the bank after deposit. AADSAS will notify you if your check is returned. During that time, you will be informed to pay the original fee along with the penalty fee by money order or certified check within 10 business days. ADEA AADSAS will stop the processing of your application and the dental schools will be informed.

Dental School Supplemental Fees

Some dental schools request an additional fee (supplemental) after you have completed the ADEA AADSAS Application. DO NOT SEND THE SUPPLEMENTAL FEES TO ADEA AADSAS. Supplemental fees will be returned to you and should be sent directly to the dental school(s) requesting them.

Fee Assistance Program (FAP)

This program was created for applicants who demonstrate an extreme need for financial assistance. Eligibility for FAP is determined by reviewing the financial resources of the applicant, spouse, and parent/guardian of the applicant. All FAP applicants are required to meet minimum qualifications before applying. This program is not affiliated with any government, college or university, scholarship, grant or fellowship programs. This is an independent program offered by ADEA.

It is important that you read all FAP policies and instructions carefully before completing an FAP application. Failing to thoroughly read policies and instructions may result in a delay in processing your requests, and result in missed deadlines and disqualification for fee assistance.

The Fee Assistance Program becomes available on June 4, 2012, with the start of the 2013 ADEA AADSAS application at which time applicant may begin applying. You may submit your request for Fee Assistance between June 4, 2012 and January 1, 2013 (or until all FAP funding is awarded). To receive Fee Assistance, applicants must complete the “Fee Assistance Application” section and mail all FAP required documents (FAP Packet) to ADEA AADSAS FAP. Applicants have 10 days from the time they complete the FAP section to submit their FAP Packet.

Note: Applicants should not eSubmit their ADEA AADSAS application while a FAP decision is pending. Applicants that eSubmit their application will no longer qualify for FAP and their request for Fee Assistance will automatically be denied.

FAP Packet (Required and Supplemental Documents)

After an applicant has completed and saved the online FAP section, he/she will be required to mail required and supplemental documents to ADEA AADSAS for FAP. These documents are used to determine eligibility.

The FAP Packet that you mail to ADEA AADSAS must contain:

  • ADEA AADSAS FAP Cover Sheet

  • Documentation of income for 2011 (see options below)

The documents you are required to submit in your FAP Packet are based on your dependency status and tax filing status.

  • If you were born on or after January 1, 1987, you must provide documentation of 2011 income for yourself, your spouse (if applicable), and your parents.

  • If you were born before January 1, 1987, you must provide documentation of 2011 income for yourself and your spouse (if applicable).

FAP packets received without the proper documentation including the coversheet will automatically be denied for FAP. If you have questions concerning this process contact

Reminder: Due to heavy volume, it may take up to 5 business days to review your application. Applicants should be aware that they have 10 business days to send their FAP Packet to ADEA AADSAS.

For more detailed information regarding the FAP, please see FAP instructions or visit the 2013 ADEA AADSAS Application.

Supplemental Material Sent to Dental Schools

Send only required documents to ADEA AADSAS. Any other documents received by ADEA AADSAS including supplemental materials requested by specific dental schools will be considered unrelated materials. ADEA AADSAS will not return unrelated materials to you, nor forward the unrelated materials to designated dental schools. Examples include resumes, photographs, writing samples, certificates, official DAT scores from the ADA or the CDA and other miscellaneous documents.

Supplemental Applications and Fees

In addition to the ADEA AADSAS application, dental school programs may require you to send a supplemental application and fee directly to the institution. Supplemental application deadlines may vary from school to school. Review the “Supplemental Information” section in the Dental School Designation folder on the login page of the ADEA AADSAS application.

The Supplemental Table for specific dental schools is located on the home page of the 2013 ADEA AADSAS Application.

Check the Applicant Portal or the ADEA website periodically for any changes that may occur. ADEA AADSAS is not responsible for any deadline dates missed or missing information.

Before E-Submitting Your Application

Review the checklist below again to ensure that you properly complete the ADEA AADSAS application process:


Did you…

Complete the sections labeled:

  • Biographic Information

  • Parent and Family Information

  • Background Information

  • Disadvantaged Status

  • Secondary (High) School Information

  • Colleges Attended/Coursework (Transcript Matching Form)  Canadian DAT Scores

Complete all sections of Professional Experience:

  1. Academic Enrichment Programs

  2. Awards, Honors, Scholarships

  3. Dentistry Experience: Paid/Volunteer/Job Shadowing

  4. Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service

  5. Research Experience

  6. Work Experience


  • Personal Statement

  • Evaluators (LOE Matching Form)

  • Release Statement

  • Dental School Designations

  • Apply to the Fee Assistance Program (FAP) (if applicable) o Submit FAP Coversheet with all required documents to ADEA AADSAS

Please note that applicants applying to the Fee Assistance Program (FAP) should only select one dental school designation before eSubmitting their ADEA AADSAS application.

If approved, the first original dental school designation will be waived. If denied, please send check/money order to ADEA AADSAS in the amount of $238 to cover your first original dental school designation fee. Applicants will be allowed to apply to additional dental schools once the FAP decision has been made and applicants complete the FAP process. Applicants that submit payment (credit card or mailed check/money order) while a FAP decision is still pending will no longer be eligible for the Fee Assistance Program. Fee Assistance is not available for applicants applying to additional dental school designations.

Print and use an “ADEA AADSAS Transcript Matching Form” to accompany each of your official transcript requests?

Print and use the “ADEA AADSAS Letter of Evaluation Matching Form” to accompany each of your paper evaluation letters?

Enter all of your U.S., U.S. Overseas, and Canadian coursework from your transcripts?

Enter your entire International (foreign, non-U.S.) coursework from your transcripts?

Review your application for accuracy?

Print a copy of your completed application for your personal records?

Send payment to ADEA AADSAS?

Dental School Admission Checklist

If required by the dental school, did you…

☐ Submit a supplemental application and fee directly to the dental school?

After E-Submitting Your ADEA AADSAS Application

ADEA AADSAS Application Cycle

The ADEA AADSAS application cycle begins on June 4, 2012 for Fall 2013 enrollment. You may start your ADEA AADSAS application as soon as it is available. Check the deadline date for each designated dental school you plan to apply to, to ensure you meet the required deadline dates. The first application deadline is September 1, 2012 and the last application deadline is February 1, 2013. The 2013 ADEA AADSAS application cycle closes on February 1, 2013.

What’s Next?

ADEA AADSAS considers your application complete and begins processing after the following are received:

  1. Complete ADEA AADSAS application (submitted online)HUwww.adea.orgUH

  2. One official transcript from every college and university attended mailed directly to ADEA AADSAS from the institution’s registrar office.

  3. Application fee (credit card via online application, check, or money order).

ADEA AADSAS does UnotU hold up the processing of your application if your letters of evaluation have not arrived.

Allow 4-6 weeks for application processing.

Monitoring the Status of Your ADEA AADSAS Application

You can check the status of many items in your application, including the date(s) transcript(s) and letters of evaluation are received by ADEA AADSAS, when your transcripts have been verified and GPA’s have been computed, and when your application information has been sent to the dentals schools both electronically and in printed form.

Important messages can also be sent to you by ADEA AADSAS either through email or through your application.

If you have questions that cannot be answered by reading the ADEA AADSAS Instructions or FAQ’s or by monitoring your application status online, you can contact Customer Service either by phone 617-612-2045 or by email (

Updating Your Coursework – Academic Update

After initially e-submitting your ADEA AADSAS application, you may want to update your college coursework history to reflect newly completed or planned/in progress courses.

ADEA AADSAS provides the opportunity to update coursework during the Academic Update period (the date will be posted to the ADEA AADSAS Calendar). Approximately 30 days prior to the Academic Update period, applicants will receive an email message from ADEA AADSAS, providing specific instructions on how to update coursework information.

During the Academic Update period, applicants can supply grades earned for courses that were listed in the “Course Planned/In Progress” section of the application, and can add/delete/modify courses listed in that section.

Be sure to submit an official transcript reflecting new grades that are added during the Academic Update. All new grades will be verified and new ADEA AADSAS GPA’s computed and made available to your designated dental schools.

How to Complete the Academic Update

Specific instructions on how to update courses are sent via email to ADEA AADSAS applicants approximately 30 days prior to the Academic Update period.

Reporting Grade Changes

Occasionally, applicants report that a grade has been changed on a transcript that has already been verified. This can occur when a grade has been successfully appealed or when a recording error occurred at the college/university. To report grade changes to ADEA AADSAS, contact ADEA Customer Service by phone 617-612-2045 or email: for further instructions. Grade changes that are the result of removal of Incomplete or Deferred grade changes can be updated only during the Academic Update period.

GPA Calculations

After ADEA AADSAS receives ALL your official U.S., U.S. Territory and Canadian transcripts, a course-bycourse verification process is conducted. Verification refers to the matching of courses on your official transcripts with

the courses you entered in the Coursework section of your ADEA AADSAS application. ADEA AADSAS checks the course information you reported on your application against your official transcripts, and will report any discrepancies to your designated dental schools.

To calculate a grade-point average (GPA), ADEA AADSAS calculates your total quality points by multiplying semester hours attempted by the value of the verified ADEA AADSAS grade. Quarter hours and units are converted to semester hours (quarter hours are multiplied by .667). Quality points are divided by the total number of hours for completed courses to calculate a GPA. ADEA AADSAS reports GPA’s in semester-based 4.0 grading scales.



















Quality Points Assigned


















ADEA AADSAS calculates your GPA and reports it in a number of ways:

  • BCP GPA: All undergraduate courses identified on your transcript as Biology, Chemistry and Physics are used in computing this GPA.

  • Science GPA: All undergraduate courses identified on your transcript as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and Other Science is used in computing this GPA.

  • Non-science GPA: All undergraduate courses not used in calculating the Science GPA are used to compute this GPA.

  • Undergraduate GPA: All courses for which undergraduate credit is received are used in computing this GPA.

  • Graduate GPA: All courses for which graduate credit is received are used in computing this GPA.

  • Overall GPA: All courses-both undergraduate and graduate- are used to compute this GPA. (For most dental school applicants who have not completed graduate courses, the overall GPA is the same as the Undergraduate GPA).

  • College/University GPA’s: GPA’s are reported for each college/university you have attended.

ADEA AADSAS GPA Calculation Rules

ADEA AADSAS calculates standardized GPA’s to help participating dental schools evaluate applicants using uniform and consistent criteria, regardless of various institutional transcript policies. ADEA AADSAS GPA’s may be different from those calculated by the colleges and universities because of the ADEA AADSAS grade standardization process. Institutions may choose to use the ADEA AADSAS GPA’s or calculate GPA’s for their own institutional use.

GPAs include verified course data from accredited U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities only.

All courses with credit hours and an ADEA AADSAS Grade are calculated into ADEA AADSAS GPA's, regardless of whether the credit counts toward a degree or has been counted toward a college/university GPA.

ADEA AADSAS counts grades and hours assigned by the school where the courses were originally taken, not by any school that has granted transfer credit. (The only exception to this rule is Study Abroad coursework that transferred to a U.S. or English-speaking Canadian institution with itemized credit and grades.)

  • ADEA AADSAS includes ALL initial AND repeated coursework in its GPA calculations.

  • Grades and credit hours for all FAILED courses will be included in the ADEA AADSAS GPA, even if they are not included in the GPA calculations of the transcript-issuing institution.

  • ADEA AADSAS automatically converts quarter hours to semester hours (Quarter Hour x .67). For example a 5 quarter credit hour course will be converted by ADEA AADSAS to 3.33 semester hours.

  • The following course types are not included in ADEA AADSAS GPA calculations.

Advanced Placement CLEP

International Baccalaureate Incomplete

 Audit

  • The Grade value of each course is multiplied by the semester hours for that course to determine quality points.

  • Cumulative quality points are divided by cumulative attempted hours. (Total Quality Points ÷ Total Credit Hours Attempted = GPA)

  • All credit hours are rounded to the hundredth place.

  • ADEA AADSAS GPAs are rounded at the hundredth place.

Numeric Grading Schemes

Some college transcripts report numeric grades rather than alpha (letter) grades. Registrars often provide a transcript key to indicate the letter value for each numeric grade. The letter value varies by college and university. For example, a “92” may be equal to an “A” at one institution and “B” at another institution. ADEA AADSAS verifies that the applicant selected the correct letter “ADEA AADSAS Grade” based on the transcript key. If the transcript does not indicate a corresponding letter grade, ADEA AADSAS will default to the standardized grade scale below.

Grade on Transcript “AADSAS Grade” and Value (No alpha grade key on transcript)
















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