That Good Good Life. So Nice It has to be Said Twice One often wonders, what it takes in order to truly live a

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Will Dyer


English 136

11 November 2018

That Good Good Life. So Nice It has to be Said Twice

One often wonders, what it takes in order to truly live a good life? Is it money, faith, service? Whether or not people hold actual “keys” to the perfect life, the question must be asked, how can someone actually live a good life? To some, there are many ways to find success and happily go about life, to others there are a few, tried, and true methods. Living a good life requires the understanding that hard work pays off and being kind to all people no matter who they are is always the right choice. Taking initiative in one’s life and making a daily effort to put in work whether it is in academics, athletics, or extra curriculars will result in better circumstances than the day before. Simply being a congenial person towards others and treating people who are better or lesser than one self takes no time, talent, or money and will result in an intrinsic gain that is priceless. These small, but powerful pieces of advice will have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Firstly, working hard every day is a choice and that is why it is the first step in creating a wonderful life. This step has absolutely nothing to do with money, fame, status, or power. It purely begins with making a choice every morning to get up and do a job. The phrase is beautifully stated by Ashton Kutcher when he exclaims, “Opportunities, they look a lot like hard work” (Kutcher, 2013). The speaker is inferring that each day, or opportunity, is a chance to work hard and makes something happen. It is up to individuals to wake up and motivate themselves to work hard day in and day out to create a life they are proud of. If they can do that, the “good life” will follow and the hard work will have all been worth it. When hard work becomes part of a person’s routine, a suitable existence will be something they have to look forward to.

Furthermore, being kind to people is a basic human right. It happens every day, whether it is in the hallways, the neighborhoods, or at home. Sadly, the opposite of this is far too common as well. Bullying, negative comments, social media dissing is a huge a part of society today. Unfortunately this leads to anxiety and misery among teens and many adults. People sometimes lack the ability to comfort others in times of need, and even hurt others because it may have happened to them at some point during their life. Whether it makes them feel strong, cool, or accepted, sometimes bullying or being mean can make certain people feel power. However, living a good life calls for the fair and just treatment of all. As the Bible states, “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” (Luke, 6:31). From the quote, the reader can infer that something as simple as following the golden can bring joviality to all. Treating people with kindness, dignity, and respect is a choice and if the correct choice is made, everyone involved will be living a good life.

To close, if living a good life were so simple everyone would be doing it. No one would be struggling in any area and to be honest, life would be pretty boring! There would be no obstacles, failures, or life lessons. What makes life so interesting is that there are so many speed bumps along the way. To change one’s life, work hard every day in order to achieve a goal. To change someone else’s life, be kind to them no matter who they are. If these two steps can be repeated on a regular basis, that person can conclude they have a good life!

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