Texas Creative Problem Solving Organization Scholarship Application Instructions: Complete and mail one

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Texas Creative Problem Solving Organization
Scholarship Application
Instructions:  Complete and mail ONE copy of each of the following:  Scholarship Application, one letter of recommendation from a school official, one letter of recommendation from your Team Manager, your Essay, and school transcript and official ACT or SAT scores if not on school transcript.
Application Deadline: See the Texas DI Scholarship Webpage
Section I. Personal Information
Name: _________________________ Home Phone or contact information: ______________________

Home Address: ____________________________________Social Security #: ___________________

City: ___________________________Zip: _________ Email: ________________________________

High School: ________________________________ School Phone: ___________________________

GPA: _____________ Scale Used (4 or 5 pt) Class Rank: _________ of _______students
Test Scores: SAT____________ (date) __________ ACT ____________ (date) __________
To which colleges/universities do you plan to apply? ____________________________________________________________________________________

Describe a personal or school project/activity that you applied the skills gained from a creative problem solving competition. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Section II. Creative Problem Solving Involvement (may be Destination Imagination, Odyssey of the Mind, or other CPS programs)

Number years of participation in creative problem solving programs: _________________
(League/Sub-regional Tournament _____, Regional Tournament _____, State Tournament _____, Global Finals______)
Are you currently on a DI team? ______Which challenge? ________________________________
Are you currently a DI volunteer? If so, what are you doing? _______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

Have you received any individual or team awards? If so when and which awards? ______________ ________________________________________________________________________________                                                               

List the creative Team Challenges, problems, or projects and the program in which you have participated in over the years: (Example: Dizzy Derby-challenge DI-program)
Challenge/Activity           CPS Program               Challenge/Activity          CPS Program
________________      _______________            ________________         ________________
 ________________        _______________            ________________         ________________
 ________________        _______________            ________________         ________________

What have you done to inspire others to participate in Destination Imagination or other creative problem solving programs? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Section III. Essay:  IdoDI

Please use your skills and creativity to tell us how Creative Problem Solving has helped you become the person you are today using the theme “I do DI”.  Limit this essay to one page or less.

The information on this form and contained in the application package is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

________________________________________________________        ______________________
Applicant’s Signature                                                                                        Date
Which of the following scholarships are you applying for?
TXCPSO Scholarships (Three $1000.00 scholarships offered)

_____ Juliet and Dave Thomas Scholarship - $1000 scholarship to a college bound Texas Destination ImagiNation participant.

_____ Texas Creative Problem Solving Organization is offering two $1000.00 scholarships to college bound Texas Destination Imagination Participants.

Application Deadline: See the Texas DI Website

These scholarships are open to all current year Texas High School Seniors.

Applications received incomplete or after the deadline will be automatically disqualified.

Mail to:  Address indicated on the Texas DI website. Please allow time for application to arrive ON or BEFORE the application deadline.
Download 9.74 Kb.

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