Territory Records (Records Disposal Schedule – Tertiary Student Management Records) Approval 2007 (No 1) Notifiable instrument ni2007—313

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Scope Note

An explanation of terms used in describing the records and the context in which they were made and used.


The process of applying appraisal decisions to individual records by determining the part of a Records Disposal Schedule that applies to the record and assigning a retention period consistent with that part.

Territory Archives

Records preserved for the benefit of present and future generations.



The provision of accommodation either through residential facilities or residential placements.
Placement 246

The service of providing accommodation through matching students with private accommodation such as boarding houses.
Student Accommodation 247

The service of providing accommodation through halls of residence or residential facilities. Also includes the activities associated with managing arrangements for students who do not live at home during term time.


The function of managing students within the institution or school. Includes the admissions, enrolment, exchange programmes, misconduct, graduation, prizes and scholarships.
Academic Misconduct 178

The activity of managing academic behaviour that is not in accordance with the institution's or school's statutes and rules especially involving work submitted for assessment. Includes undertaking investigations into allegations of suspected cheating or plagiarism and resulting action.
Academic Progress 179

The activity of guiding students' academic progress throughout their course of study including through production of transcripts of final results. Includes regular reports and grades given.
Appeals (decisions) 009

The activities involved in the process of appeals against decisions by application to a higher authority. [TARDiS]
Applications (courses) 249

Applications for admission to courses of study offered by the institution (this includes under-graduate, post-graduate and special admission scheme courses). Use Standard, Non-standard, Incomplete or Unsuccessful.
Apprentices / Trainees 180

The activities associated with combined structured training and paid employment to gain experience in the workplace as well as to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. May include arrangements for work experience.
Audit 013

The activities associated with officially checking financial, quality assurance and operational records to ensure they have been kept and maintained in accordance with agreed or legislated standards and correctly record the events, processes and business of the agency in a specified period. Includes compliance audits, financial audits, operational audits, recordkeeping audits, skills audits, system audits and quality assurance audits. [TARDiS]

Awards, Prizes and Medals 181

The activity of bestowing on students informal awards, scholarships, bursaries, prizes or fellowships. They may take the form of money, medals, certificates, the waiving of fees, merit awards and other forms of acknowledgement of achievement. Some will have conditions placed on the student and/or the institution. This includes both internal and external awards.
Cases 016

This activity descriptor should be used where there is a need to keep a number of activities together on one file, for legislative or operational reasons. Case files relate to particular incidents, persons, organisations or clients. [TARDiS]
Committees 020

The activities associated with the managing of committees and task forces.
Includes the committee's establishment, appointment of members, terms of reference, proceedings, minutes of meetings, reports, agenda etc. [TARDiS]
Enquiries 040

The activities associated with handling requests for information about the agency and its services by the general public, agency employees or another agency. [TARDiS]
Enrolment 182

The process of registering/enrolling in a course or subject.
Examination and Assessment 186

The process of testing knowledge and understanding of students by examination and other techniques, such as ongoing assessment. Includes arrangements for subject and university entrance examinations.
Exchange Programs 187

The exchange of students between institutions.
Marketing 070

The process of analysing, creating and selling products and services. Includes market research, sales forecasting, advertising, media releases, promotion, pricing and product evaluation. [TARDiS]

Modifications 188

Changes to subjects or units as well as personal details (information such as name change, address and telephone/contact detail variations). Includes application forms and supporting documentation such as marriage or birth certificates, statutory declarations.
Payments 077

The activities involved in the preparation and payment of money. [TARDiS]
Policy 080

The activities associated with developing and establishing decisions, directions and precedents which act as a reference for future decision making, as the basis from which the agency's operating procedures are determined. [TARDiS]
Procedures 082

Standard methods of operating laid down by the agency according to formulated policy. [TARDiS]
Recognition of Prior Studies / Learning 189

The activity of assessing and recognizing prior studies undertaken by a student that may satisfy part of the academic requirements of a course in which the student is enrolled. May include recognition of studies undertaken interstate or overseas. Also known as Advanced Standing.
Reporting 088

The processes associated with initiating or providing a formal response to a situation or request (either internal, external or as a requirement of corporate policies), and to provide formal statements or findings of the results of the examination or investigation. Includes agenda, briefing, business, discussion papers, proposals, reports, reviews and returns. [TARDiS]
Student Attendance 190

Attendance for examinations or other assessment activities and non-accredited programs.
Student Graduation 191

Admission to degree, diploma, certificate, statement of attainment or other qualification.

Student Grievances 326

The activities associated with the handling and resolution of grievances. Includes handling complaints over perceived discrimination, harassment by staff or fellow students.
Student Identification 192

The provision of student identification, usually in the form of student ID cards, including library cards.
Student Misconduct 348

The activities and actions associated with the disciplinary process for processing student complaints against fellow students. Includes investigations, charges, punishment and appeals.
Student Transcripts 193

The official record of the marks/grades achieved by a student in the course of the degree or program undertaken. May also be known as final results.
Supervision (higher degree students) 250

Management of higher degree students (e.g. Masters and PhD level students) where assessment is not by coursework but by thesis or other significant work.

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