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Principal: Peyton Chapman

Lincoln High School

1600 SW Salmon

Portland, OR 97205

Telephone: 503-916-5200

Fax: 503-916-2700

School Website:

Dear Students and Parents:

This Activities Handbook and Calendar has been developed for you. In it you will find important dates and how to get needed assistance. Look here for the names of your student body officers as well as information on curriculum, counseling, athletics, activities and student government. Keep this Handbook/Calendar/ Planner readily accessible and refer to it when you have questions regarding dates and activities at Lincoln High School. The Planner section will be useful for recording assignments, test dates and class notes. Student success is directly related to being organized. We strongly recommend that you use this planner to keep track of homework, projects, tests and other important deadlines.

The Portland Public Schools also publishes a Handbook on Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline. These publications are distributed to students during the school year.

Please call us at 503-916-5200 if you need further information. Remember, Lincoln is your school, and we are is here to provide you with an excellent educational program. If you have questions or need our help, please let us know.


Peyton Chapman, Principal


Athletics Room 126

Attendance Room 104

Civic Use of Buildings Room 104

Clubs Room 104

College Information Counseling Office

Donations Room 104

Enrollment Room 104

Facility Issues Room 104

ID/Student Body Cards Room 104

Illness Nurse - Room 126

Locker Questions Campus Monitors

Lost and Found Room 104

Mental Health Counseling Office

Personal Problems Counseling Office

Scholarship Information Counseling Office

Theft Reporting Campus Monitors

Transcripts Counseling Office

Tri-Met Information Room 104

Withdrawal from School Room 104

Admin Team

Principal Peyton Chapman

Curriculum/Counseling Vice Principal Ginger Taylor

Vice Principal (Students last name A-Lh) Sean Mailey

Vice Principal (Students last name Li-Z) Alfredo Quintero

Business Manager Jill Ross

Leadership Advisor Hanisi Accetta

Athletic Director Jessica Russell

IB Coordinator JoAnn Wadkins

Support Personnel

Principal’s Secretary Charelle Pennington

School Secretary……………………………………………………………………………. …Katie Leathers

Vice Principal’s Secretary Cynthia Roberts

Vice Principal’s Secretary Jennifer Herbst

IB Office Secretary……………………………………………………………………………… ….April Lutz

Athletic Office Secretary……………………………………………………………………… ...Wes Warren

Book Clerk Pam Royal

Bookkeeper Laura Lambert

Nurse ………Mary Johnson

Counseling Office (assigned by last name)

Counselor A-Cn James McGee

Counselor Co-G Shae Morris

Counselor H-Ll Danielle Holloway

Counselor Lm-Nd Marquita Guzman

Counselor Ne-Sk Debra Sankovitz

Counselor Sl-Z Sada Dewey

Mental Health Jim Hanson


The first public high school in the Pacific Northwest, known as Portland High School, later to be called Lincoln, began in the second story of the North School at Northwest 11th and Davis. On April 26, 1869, forty-five students who had passed a written examination assembled with their two teachers to begin such courses as Rhetoric, Philosophy, Astronomy, Geology and Greek, together with the traditional three R’s. Of these, five students completed requirements for the first graduation held in 1875. Establishment of the new high school was significant because the first public high school in the nation had begun in Boston only a decade earlier.

In 1874, the high school moved to the Central School which occupied what is now Pioneer Square, then in 1879 to the Park School on the present Art Museum location. Finally in 1885, the first structure built in Portland expressly to house a high school was erected at Southwest 14th and Morrison. During this time, the name was changed to Lincoln High School. In 1912, having outgrown its building, Lincoln moved to its new home in the Park Blocks, now known as PSU’s Lincoln Hall. The final move came in 1952, when the present school building was built on the site of the Jacob Kamm Estate. In 1994, students, staff and alumni celebrated Lincoln’s 125th anniversary.

Throughout their history, the Lincoln Cardinals have demonstrated a commitment to academic achievement and community participation. In 1976, Lincoln was designated as the center for a specialized program in foreign language and international studies. Though PPS no longer has a magnet program, the International Studies Center is open to all Lincoln students interested in expanding their options in foreign language study and international culture and relations.

Lincoln is also one of two high schools in Portland Public Schools authorized to offer the International Baccalaurate Diploma program (IB), a comprehensive two-year curriculum for motivated students. Full IB Diploma candidates are required to select one subject from each of six subject groups and meet defined standards and conditions on internationally set and graded exams, satisfactorily complete the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creative, Action and Services activities. Students may also elect to receive IB certificates by passing individual exams. Lincoln has an open program, where all students can choose to take IB classes.

Calendar Summary for the 2016-2017 School Year

First Day of School for All Students August 30 (8:10 – 3:20)

Statewide In-Service Day (No Students) October 13

Parent Teacher Conferences Nov. 8 & 9th AM/PM/EVE

Veteran’s Day Celebrated (School Closed) November 10

Thanksgiving Holiday November 22-24

Winter Break Dec. 18 – Jan. 1

Martin Luther King Holiday (School Closed) January 15

Semester 1 Final Exams Jan. 24 – 26

Teacher Planning Day (No Students) January 29

President’s Day (Schools Closed) February 19

Spring Break March 26-30

Teacher Planning Day (No Students) April 13

Memorial Day (School Closed) May 28

Last Day for Seniors May 31

Commencement June 3

Semester 2 Final Exams TBD

Last Day for Students TBD

Teacher Planning Days TBD


Books: All Lincoln students are provided textbooks for their courses. Students are expected to purchase notebooks, paper, workbooks, pens, etc., as well as pay for any lost textbooks.

Lockers: These are provided for each student. Lockers are for student convenience. Valuables should not be stored in lockers. It also is the student’s responsibility to maintain locker cleanliness. Use of lockers may be suspended for damage or graffiti. Lockers may be searched periodically by school staff per district policy.

ID Card: A laminated picture ID card is provided free of charge to all students; replacement cards are $50.00 with the Tri-Met sticker and $5.00 without. The card admits students to school events and serves as an identification document. It contains a personalized bar code used for all textbook and library checkouts. Students are required to carry their ID card with them whenever they are in school and whenever attending extra-curricular activities.


Selection of classes is accomplished in two steps:

Forecasting: in March. Students sign up for the classes they intend to take during the next academic year. After this information is gathered, the MASTER SCHEDULE is generated. Students are expected to make informed choices, consult with their counselor, parents, and faculty and honor those choices which are made before they leave for summer vacation.

Scheduling: in July. All students are scheduled by computer. A copy of the schedule for the new academic year is available during registration in August.


Synergy: Teachers use an online grading tool called Synergy to record assignments, grades and attendance. Students and parents will be able to access these records online in order to monitor student progress.


Students are expected to honor the forecast of classes they made the year before, and as appears on their schedules. Class changes occur only for the following reasons:

  • schedule does not meet graduation requirements

  • course completion over the summer,

  • in the wrong course level

  • incomplete schedule

  • schedule doesn’t meet minimum number of classes required

  • revision due to off-campus learning

PLEASE NOTE: A new subject cannot be added to a student’s schedule after the third week of the semester, nor can a class be dropped after the third week of the semester without penalty of a transcript-recorded failing grade.

Schedule changes are not final until all paperwork is completed and the counselor has notified the student of the change/action.

Dropping any class AFTER the first three weeks of a semester results in an “F” grade.


Progress in classes at Lincoln High School is reported using the following grades:

A = excellent progress 4.0 points

B = good progress 3.0 points

C = average progress 2.0 points

D = minimum progress 1.0 points

F = inadequate progress no credit

Credit is granted each semester; classes carry 1/2 credit per semester. In addition, students who are enrolled in off-campus learning programs and/order Student Aides will receive Pass/No Pass.. Science Lab Assistants, Office Assistants, Computer/Network Assistants and Library Assistants will receive letter grades.

All grade changes, including incompletes, must be cleared within six weeks of the end of the grading period. The teacher and student must provide a written plan and timeline for the requirements to complete the work and change the incomplete to a grade. This plan must be submitted to the Vice Principal. If the work is not completed within the six week period the incomplete grade will revert to the grade earned at the end of the grading period.


International Baccalaureate diploma students need to remember that IB courses carry Lincoln High School graduation and grade credit. The IB examination results are not available until August. IB courses are weighted.


When a student chooses to repeat a course to improve their grade, the original letter grade received is not removed from the transcript. The letter grade from the first attempt at the course is “pounded out,” which means a “#” sign is placed next to the letter grade on the transcript. The credit earned for the first attempt is removed and the original grade is no longer calculated into the student’s cumulative GPA. When the course is repeated, the new letter grade receives the credit and is calculated into the student’s GPA.

Graduation Requirements (PPS & OR Diploma Req.)

Class of 2017 through 2020












Social Studies



Physical Education



Health Education



Career & Technical Education, The Arts or World Language


World Language


Career & Technical Education, The Arts or the 3rd year of the same World Language





Complete an Extended Application 1

Develop an Education Plan & Profile 2

Participate in Career Related Learning Experiences 3

Meet district proficiency for Oregon’s Essential Skill (ES) standards 5







Total Credits




Students who are not meeting proficiency in coursework will have a progress report sent to their parents at the mid-point of each nine-week grading period. These reports communicate information including grade, attendance and a variety of factors which may be inhibiting the student’s achievement. Progress Reports will be mailed approximately five weeks after each quarter begins.

Since good communication between the home and school is an essential part of the high school program, parents are encouraged to call or visit the school. An early contact with the school may prevent a later problem.


Lincoln uses a semester grading system so that grades given at the end of the first and third periods are mid-term progress grades and are not counted in the Grade Point Average. Final grades recorded on transcripts are for the second and fourth grading periods: January 27th and June 12th.

Portland Public Schools recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society. It is the policy of the Portland Public School Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment. Lincoln’s staff contact for Special Education and 504 Plans: Ginger Taylor; Lincoln’s staff contact for Title IX compliance: Jessica Russell and Ginger Taylor.


Academic distinction is gained at Lincoln in several ways. All students who receive GPA of 3.50 during any semester are placed on the honor roll. Students who maintain a GPA of 3.50 and have good citizenship records and service contributions are eligible to apply for membership in the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY in their sophomore or junior year.


The transcript is the official record of all courses taken and credit earned. It is maintained by the school and is updated regularly. It is this transcript which colleges and/or employers utilize when they evaluate the student’s academic record. Students may request their transcript by clicking the "Transcript Request" link in "Quick Links" on the home page of the Lincoln website.


It is reasonable that the student expect an average of two hours of homework or study daily. Homework is a necessary component of the education process; therefore, work assigned during student absences must be made up to complete the student’s evaluation.

HONOR CODE (Academic Integrity)

Students are responsible for honest and ethical behavior in all their academic pursuits. Many projects and assignments are completed on the honor system with no monitoring of student behavior; however, the standards for ethical behavior are the same whether the student work is completed inside or outside the classroom. Students should recognize that academic dishonesty includes: all forms of plagiarism, stealing, buying or selling course assignments such as tests or research papers, performing academic assignments for others, cheating on tests and all other practices commonly understood to be academically dishonest. Lincoln faculty and staff will respond to academic dishonesty in accordance with both district and school policy. Evidence of conscious academic dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism is a serious breach of trust between the teacher and student.

First Offense – A student that has been found to be involved in plagiarism or cheating may receive a “0” on the assignment, a discipline referral to a school administrator, a parent contact and/or conference and the student will also sign an academic integrity contract with regard to future conduct.

Second Offense – A student that has been found to be involved with academic dishonesty for a second time will receive a discipline referral to a school administrator who will issue a two-day suspension from school, a “0” on the assignment and a staffing with the student, parents, counselor and teachers to explain the serious consequences in all classes.

Third Offense – A third offense in any class may result in a failing grade, suspension from school, removal from the class (if this is the same class in which cheating has occurred previously) as well as possible expulsion from school.


Teachers, counselors and administrators are integral parts of the Lincoln High School problem-solving process. While we hope that problems do not arise, sometimes they do. With that in mind, the following process was developed to teach students communication skills and support their educational goals, recognize parents’ involvement in their child’s education, and treat teachers and counselors with professional respect and courtesy.

When a student or parent communicates to a counselor, the information will be kept confidential unless they begin the problem-solving process. When a student or parent communicates to a counselor or administrator about wanting to solve a problem regarding

▪ A teacher

▪ An individual teaching style

▪ Class curriculum

▪ Classroom management

▪ A classroom incident

▪ The legitimacy of a grade, the procedure will be:

1. The counselor or administrator will advise the student and/or parent to speak with the teacher directly. An attempt should be made to resolve the issue through emails or phone calls. Please note that the first priority of LHS teachers is to their classes; they may not be able to get back to you on the same day. If the problem cannot be resolved by email or phone, an appointment can be made to meet with the teacher. A meeting needs to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and needs to accommodate the teacher’s schedule.

2. The counselor or administrator will inform the teacher that a student and/or parent have been encouraged to speak with them

The expectation is that counselors and/or administrators will not

• Circulate information about a communication involving a teacher without informing him/her

• Resolve an issue without consulting with teacher/s involved

If after using the problem-solving process a satisfactory solution is still not achieved, the parents/students/teachers/counselors/administrators will utilize additional resources to continue working toward a resolution.


The school hours are 7:30 am – 4:30 pm daily. Students that are not directly supervised by an adult staff member are not to remain in the building beyond these hours. Parents are expected to make arrangements for their student to leave the building when not directly involved in an LHS sponsored activity. The building is not supervised after 4:30 pm. Students may be asked to leave the building if not directly involved in a school-sponsored activity.


The Student Assistance Program was developed to provide prevention, education and intervention for the Lincoln community (students, parents, staff). Major components of the program are:

Student Support Team - The support team is an interdisciplinary team of counselors, administrators and other school staff which meets weekly to discuss students who are not experiencing success at Lincoln. The purpose is to address the issues of each individual who has been referred and determine the needs of that student. A team approach helps to better utilize resources and eliminates the duplication of services.

Referral Process - A staff member, parents or a concerned friend may refer a student to the student’s counselor if they suspect involvement with alcohol or other drugs. Portland Public Schools offer a free, confidential assessment which can help rule out harmful involvement in drugs or alcohol.

Drug-Free Grad Night Party -The Lincoln PTA and parents plan and conduct the all-night drug and alcohol-free graduation party. This is an opportunity for seniors to celebrate graduation in a way that’s both fun and safe.


The Lincoln staff are committed to developing lifelong learners and informed citizens. The librarian is IB-trained and collaborates with teachers to make sure that students have the information literacy skills needed to be successful at Lincoln.

The library resources have been carefully chosen to support the Lincoln curriculum in all subjects. Aside from a solid collection of books and periodicals, the Lincoln Library maintains a web page that provides students with access to electronic databases from home as well as from school.

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