Technology Day Celebration

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Technology Day Celebration
11th May, 2022

Presentation guidelines

  • The event is open for all UG and PG students.

  • Any work or project or idea may be presented in the even in the form of working model, algorithm, program, software, Animation, GUI or in any other appropriate form.

  • The presentation will be in online mode using Microsoft Teams platform.

  • Student should plan effective presentation using Power Point presentation using 12-15 slides maximum.

  • The presentation should be made strictly in allotted time limit. The maximum time for each presentation is 15 min.

  • The presentation should include: Objective, motive of the work, concept of the work, schematic in case of experiments followed by photos, Flow diagram, results and concluding remarks.

  • Effective use of Figures, photos, tables and charts should be made to enrich the presentation.

  • The theory required behind the concept should be limited to minimum.

  • Don’t include unnecessary information i.e. history & background of topic, literature review, etc.

  • The evaluation criteria will be Concept/ idea of the work (25%), Technological complexity involved (25%), Relevance or the Impact of the work in the field of Science and Technology (25%), Presentation skill (25%).

  • Based on the presentation in each department category, the first, second and third presentation will be considered as winner for the event.

  • Certificate will be issued to winners, volunteers and all the participants.

  • The winners and volunteers will be offered free one year membership of Vigyan Gurjary.

  • The decision of the evaluators will be final and will be binding to every participant.

Download 4.76 Kb.

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