Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2018 “Game Changers who are Change Makers”

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What is a photographic essay?

It is a set of 6 to 8 photographs, taken by the entrant, which combine to express a scientific concept and the creator’s thoughts about the 2017 theme. It is an interesting way of observing, recording and studying phenomena which might go unnoticed by the casual observer.

AC: Science: Opportunities for Inquiry skills of Observation and Communication as well as Science Understanding and Science as a Human Endeavour.

Understanding Foal: Students will understand how the conventions for making a photographic essay can be used to convey a scientific message.

AC: English: Opportunities to support the communication process, particularly in the areas of writing, creating, reading and viewing.

Judging Criteria:


  1. How relevant are the individual photographs to the theme?

  2. Is a science concept clearly conveyed through the images?

  3. Does the sequence of photographs tell a story?

  4. Does the written description support the visual story? This does not need to be extensive – quality captions (no more than 6 words) can support the story the photographs are telling.

Presentation, photographic skills and techniques

  1. Overall visual impact of the presentation – on one side only of the display board.

  2. Clarity of images

  3. Layout of the presentation – photographs should be in a logical sequence.

  4. Images are best printed on glossy paper and mounted on strong card/corflute

  5. Entries should be mounted on either poster (Max A2) or an A4 concertina fold ready for display. Title and captions should be provided and included in the presentation

  6. Each entry should be accompanied by a statement of the photographer’s thoughts – a short paragraph to support the display. The major communication should be through the photographs and the captions which are viewed from the front of the work. This is to inform the judges of the students thinking – Attach this to the back of the work (it needs to be quality work but is not for display at presentation.)

  7. Check spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Shipment for judging: Please pack photographic essays flat - NOT rolled.

Some examples of photgraphic essays from 2017

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