Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2018 “Game Changers who are Change Makers”

What recognition will your students receive for their effort?

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What recognition will your students receive for their effort?

All students who enter via the online process will receive a participation certificate which can be downloaded and printed off.

There will be one certificate per entry. Group entries will be able to print multiple copies.
Schools are encouraged to celebrate student success by presenting these certificates at an appropriate assembly or home group gathering.
What will the winners and place getters receive?

Each Section in every division will be considered for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner together with merit awards. These prizes will be presented at the Presentation Ceremony in November. Student who achieve at this level will be invited to the Presentation Ceremony.

Encouragement Awards enable you to give some recognition through your school:

Some students will receive encouragement awards (includes a certificate and badge). These will be posted to enable acknowledgement of effort and celebration of success at the school level.

Schools are encouraged to recognize student participation at the school level prior to judging.
What standard of student work is expected?

TSTS does have a quality standard and on the very rare occasion, where entries do not meet that standard, then the judging committee reserves the right to either award prizes at a lower level or to not award any prizes. No correspondence will be entered into post final judging.

Be proud of your students’ works:

Winning entries are on display for the public and sponsors to see and consequently, we need to be proud of our students’ efforts in both scientific thinking and presentation.

How much help can your students have?

STAT encourages conversation, communication and mentoring in all entries, with the proviso that any contribution from those other than the student be acknowledged appropriately.

Often Scientists will mentor older students while enthusiastic Grandparents might support younger students. Students will frequently have a great idea but need support to present it in a quality way – adult and peer support to enable this to happen is encouraged and indeed mirrors what would happen in the scientific community.

Tap into your school and local community – guidance, support and discussion around an idea will support learning in all curriculum areas and help to build a quality learning experience for your students.


Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2018

Game Changers who are Change Makers”

Theme Based Sections

Posters, Creative Writing, Photographic Essays and Scientific Video (replaces Digital Interactives) are all theme-based sections. This is an opportunity to run with “Game Changers as Change Makers” as a topic and then give students the freedom to choose a format to express their understanding OR the decision might be to choose one area and support all students to take part.
The four sections are open to ALL year groups. Read the guidelines carefully and encourage students to take these seriously.

Closing date for all themed sections is Thursday June 15th. See details on page 1 for delivery of entry options.

Please note: Entries which do not fit the criteria will not be marked. Once students’ works are marked non- winning entries will be returned either to the school or a central point for collection – teachers will be notified.

TSTS & the AC: Science: There are many opportunities to incorporate appropriate elements of the Australian Curriculum through TSTS, not just in Science, but in mathematics, history, English, art as well as taking into consideration the cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities.


AC: Science: Inquiry skills include observation & communication.

Understanding Goal: Students will understand how the conventions for making a poster can be used to convey a scientific message

Definition of a Poster for TSTS: A poster is a graphic representation advertising a scientific concept or idea in a way which will advertise this to the target audience. Please note that a poster for TSTS is NOT a scientific chart, project, diagram or pictorial essay.
Judging Criteria:

Scientific Concept: relevance and significance

Clarity of scientific message: does the audience clearly understand what the poster is about?


  1. Maximum size is A3

  2. Must be suitable for wall display (recommended that poster is mounted on thicker card)

  3. Two dimensional only (The poster needs to travel well – so although collage is acceptable keep the level low as protrusion suffer damage in transport. Make sure that any embellishment is well secured – Glitter in particular is NOT recommended)

  4. Visual impact (the poster needs to be able to be read from a distance of 3 metres.

Shipment for Judging: Please pack and send poster flat – NOT Rolled.

Examples of successful entries from 2017 in Early Childhood and Lower Primary

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