Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2018 “Game Changers who are Change Makers”

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Tasmanian Science Talent Search - 2018

Game Changers who are

Change Makers”

The Science Teachers Association of Tasmania Inc

Promoting Scientific Literacy Through Education”.

An amazing opportunity for Senior students.

STAT is excited to announce an opportunity for a Senior Student Fellowship to the value of $1,000. This was a new award in 2017.

Students from year 9 – 12 are contenders for this fellowship which will be awarded as a result of a quality entry in either the Engineering or Research Investigation section of the TSTS.

Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd has elected to support student efforts in science through the Tasmanian Science Talent Search and as a result has provided Tasmanian students with fantastic opportunities. Smaller but significant awards for students from years 7 to 12 will also be made available. For details on how to support your students to take part see the information for relevant sections and instructions on how to enter.

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