Talent and intelligence are universal, resources and opportunities are not

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Talent and intelligence are universal, resources and opportunities are not





  • Provides free, elite, and individualized college admissions counseling to highly motivated, low-income, first-generation, and minority high school students from across California.

  • Mentorship is provided by current Stanford and Berkeley undergraduates who mentor either 1 or 2 high school students. Roughly 90% of our mentors are low-income, first-generation, or minority students themselves.

  • Mentors are trained by the Stanford/Berkeley admissions office, and are assisted throughout the process by The Phoenix Scholars Executive Team.

  • The majority of communication between mentors and mentees is done electronically (Skype, phone calls, text messages, email, etc.), which allows timely, constant, and effective conversations to occur between mentors and mentees.


  • January 1st: Application for current high school juniors is opened online.

  • Mid-April: Deadline for high school juniors to submitted applications.

  • Mid-May: Notification date for applicants.

  • Late-May/Early June: Annual Meet and Greet hosted at Stanford University for accepted mentees and mentors.

  • June: Mentees begin building college lists, brainstorming essay topics, and determining what if any additional standardized testing they need to complete.

  • July: Mentees revise college lists, write a rough drafts of their essays, and prepare for any standardized testing.

  • August-October: Mentees submit finalized college lists, polish their essays, begin filling out UC, CSU, and Common Application, determine relevant scholarships, and take any standardized tests.

  • November – January: Mentees submit college applications, and begin applying to scholarships.

  • January – March: Mentees complete FASFA and CSS profile, and finish applying to scholarships.

  • April-May: Mentees determine which college or university to attend.


  • To date over 800 students have participated in the program. Roughly 95% of our mentees identified as students color, 65% as first-generation, and 75% as low-income.

  • Our scholars attend over 100 different colleges and universities including: every California State and University of California school, Stanford, USC, Harvard, MIT, and many more terrific schools. 100% of our scholars have been admitted to a four-year college or university.

  • Numerous scholars have been Questbridge Finalists, Gates Millennium Scholars, Ron Brown Scholars, Coca-Cola Scholars, and winners of countless other scholarship awards.

• Twitter: @PhoenixScholars phoenixscholars.org • info@phoenixscholars.org (650)701-7877

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