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Bharat Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Jeur Society’s



(Affiliated to Solapur University, Solapur)




Year 2007-08

Bharat Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,Jeur Society’s



(Affiliated to Solapur University, Solapur)




Year 2007-08
The following plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year 2007-08 towards quality enhancement.

  1. To get the approval of 12 B from UGC

  2. To start second year of Commerce faculty

  3. To increase the class rooms and to build an auditorium hall

  4. Buying a new computer for office work

  5. To encourage the faculty members to take up research work

  6. To encourage the faculty members to participate in workshops, seminars, conferences, refresher’s & orientation programmes.

  7. To increase the numbers of the reference books/ periodical in the library.

  8. Motivating to the students to participate in the state and national level sport tournament.

  9. To purchase the musical instrument

  1. To conduct an educational tour for the students.

  2. To make healthy and good atmosphere in college through many cultural activities

  3. To encourage the students for study of environmental pollution and their remedies in Karmala Tahashil.

  4. To acknowledge the successful alumni in various field on the occasion of alumni association and organize Melawa for the purpose of encouragement to the students.

  5. To encourage the girls to participate in the sports activities.

The outcomes achieved by the college of above plan at the end of the year 2007-08 are as under.

  1. Solapur University Solapur had not 12 B approved by UGC, therefore the college could not get 12 B approval

The college got the approval of 2f from the U.G.C. on 7 Dec. 2006.

  1. B.Com – I was started in the previous academic year by the approval of Solapur University, Solapur. The college started B.Com.- II naturally.

  2. The college could not complete the objective of building to demand again and again to the institution, because the institution had no sufficient fund.

  3. A modern computer was bought for the office and got computer materials from Alpha tech computer on 34,760/-.

  4. The Principal and the trustees of our institution had encouraged to the teachers for their research work. As a result, one teacher awarded Ph.D. and three teachers worked in M.Phil. course in various universities .

  5. The Principal of our college had encouraged to the faculty members to participate in seminars workshops, refreshers and orientation programmes. As a result, our teachers participated and presented papers in national and university level seminars.

  6. As per the requirement, the college had purchased new reference books worth Rs 32763/-.

  7. The college supplies exercise materials and organises various work to develop physical and quality competence among the students. Our students kept a college reputation to participate in inter university competitions.

  1. The college could not purchase musical instruments in the academic year 2007-08 due to economic lack.

  2. Seeing in the believing hence as per the various activities, the college had organized study tour for site seeing to Wai-Mahabaleshwar-Pachgani-Koyananagar-Ratnagiri-Kolhapur-Jeur. In this study tour 45 students (boys and girls) participated.

  3. Gogal day, Sari day, Perfume day, Tie day, Traditional day, etc were performed to decorate pleasurable and beautiful weather of the college by the cultural department. It was also held a competition of Antakshari. On the occasion of the annual gathering various competitions and entertainment were arranged

  4. Environmental study was a compulsory subject to B.Com- II & B.A.-II. Students brought a social awareness presenting pollution of sugar factory, the effects of kum-kum factory on environment and human life, pollution of transportation, soil pollution by use of chemical fertilizer, etc..

  5. To encourage the college students the college organized garlanding programmes of alumni who found success in their fields. Photos were also presented on the annual magazine, ‘Karmayogi’ under the title ‘Amcha Man Amcha Abhjiman’.(Our honor and our proud)

  6. The college is posed in the rural area, therefore girl students had shyness very much. They avoided to participate in various competitions. For that matter the sport department and the principal of the college created interest among them. Consequently girl handball teams of this college sought second position in inter college competitions of Solapur University, Solapur. Then Miss Sunita Dnyandev Karche was selected as a university player. Miss Reshma Adling won the third position in 400 meter Relay.

1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution.

Following activities are performed by the college.

A) Cultural Activities:-

Cultural department began celebrating the birth anniversary of Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj in this academic year. It celebrated various anniversaries in this academic year like Lokmanya Tilak, Anna Bhau Sathe, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar etc.

  1. A college team participated in various competitions of Solapur University Youth Festival such as eloquence, story telling, singing, one act play etc. organized by Mauli Mahavidyalaya Wadala. B.A. – I student, Mr. Ivare Sandip Dadasaheb also found third number in story telling competition.

  2. Poetry reading, eloquence, debate, story-telling, essay writing, rangoli, anthakshari etc. competition were held by the cultural department on the occasion of the annual social gathering. First, second and third prizes were distributed in the programme given certificate and rewards to them

  3. Singing song, dances, mimicries, one act plays etc. were presented by students, to win audience mind.

  4. The cultural department organized rose day, sari day, perfume day, tie day, traditional day etc. to create atmosphere of pleasurable and attractive in the college. It got sufficient responses from the student.

B) Sport Activities:-

The college participated in hand ball competitions of boys and girls, cricket, volley ball, wrestling and athletics etc. competitions in this academic year, in the inter college competitions of Solapur University Solapur. It always guides students about different games to make perfect players. They are got knowledge about literature and technique. It also organizes village competitions of Kabaddi, Volley ball etc successfully. It holds inter class competitions at annual gathering. It avails materials to the students who wish to attend police recruitment and guides them.

C) NSS unit:-

As mentioned in our mission, ‘To create Environmental Social awareness by exposing students to various activities’, through our N.S.S. unit we organized’ following programmes in the academic year.

    1. Celebration of various days i.e. World Population Day on 17 July, World Literacy Day on 8th Sept 2007, University Anniversary Day on 1st August. World AIDS Days on 1st December and N.S.S. Day on 24th Sept. 2007.

    2. N.S.S. unit adopted ‘Kandar’ of Karmala Tahashil as a ‘Dattak Gram ( A Adopted village) during 2007-08 10 days “Residental Vishesh Shram Sanskar Camp” was organized at Kandar from 27th Dec. 2007 to 5th Jan 2008. 50 Volunteers participated in the camp. ‘Samarth Bharat Nirmal Gram Abhiyanasathi Uvak’ was the motto of the camp. During the camp the following activities were organized by the N.S.S. unit.

Tree plantation, cleaning village, AIDS awareness, Health awareness etc. During the afternoon session following lectures of experts were arranged.

Sr No

Name of Recourse person

Name of the Topic


Mrs. Shalini Kharade

‘Total cleaning mission’


Mr. Jayant Patil

‘Sacrification of the youth in the development of society.’


Mr. N.K. More

‘Obstacles before M.S.E.B.’


Dr. Subhash Surana

‘Our Health is in Our Hand’


Mr. H.P. Raut

‘Suicide of farmers in Maharashtra.


Mr. Shiva Tate

‘The programme of Organic Farm’


Mr. Annasaheb Pawar

‘Village Development’


Mr. Mahendra Kadam

‘Challenges before Youth.’

    1. 15 Volunteers Cooperated to the police as a ‘Police Mitra’ ( a police friend ) on the occasion of Ganesh festival.

    2. One volunteer participated in the state level pre S.R.D camp with the collaborations of the department of Higher Education of Maharashtra and K.T.H. M college, Nashik on 24th Sept-2007.

    3. Four volunteers were participated in university level workshop on ‘Personality Development and Disaster Management’ at K.B.P. college, Pandharpur.

    4. Four Volunteers participated in the state level camp at Karmveer Mamasaheb Jagdale college, Vashi Dist. Osmanabad

    5. Nine Volunteers and one programme officer were participated in state level camp at Bhimanagar

D) Internal Evaluation:-

For assessing the Knowledge of students in the subjects taught, we took tests, seminars and two home assignments in the first semester and two home assignments in the second semester, with the guidelines of Internal Evaluation Committee.

We took the preliminary examination of all classes with 100 marks on 25-02-2008 to 11-03-08
E) Literary Association:-

The college runs three following literary association

  1. Marathi Vangmay Mandal’:-

It encouraged student’s interests in literature for writing. It published students writing by a wall paper, ‘Ankur’. That was also guided students about the types of Marathi literature.

  1. Hindi Sahitya Mandal :-

Hindi Sahitya Mandal held essay writing competition and poetry reading competition in the year. It celebrated 14 sept. 2007 as ‘Hindi Din’

The department published a wall paper named ‘Darpan’ which was included essays, poems, shero-shayari, charoli etc.

  1. English Literary Association.

The department of English has been run ‘English Literary Association’ from the last three years. The main object of our department is “to impart qualitative education” to the students from educationally backward areas, the village and nearly villages

Through the association, we displayed of news papers cuttings, essays, articles, poems with the name of ‘Rainbow’. We inaugurated the function with the hands of Mr. A.B. Mane from Y.C.M. Karmala on Oct. 11,2007.

Through this association we taught the students spoken English, how to communicate and our personality development.

The staff academy endeavors in enhancing versatility of the faculty by organizing lectures and open discussion to encourage interdisciplinary interaction in the teaching faculty on the latest development in the various branches of knowledge for their academic enrichment.

The academy organized following three lectures in the academic year.

Sr. No

Name of Resourse Person


Title of the Topic


Mr. A.V. Dalavi


Environmental pollution


Mr. T.H. Aghav


Five year plan in India




The work of Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve


Mr. A.B. Shingade


“Stwatantrotyar Natkome Dalit Chetna”


Mr. A.M. Munguskar


Personality Development

G) Competitive Exam Study Centre:-

Keeping in the mind that today’s world is the world of competition, we prepare our students for various competitive examinations.

The out put of this competitive exam. as follows-

Indian Culture Exam:-

State level Indian culture exam was arranged by Swami Vivekanand Centre

Kanyakumari on 2nd Dec. 2007. A lot of students of the college participated

in this exam.

H) Nature Guard Club:-

To inculcate the effect of increasing pollution to students, the college installed ‘Nature Guard Club’ with interested boys and girls students.

Following Programmes were organized

1) The college students organized a rally in Jeur on 1st Aug. 2007 with

the Co-operation of Mr. Aghav, Kadam, and Tamtame.

2) Mr. Vijay Kale of Vittalrao Shinde Arts college Tembhurni

delivered a lecture on ‘Maldhok Pakshanche Rakshan” on

25 Jan 2008

I) Night Study Circle:-

Many students of our college are from poor families and need not have any facilities of studying at home. So under this activity the college provided well electric classroom at night for the study. The night study circle began on 21/02/2007 and ended on 30/04/07. The supervision is done by our faculty members. For this purpose time table was also prepared. The night study circle opened between 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm, known period from February to April.

J) Sport Department:-

Department of sport and Game played a vital role in shaping the mind of students by developing the positive attitude among the player students. Our player are the gainers in the crown of the village, Jeur and college..

  1. Londhe Nilkanth Somnath and Tantak Amol (B.Com. II) who selected as the players of Volley ball for Ashwamedh Competition.

K) Tour Department:-

Seeing is the believing hence as per the guidelines of Solapur University, the college organized a tour to ‘Wai-Pachgani-Mahabaleshwar-Koyananagr-Ganpatipule-Pawas–Marleshwar-Panhala-Jotiba-Kolhapur-Narsinghwadi.

L) Prospects of the college (i.e. Information Brouture):-

Following information is included in the prospect

  1. Details of the courses taught in the college.

  2. Rules for admission and necessary required documents for admission.

  3. List of the compulsory and special subjects for the courses.

  4. Details of university and internal examination.

  5. Condition for appearing university examination.

  6. Details of extra curricular activities, scholarship etc.

  7. Rules of Discipline

  8. Instructions to the parents/guardians

  9. Details of prizes given by the college

M) Admission in the college:-

Faculties of Arts and Commerce:- During the academic year 2007-08 admission has been given to all arts and commerce students those who have applied. Because intake capacity of each class is 120.

N) Teaching Plan:-

1. Each department can take teaching plan from respective teacher.

2. Teacher can submit month wise planning to respective head.

3. Teaching plan can be done according to the academic calendar.

O) Attendance of the Students:-

Every teacher keeps attendance of students of the lecture. All attendance sheets were collected by the Head of the department of each subject and to handover to the Head of the attendance committee. Irregular students were informed from time to time by teachers.

P) Grievance Redressal Cell:-

The meeting of the committee held within fifteen days in a month. No single case is found in the Grievance Redressal cell. The cell has been established with the Co-operation of two class representatives.

Q) Anti Sexual Harassment Cell :-

For encouragement to women, Anti Harassment Sexual cell and Women’s Dependence Centre organized various programmes.

  1. Mrs. Sharda Surana has delivered lecture on ‘The problems of adult girls’ on 19th Oct 2007.

  2. On an occasion of women’s day i.e. 8th March, the various programme arranged by the centre such as Ragoli, Dance competition and food making competition etc.

No single case is found in the sexual harassment matter. All the students (boys and girls) are well disciplined.

2. New Academic Programme Initiated (U.G./P.G.):-

According to rules and regulations of Solapur University, Solapur, the college began B.Com – I in this academic year.

3. Innovation in curriculum Design and Transaction:-

In the academic year 2007 -08 Mr. S.P. Chaudhari was selected as a member B.A. II of I.D.S. Marathi of B.O.S.

Mr. A.V. Dalvi also selected as a paper setter in Geography of Solapur University, Solapur.
4. Inter disciplinary Programme Started :-

5. Examination reforms implemented

As per the norms of UGC and the guidelines of Solapur University Solapur, we implemented the annual examination with the total marks of hundred for the first year to the final year.
6. Candidates qualified – NET /SLET/GATE etc.

Our alumni, Dhende Sachin Ashok passed in the SET examination in the subject of History. Londhe Uttareshwar Balkrishna passed in the NET Examination in the subject of Marathi in the academic year 07-08.

7. Initiative towards faculty development Programme :-

Lecturers are always stimulated for M.Phil, Ph.D, seminar, workshop, refresher and orientation for faculty development programme.

For that matter following lectures is actively participated.







International level

National Level

state level

University level








8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted:-


9. Research Projects:-


10. Patents generated if any:-


11. New collaborative Research Programmes:-


12. Research grants received from various agencies:-


13. Details of Research Scholars:-

North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. awarded Ph.D degree to Mr. A.B. Shingade, Head, Department of Hindi.

Mr. Wagmode S.M. Head, Department of History submitted his thesis in the subject of History.

Mrs. Kamble S.S. and Mr. S.P. Choudhari have been working for Ph.D. degree in their respective subject.

Mr. S.A. Kadam, lecturer in English department registered his name for M.Phil.

Mr. J.N. Bhange, lecturer in commerce department registered his name for M.Phil.

Mr. C.B. Tamtame, lecture in English department registered his name for M.Phil.

Mr. L.C. Welekar, lecture in Commerce department registered his name for M.Phil.

Mr. P.S. Waghmode, lecture in Hindi department registered his name for M.Phil.

Mr. Aghav T.H., in Economics Department and Mr. Girhe S.M. in Hindi Department work in progress for M.Phil Degree.

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:-


15. Honors / Awards to the faculty:-


16. Internal resources generated:-

With the help of following ways the college generates resources

  1. Fees and fines

  2. Montesary Teacher Training course.

  3. PCO Box

  4. The college canteen

  5. Rent from various aids.

  1. Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST ( ASIST) / DST,

IST etc assistance recognition:-


18. Community Services:-

Following activities were performed for community development.

  1. Cleaning of Campus and market place i.e Bazar place.

  2. Celebration of Various days

  3. Winter Camps.

  4. Tree Plantation

  5. Mahila Melawa

  6. The college students helped pilgrims for crossing railway line and gate

and managing food and water to pilgrims

  1. Lecturers delivered different lectures in various programmes.

19. Teachers and officers newly recruited:-

Five lecturers were recruited on academic basis for the academic year.

20. Teaching Non-Teaching Staff Ratio:-

21. Improvements in the library services:-

1. Orientation programmes were organized for newly admitted students.

2. Collection of Competitive examination book is increased.

22. New Books / Journals subscribed and their value :-

278 books of worth Rs. 32763 /- were added during the year and 4 periodicals/ magazines/Journals of costing Rs 560/- were procured during the year.

23. Courses in with students assessment of teachers is introduced

land the action taken on student feed back :-

The college collects the student’s evaluation on the teacher performance and the campus with the help of feed back forms. The feed back committee analyzed the student feedback and the over all observation of the students were as follows.

(In percentage)









About Teaching faculty






Non teaching staff

















So the committee makes some suggestions to meet the demands of the students and monitors, the changes and changes adopted by them.

24. Unit cost of Education:-

Rs. 13,284/-

25. Computerization of Administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates:-

Pay bill, Income Tax calculation and enrollment of the students did with the help of Computer.

26. Increase in infrastructure facilities:-

27. Technology upgradation:-

In order to upgrade the technology which will supplementary to the teaching and the learning, college had purchased one computer and equipments worth Rs. 24,760/-
28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and


The college teachers uses the internet for various purposes i.e. so many types of information about U.G.C., the syllabus of University, so many types of G.R.’s of U. G. C. / Maharashtra and central government.

29. Financial aid to Students:-

The college provided financial aid to students from student’s aid fund, poor boys fund by the faculty. Our teachers and the devotees in society for the purpose of inspiration to the students.

The college provides many scholarships from Maharashtra government such as India Scholarship for SC, ST, VJNT, OBC category.

30. Activities and support from the Alumni Association:-

The College Alumni association organized ‘Alumni Association Melawa’ on their self inspiration. In this Melawa they discussed the college development and obstacles of the college.

  1. Activities and support from the Parent Teacher Association :-


  1. Health Service :-


  1. Performance in Sport Activities :-

Department of Sports and Game played a vital role in shaping the minds of students by developing the positive attitude among the player students.

Tantak Amol ( B.Com II ) and Londhe Nilkanth ( B.com. II ) were selected as a player of university Volly ball team and participated in ‘Ashwamedh’ Competition. Miss. Karche Sunitia D. ( B.A. I) was selected as a player of University handball, team.

Girls Handball team of the college performed very well role in this year. They participated in the inter college competitions of solapur University, Solapur to present the best skills and found second position

  1. Incentives to Outstanding persons :-

The college selects particular students as players and organizes some workshops. It organizes different lectures for them to get knowledge about sport materials and others. It organizes a competition with another team. The college also supplies dresses, traveling allowances etc. It honors them giving cash rewards and trophies at an annual gathering.

  1. Students achievements and awards :-


  1. Activities of Guidance and Counseling Unit :-

For MPSC, UPSC and Staff selection exam we prepare our students by giving them timely information of exam. We provide them necessary coaching. In our college there is a separate competitive exam cell as an active.

With the collaboration of counseling centre and career guidance cell we solve the problems of students in the education, domestic, Social, economic and professionally.

  1. Placement services provided to students :-


  1. Development Prgrammes for Non- teaching staff :-

We inspired to the non-teaching staff for their increasing qualification. As a result of that method our one clerk took admission for his post graduation course.

  1. Healthy practices in the Institutions :-

For students over all development in this point of view, there is a Student Welfare Committee, which looks after any difficulty and in case of staff there is a Staff Welfare Committee which looks after the problems and barriers faced by the staff while performing the task as well as in domestic matter. It encourages the students of Student Council, Cultural Department, Nature Guard Club etc. to participate in various programme plannings and decision processes. Moral, Disciplinary and Advice Department is working in this college for offering valuable education.

  1. Linkages developed with National/International research bodies- Nil

  2. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add:-

  1. A Fare well ceremony was organized on the occasion of S.K. Jogi’s retirement on June 30, 2007. A chief guest, Prin. Dr. Chandrakant More ( a famous orator) was present at that programme. The President of the institution, Hon. Narayan Patil, the Vice President, Hon. Dhanyakumar Dhoshi, the secretary, B.N. Waghmode, the Trustees, lecturers, non teaching staff and students were present to send off emotionally to the principal, S.K. Jogi

  1. A.B. Shingade, Head, the department of Hindi was selected as an Acting Principal of the college on July 2, 2007.

  1. A.B. Shingade’s two research papers were published in the national level journal

  1. Solapur University, Solapur gave a golden chance to the head of N.S.S, Mr. Dalvi to become a chief of university team in the state level N.S.S. camp at Bhimanagar between 20/02/08 to 29/02/08. The Vice Chancellor, Hon. Dr. Bandagar honored him for that work

  1. Mr. A.V. Dalvai has been selected as a president of SUTA of Solapur university Solapur without opposition.

  1. The college team won two prizes in ‘Youth Festival of Solapur University, Solapur.

  1. Mr. Sham Gajare worked as a chief the team of volley ball of Solapur University, Solapur in inter university competitions.

  1. Annual Prize distribution and Gathering were organized between Jan 20,2008 to Jan 12, 2008. Bharat Shaikshanik Sankul performed a three act paly, ‘Lahanpan Dega Deva’, written by Bal Kolhatkar on this occasion. A chief guest of the teacher’s assembly member, Gajaedra Ainapure attended that programme. A well known famous Marathi Poet, Suresh Shinde was present as an orator.

  1. No single copy was found in the academic year in our college university exam centre.

  1. The result of annual exam was very standard.

  1. Alumni student of History Department, Mr. Balaji Digambar Manjule succeeded in MPSC exam. and selected a Deputy Executive Officer. Another Alumni girl student, Miss Urmila Jaganath Patil was selected as a Tahshildar.

Details the plan of institution for next year 2008-2009

  1. To get the approval of 12-B from UGC

  2. To start third year of Commerce faculty

  3. To increase the class rooms and build an Auditorium Hall

  4. To buying a water cooler for students drinking water

  5. To Purchase new 4-5 steel cupboards for office, T.V.& D.V.D. Player for the student..

  6. To purchase the reference books in the Library

  7. Motivating to the students to participate in the state and national level sports tournaments

  8. To purchase the musical instrument

  9. To encourage the faculty members to take up research work

  10. To encourage the faculty members to participate in workshops, seminars, conferences, refresher & orientation programmes.

  11. To make more capable the competitive department

  12. To invite Vice Chancellor of the University, B.C.U.D. Director, the Director of Students Welfare etc. as guests for prize distribution.

  13. Organize inter-college sport competition.

( Shri.S.P.Chaudhari ) ( Principal Dr.A.B.Shingade)

Co-ordinator Chairman

Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Internal Quality Assurance Cell,

Bharat Mahavidyalaya,Jeur(C.Rly) Bharat Mahavidyalaya,Jeur(C.Rly)

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