Take-home exams: returned no lab this week

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bio 12-06-11


take-home exams: returned

no lab this week

but must go to his office during the time and turn in your lab

-he will grade it and print out your grade at the moment

review to help study for final (which will be worth 150 pts) will be available

-on blackboard.

final: 8-10 am, next Thursday (12/15/11)


review of exam:

Luckily, since it was a take-home exam: should have the questions available to you and the right answers are marked on your scantron.

4. essay q. there were two ways people answered this:

-what the teacher wanted was: asexual: you are not exposing yourself to disease or expend energy finding mate, downside: no genetic diversity. Sexual: have to expose yourself and expend energy, upside: you have genetic diversity and your kids are likely to be able to deal with changing/challenging environment


1. Worst group (this class) in a while in terms of plagiarism (15% of the exams were plagiarized)

-class has been warned repeatedly,

-if you were caught plagiarizing, you received 0 for essays

2. a bunch of people essentially copied info from book and thus have no comprehension

-got you through exam, but it's not going to help you when you don't have the book on the final

Download 6.49 Kb.

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