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On Demand Essay

Every year, I go to the bakery to buy a cake for my mother’s birthday, I would usually take ages to buy one. This is not because of the long line of people waiting on the queue, but it is because of the many different delicious cakes that you have to choose one from. The story starts few years ago when I was on a school trip to a shopping mall. One of my classmates who was sitting beside me in the school bus brought a white creamy cake. The cake had a delicious thin layer of blueberry at the top and a brownish basement made of biscuit. As soon as the girl begun having her cake my saliva filled up my mouth and it started drooling. However, it was not a long time until she offered me some.

Without me knowing the secret behind the deliciousness of that cake, I could not sleep that night. Therefore, the next day I called my classmate and asked her if she can teach me how to make such a cake. The girl was kind, she informed her mother who usually knows well how to make cheesecake. She invited me to her house during the weekend and we started baking the cake. Since then, I became so experienced in making cheesecakes. It became super easy to make one. All I need is the following ingredients: two packages of cream cheese, two third cup sugar, four eggs, half teaspoon vanilla, eight ounces sour cream. Then, mix the cream cheese with the sugar, eggs and the vanilla in until it becomes smooth. After that I would have to bake it for twenty-five minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it is baked, I take out the cheesecake from the oven and cool it down for five minutes. Then, combine three tablespoons of sugar with sour cream, and one teaspoon of vanilla. Spread them over the warm cheesecake and return the cake to oven for five minutes. Finally, cool the cheesecake down for few minutes. After that, refrigerate it.

This is how my classmate’s mother taught me to bake a cheesecake. At the start, it was so complicated to remember such directions. Therefore, I wrote down every single step on a piece of paper. It sounds that cheesecake requires a lot of effort. Actually, the second baking process was much easier than the first. Nowadays I do not have to spend a long time at the bakery to choose a cake for my mother’s birthday. Hence, I can simply make one by myself.

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