Syllabus: English I – Introduction to Literary Genre

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Syllabus: English I – Introduction to Literary Genre

Spring 2015

Mrs. Shaffer – room 215

Necessary materials:

3 ring binder (1” okay) – This will be for class notes and worksheets.

Notebook paper

Blue or black pens and sharpened pencils

Highlighters (at least two colors would be handy)

Flash drive (optional, but helpful)

Sticky Notes (Post-It type). This is not on the standard supply list, so I will keep some available in the classroom. We will learn different techniques of annotating (taking notes on) a text. In college, you will buy the novels you read and take notes directly on the pages. We will use sticky notes as an alternative because we use library copies of the novels in class.

Course Description: In English I, you will spend your time learning about the characteristics of various literary genres. While we focus on literary texts, we will also explore genre in other forms, such as film, music, etc., and explore similarities and differences between them. This course lays the groundwork for later English courses by focusing on text structure and literary devices.

To facilitate this study, we will focus also on building vocabulary, understanding literary terms, reading for comprehension, and on writing within the genres. We use several internet resources for this purpose.

The genres we will study include:

Epic Poetry - using The Odyssey

The Novel – using To Kill A Mockingbird

Drama – using Romeo and Juliet

We will also read various short stories, poems, and historical documents this semester that enhance our understanding of the literary terms we study.
Most of our reading will come from Prentice Hall Literature: Grade Nine

Other texts will be available for checkout from the library as needed

Within each quarter, your quarter grade will be cumulative and based on the following:

Unit Quizzes and tests: 25%

Online Writer’s Journal: 10%

Portfolio papers (a Narrative Essay, a Persuasive Essay, and/or Research Paper) 15%

Class participation and disposition 10%

Literature projects and weekly online work 20%

Midterm assessment 20%

Your final grade for the course will be based on the following:

3rd quarter grade: 40%

4th quarter grade: 40%

End of Course Final Exam grade: 20%
1)Weekly vocabulary and grammar quizzes will help prepare students for future testing.

2)Homework assignments must be turned in at beginning of class on the day they are due.

3)Portfolio papers will be uploaded to to check for plagiarism (plagiarized papers will not be accepted).

3)Students will keep an online Writer’s Journal to promote fluency and creative writing skills.

4)The Literary Project will be one of several options, depending on the semester.
What does class participation and disposition mean? Class participation means you are here, on time, have read the text, and participate positively. By disposition, I mean your attitude in class. For full credit, simply do your work and don’t disrupt the class. Bring your class materials each day, complete your assignments, and treat everyone respectfully. In order to get full credit in this category, DO NOT bring unauthorized electronic devices in class. If phones, etc., are visible, they may be confiscated and you will lose daily points. Devices may only be used in class when part of the assignment and as directed by Mrs. Shaffer.
We use several online resources. You will be responsible for doing work outside of class if you do not take advantage of computer time in class. A list of websites for which you will need to manage a login and password will be given to you. I will communicate with you through your WSFCS student email.
I will post daily homework and project information on my class website: (choose the English I link)
I use the standard grading scale:

A – 100-93

B – 92-85

C – 84-77

D – 76-70

F - 69 and below

Download 8.97 Kb.

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