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Syllabus: AP Spanish Language

Kellan Sampson

Fremont High School

Plain City, Utah

Course Description:

This is an advanced Spanish language course comparable to that of a third year college course which focuses on attaining and performing at an advanced level in the areas of listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking in the target language. To achieve this advanced level both the teacher and the students will be required to use Spanish almost exclusively during the entirety of this course.

Course Objectives:

In order to attain an advanced level in the target language, this course will present a variety of authentic sources that will help build up each student’s fluency in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

  1. Listening:

During this course students will be exposed to a large amount of different authentic listening sources including but not limited to: Music in Spanish from artists from different Spanish speaking countries, i.e.… Juanes (Colombia), Maná (México), Frank Reyes and Joe Veras (República Dominicana) and more. Students will also watch episodes from a PBS series called “An American Family” about an immigrant Spanish speaking family in the United States. There will also on occasion be Native Spanish speaking guests to present to the students about their countries, and different cultural products and practices. These among other listening activities will give students the opportunity to improve their listening comprehension skills while also allowing them to ask and answer questions to assess their understanding and build their conversational and critical thinking skills.

  1. Reading:

Students will read from a variety of informal and formal sources to help build their reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar in the target language. Sources include but are not limited to the textbook Abriendo Paso: Lectura, which includes short stories, narrations, poetry, essays and other authentic literary works. Websites such as, and will be used to allow students to keep on and summarize current events in Spanish speaking countries, and practice using their language with at level practices and games. Other authentic reading materials include Spanish newspapers like “El Estandar” which is a local community newspaper, and other research topics and outside readings assigned in class.

  1. Writing:

Students will be assigned formal and informal writing assignments as part of their daily routine in this course. These assignments will help students improve their writing abilities, use of rich vocabulary in context, grammar and critical thinking skills over a large variety of topics. Students will keep an informal free write journal in class which they will use to write entries both from prompts in class, and other sources. Formal argumentative and persuasive writing assignments will be assigned and reviewed in class by peers every three weeks. Other in class writing assignments will be given on a regular basis in class to allow students the opportunity to practice for the written/essay section of the AP Spanish Language Examination and improve their writing fluency in the language. Some essay or writing assignment topics will be taken from AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language Examination, while other will be chosen from current event articles or class discussions.

  1. Speaking

Students will have regular opportunities to respond to conversational prompts such as question and answer sessions, one-on-one interviews, class discussions and individual, paired and group oral presentations each quarter. Students will be called on at random using name cards, to answer questions or participate in class discussions stating their opinions, ideas and/or facts that help support their statements to improve their speaking ability and fluency in the target language and to interact using interpersonal language skills to show accurate structure, syntax, vocabulary, intonation and pronunciation.

As Students strive to attain fluency in Spanish in these four different areas they will see that they can and must combine them in order to be fluent in the language. Class discussions, readings, videos and other prompts will be used to guide writing assignments. Writing assignments may be read and discussed orally in class etc. These are just a few examples of the way these language skills will be used together to help students be prepared for the AP Spanish exam as well as being able to use the Spanish language in their daily lives.

While participating in class discussions and assignments students will also be learning new and rich vocabulary words, a large number of grammatical concepts and practices, perspectives and products of Hispanic cultures. They will hear different regional dialects and accents of Spanish from different countries as well as participate in some of the different traditions that are enjoyed there. These things will help students to be more well-rounded Spanish speakers, students and individuals in their school and community.

As stated, a large number of authentic sources will be used to helps students to attain this advanced level of fluency in the Spanish language.


Main Texts:

Diaz, J., Nadel, M., Collins, S. (2007) Abriendo Paso: Lectura. Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall: Boston

Diaz, J., Nadel, M., Collins, S. (2007) Abriendo Paso: Gramática. Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall: Boston

Diaz, J. (2007) AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language Examination (3rd edition), Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall: Boston


Quia Website,

Telemundo website,

Tween Tribune Website,



Juanes. Un Día Normal. Los Angeles: Universal Music Latino, 2002

Shakira. Sale El Sol. Miami, NY, Barcelona, Spain, Uruguay: Epic, Sony Music Latin, 2010

Maná. Labios Compartidos. Miami: WEA Latina, 2006

Joe Veras. Cartas de Verano. Dominican Republic: J&N Records, 2007

Class Schedule:

This Schedule is tentative and is subject to change at any time due to changes in school schedule or time constraints.

AP Spanish Syllabus



Abriendo Paso Gramática

Abriendo Paso Lectura

*Leyendas Latinoamericanas

AP Spanish Preparing for the Language Exam


Reglas Gramaticales 1 – p.30-36

*Leyenda – Pobre Inocente (Actividades A, C)


Reglas Gramaticales 1 – p.36-44

*Leyenda – Las Aventuras de Juan Bobo (Actividades A, C)


Reglas Gramaticales 1- p. 44-48

*Leyenda – La Camisa de Margarita (Actividades A, C)


Unidad 1 – p.1-8 Act. A, B, C, E, H; p. 8-13 Act. A, B, D, G

*Leyenda – La Herencia (Actividades A, C)

Listening Short Dialogues 1-2


Unidad 1 – p. 14-15, p. 16-19 Act. A, B, D, F; p. 19-21 Act. A, C

Vocab – animales

Reading 1-2


Unidad 1 - p. 22-24 Act. A-D, p. 25-28 Act. A, C, D, E, H

Capítulo 1 – El décimo. Comprensión Act. A,B,E; Para escribir Act. B

Vocab – animales

Paragraphs 1-2, Informal Writing 1-2


Unidad 1 Repaso

Vocab Quiz – animales

Listening Short Narrative 1


Unidad 1 Examen

Reglas Gramaticales 2 p. 73-79 Act. A-D, A-C

Vocab – Armas/ Aves

Reading 3-4


p. 81 B, p. 84 D,E; p. 86 B,D; p. 88-89 B,C

Capítulo 2 – Rosa. Comprensión Act. A,B,E; Para escribir Act. B

Vocab – Armas / Aves

Paragraphs 3-4, Informal Writing 3-4


p. 92 A,D,E; Unidad 2 p. 50-51 A,B; p. 52 C, p. 54 A,B

Vocab Quiz – Armas / Aves

Listening Long Dialogue 1


p. 57 A, p. 58-59 B, C; p. 62 B, D; p. 64 B, D

Vocab – casa

Reading 5-6


p. 69 B, C; p. 71-72 Choose one activity from A-H

Capítulo 3 – Un oso y un amor. Comprensión Act. A, B, F; Para escribir Act. A

Vocab – casa

Paragraphs 5-6, Informal Writing 5-6



Vocab Quiz – casa

Formal Writing 1


Unidad 2 Examen

Vocab – Características físicas

Listening Long Narrative 1


Reglas Gramaticales 3 – p. 117 C, p. 119 B, p. 120 E, p. 123 A, p. 125 B, p. 126 A, p. 129 B, p. 131 B,D

Capítulo 4 – Continuidad de los parques, Comprensión Act. A, B, E; Un paso más Act. B

Vocab – Características físicas

Reading 7-8


Unidad 3 p. 97 B, p. 100 A,C; p. 105 F, p. 107-108

Paragraphs 7-8, Informal Writing 7-8

Vocab Quiz – Características físicas


p. 111 D,F,H. Repaso

Vocab – Características de la personalidad

Listening Short Dialogues 3-4


Unidad 3 Examen

Capítulo 5 – Cajas de cartón Act. A,B,E; Para escribir Act. A

Vocab – Características de la personalidad

Reading 9-10


Reglas Gramaticales 4 – p. 156-158 B,C,E; p. 160 B,D,F; p. 165

Vocab Quiz – personalidad

Paragraphs 9-10, Informal Writing 9-10


p. 166 B,C; p. 169 C, p. 170 A, p. 171 A, p. 172 A, B

Vocab – El cuerpo

Listening Short Narratives 2


Unidad 4 p. 137 D,G,H; p. 140-141

Capítulo 5 – Jacinto Contreras... Comprension A, B,E; Un paso más Act. A

Vocab – El cuerpo

Reading 11-12


p. 145 A,D,F, p. 149 B,C,D

Vocab Quiz – El cuerpo

Paragraphs 11-12, Informal 11-12



Vocab – la escuela/familia

Formal Writing 2


Unidad 4 Examen

Capítulo 7 – Nosotros, no. Comprensión Act. A,B,E

Vocab – la escuela/familia

Listening Long Dialogue 2


Reglas gramaticales 5 – p. 204 A,C, p. 205 A

Vocab – la escuela/familia

Reading 13-14


Unidad 5 p. 177 A,D; p. 181 A, p. 183 A,D

Vocab Quiz – la escuela/ famlila

Paragraphs 13-14, Informal Writing 13-14


p. 187 B,D, p. 191 A,D,E, p. 194 A,C,D

Capítulo 8 – No oyes ladrar los perros. Comprensión Act. A, B, E; Para escribir Act. A

Vocab – fruits/vegetables,

Listening Long Narrative 2


p. 199 B,D,E

Vocab –fruits/vegetables

Reading 15-16



Vocab Quiz – fruits/vegetables

Paragraphs 15-16, Informal Writing 15-16


Unidad 5 Examen

Capítulo 9 – El árbol de oro. Comprensión Act. A, B, C, G

Listening Short Dialogues 5-6


Reglas Gramaticales 6 – p. 230-321 B-E, p. 232 B,C; p. 234 A,C; p. 236 B,C

Vocab – insects/ materials/ metals

Reading 17-18


Unidad 6 p. 209 1,2; p. 212 A,C,E

Vocab – insects/ materials/ metals

Paragraphs 17-18, Informal Writing 17-18


p. 216 A,B,E,F; p. 221 A,D

Capítulo 10 – Jaque mate en dos jugadas. Comprensión Act. A, B, F

Vocab Quiz – insects/ materials/


Formal Writing 3


p. 224, p. 226 choose one from A-D

Vocab – muebles, mariscos, peces

Informal Speaking 1, Formal Speaking 1



Vocab – muebles...

Listening Short Narrative 3


Unidad 6 Examen

Capítulo 11 – La viuda de Montiel. Comprensión Act. A, B, G. Para escribir Act. C

Vocab Quiz – muebles, mariscos, peces

Reading 19-20


Paso 1 – p. 239 A,B,C; p. 243 A,D,I,J

Vocab – profesiones

Paragraphs 19-20, Informal Writing 19-20


p. 249 B, p. 252 A,B,D; p. 257

Vocab – profesiones

Listening Long Dialogue 3



Capítulo 12 – Cartas de amor traicionado. Comprensión Act. A,B,F

Vocab Quiz – profesiones, Reading 21-22


Paso 1 Examen

Vocab – Restaurante

Paragraphs 21-22, Informal Writing 21-22


Paso 2-3. p. 259 B, p. 261 A,B; p. 265 A,C,E,H

Vocab Restaurante

Formal Writing 4


p. 270 K,M,N


Capítulo 14 Poema p. 271, 273, work on pronunciation

Vocab Quiz – Restaurante

Listening Long Narrative 3


Paso 2-3 Examen

Vocab – El tiempo

Reading 23-24


Paso 4 p. 275 A-C, p. 276 A, p. 279 A,D

Vocab – El tiempo

Paragraphs 23-24, Informal Writing 23-24


p. 281-284

Capítulo 15 Poema p. 277-278, work on pronunciation

Vocab Quiz – El tiempo

Informal Speaking 2, Formal Speaking 2


Paso 4 Examen

Vocab – El transporte

Listening Short Dialogues 7-8


Paso 5-6 p.287 A,B,D; p. 294 B,C,E,F

Vocab – El transporte

Reading 25-26


Paso 5-6 Quiz

Capítulos 16-17. Comprensión Actividades

Vocab Quiz- El transporte

Paragraphs 25-26, Informal Writing 25-26


Paso 7 p. 299 A, p. 301 A,B

Vocab – Deceptive Words Español – English

Formal Writing 5


Paso 7 Quiz

Vocab – Deceptive Words Español – English

Listening Short Narratives 4-5


Paso 8 p. 303 A-C

Capítulos 18-19 Actividades de Comprensión

Vocab Quiz – Deceptive Words Español – English

Reading 27-28


Paso 8 Quiz

Paragraphs 27-28, Informal Writing 27-28


Paso 9 – p. 306 A,B,D,E

Informal Speaking 3, Formal Speaking 3


Paso 9 Quiz

Capítulo 20. Actividad de comprensión

Vocab – Deceptive Words English – Español

Listening Long Dialogues 4


Paso 10 p. 310-311 A-C

Vocab – Deceptive Words English – Español

Reading 29-30


Paso 10 Quiz

Vocab Quiz - Deceptive words English – Español

Informal Writing 29, Formal Writing 6


Turn in Grammar Books

Capítulos 21-22 Actividades de comprensión

Vocab- Spanish verbs w/ more than one translation

Listening Long Narratives 4



Vocab – Spanish verbs w/ more than one translation

Reading 31-32



Vocab quiz – Spanish verbs w/ more than one translation

Informal Speaking, Formal Speaking 4



Capítulo 23 – La fiesta de San Fermín. Comprensión Act. A, B. Para escribir Act. D

Vocab Review

Listening Short Dialogues 9-10, Short Narratives 6-7

3 /2

Acentos Test

Vocab Review

Reading 33-34


Vocab Review

Informal Writing 30, Formal Writing 7


Capítulo 25 p. 338-340 A,B

Vocab Review

Listening Long Dialogue 5


Vocab Test!!!

Reading 35-36


Informal Speaking 5, Formal Speaking 5


Capítulo 26, p. 349-353 A,B

Listening Long Narrative 5


Turn in Lectura Books

Reading 37-38, Informal Writing 31, Formal Writing 8


Listening Short Dialogues 11-12, Short Narratives 8-9, go over Informal and Formal Writing


Listening Long Dialogue 6, Long Narrative 6, Reading 39-40, Informal Speaking 6, Formal Speaking 6


Listening Short Dialogues 13-14, Short Narratives 10-11, Long dialogue 7, Long narrative 7


Reading 41-44, Informal Writing 32, Formal Writing 9


Practice Free Response 2009


Practice Free Response 2010


Practice Exam 2007


Practice Exam 2007


Practice Exam 2008


Practice Exam 2008


Evaluate Exam Responses


Last Minute Review and Discussion


AP Spanish Test!!!








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