Syllabus / Course Outline I. Basic Concepts in Assessment

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Syllabus CourseOutline Educ.-107

Syllabus / Course Outline
I. Basic Concepts in Assessment

a. Measurement

b. Assessment
c. Evaluation
d. Tests
e. Non-tests
f. Testing
g. Purposes of Assessment
(assessment of, as, for learning)
h. Guiding Principles in the
Assessment of Learning

II. Roles of Assessment in Making Instructional Decisions

  1. Placement Purposes

  2. Formative Purposes

  3. Diagnostic Purposes

  4. Summative Purposes

III. Principles of High Quality Assessment

1. Clarity of Learning Targets

2. Appropriateness of Assessment Methods
3. Validity
4. Reliability
5. Fairness in Assessment
6. Ethics in Assessment
7. Practicality and Efficiency
8. Positive Consequences of Tests
IV. Development of Classroom Assessment Tools for
Measuring Knowledge and Reasoning (Stages in Test
1. Objectives Tests
1.1. Planning the Test
1.1.1. Identifying /
Determining test objective
1.1.2. Preparing table of specifications or
test blueprint
1.1.3. Selecting the test item formats
Recall Type:
a. Simple Recall or Identification
b. Completion
Recognition Type:
a. Alternative Response
b. Multiple Choice
c. Matching Type
d. Analogy
e. Rearrangement
1.1.4. Writing the test items
1.1.5. Editing the test items

1.2. Trying Out the Test

1.2.1. Administering the First Try Out
1.2.2. Administering the Second Try Out
1.2.3. Preparing the Final Form of the Test
1.3. Establishing Test Validity
1.4. Establishing Test Reliability
1.5. Interpreting the Test Scores

2. Non-Objective Test

2.1. Planning
2.2. Constructing
2.2.1. Restricted Essay
2.2.2. Extended Essay
2.3. Developing Rubrics for
Essay Test
2.3.1. Setting Criteria
2.3.2. Setting Performance Levels
2.4. Validation

V. Utilization of Assessment Data

1. Norm-referenced Interpretation

1.1. Tabular and Graphical Representation of Data
1.1.1. Preparation
1.1.2. Interpretation

1.2. Descriptive Statistics

1.2.1. Measures of Central
1.2.2. Point Measures
1.2.3. Measures of
1.2.4. Standard Scores

2. Criterion-referenced Interpretations

2.1. Percentage Scores
2.2. Setting Mastery

VI. Utilization and Reporting of

Test Results

1. Grading System

1.1. DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015
1.2. DepEd Order No. 31, s. 2020
1.3. Other Related DepEd Orders
2. Competency Profiling
2.1. Individual
2.2. Class

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