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SWISS EPHEMERIS Computer ephemeris for developers of astrological software

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  • Computer ephemeris for developers of astrological software

    © 1997 - 2014 by
    Astrodienst AG
    Dammstr. 23
    Postfach (Station)
    CH-8702 Zollikon / Zürich, Switzerland
    Tel. +41-44-392 18 18
    Fax +41-44-391 75 74delta
    Email to devlopers

    Authors: Dieter Koch and Dr. Alois Treindl

    Editing history:
    14-sep-97 Appendix A by Alois
    15-sep-97 split docu, swephprg.doc now separate (programming interface)
    16-sep-97 Dieter: absolute precision of JPL, position and speed transformations
    24-sep-97 Dieter: main asteroids
    27-sep-1997 Alois: restructured for better HTML conversion, added public function list
    8-oct-1997 Dieter: chapter 4 (houses) added
    28-nov-1997 Dieter: chapter 5 (delta t) added
    20-Jan-1998 Dieter: chapter 3 (more than...) added, chapter 4 (houses) enlarged
    14-Jul-98: Dieter: more about the precision of our asteroids
    21-jul-98: Alois: houses in PLACALC and ASTROLOG
    27-Jul-98: Dieter: True node chapter improved
    2-Sep-98: Dieter: updated asteroid chapter
    29-Nov-1998: Alois: added info on Public License and source code availability
    4-dec-1998: Alois: updated asteroid file information
    17-Dec-1998: Alois: Section 2.1.5 added: extended time range to 10'800 years
    17-Dec-1998: Dieter: paragraphs on Chiron and Pholus ephemerides updated
    12-Jan-1999: Dieter: paragraph on eclipses
    19-Apr-99: Dieter: paragraph on eclipses and planetary phenomena
    21-Jun-99: Dieter: chapter 2.27 on sidereal ephemerides
    27-Jul-99: Dieter: chapter 2.27 on sidereal ephemerides completed
    15-Feb-00: Dieter: many things for Version 1.52
    11-Sep-00: Dieter: a few additions for version 1.61
    24-Jul-01: Dieter: a few additions for version 1.62
    5-jan-2002: Alois: house calculation added to swetest for version 1.63
    26-feb-2002: Dieter: Gauquelin sectors for version 1.64
    12-jun-2003: Alois: code revisions for compatibility with 64-bit compilers, version 1.65
    10-jul-2003: Dieter: Morinus houses for Version 1.66
    12-jul-2004: Dieter: documentation of Delta T algorithms implemented with version 1.64
    7-feb-2005: Alois: added note about mean lunar elements, section 2.2.1
    22-feb-2006: Dieter: added documentation for version 1.70, see section
    17-jul-2007: Dieter: updated documentation of Krusinski-Pisa house system.
    28-nov-2007: Dieter: documentation of new Delta T calculation for version 1.72, see section 7
    17-jun-2008: Alois: License change to dual license, GNU GPL or Professional License
    31-mar-2009: Dieter: heliacal events
    26-Feb-2010: Alois: manual update, deleted references to CDROM
    25-Jan-2011: Dieter: Delta T updated, v. 1.77.
    2-Aug-2012: Dieter: New precession, v. 1.78.
    23-apr-2013: Dieter: new ayanamshas
    11-feb-2014: Dieter: many additions for v. 2.00
    18-mar-2015: Dieter: documentation of APC house system and Pushya ayanamsha
    21-oct-2015: Dieter: small correction in documentation of Lahiri ayanamsha
    3-feb-2016: Dieter: documentation of house systems updated (equal, Porphyry, Pullen, Sripati)
    22-apr-2016: Dieter: documentation of ayanamsha revised
    10-jan-2017: Dieter: new Delta T

    Swiss Ephemeris Release history:
    1.00 30-sept-1997
    1.01 9-oct-1997 simplified houses() and sidtime() functions, Vertex added.
    1.02 16-oct-1997 houses() changed again
    1.03 28-oct-1997 minor fixes
    1.04 8-Dec-1997 minor fixes
    1.10 9-Jan-1998 bug fix, pushed to all licensees
    1.11 12-Jan-98 minor fixes
    1.20 21-Jan-98 NEW: topocentric planets and house positions

    1.21 28-Jan-98 Delphi declarations and sample for Delphi 1.0

    1.22 2-Feb-98 Asteroids moved to subdirectory. Swe_calc() finds them there.

    1.23 11-Feb-98 two minor bug fixes.

    1.24 7-Mar-1998 Documentation for Borland C++ Builder added

    1.25 4-June-1998 sample for Borland Delphi-2 added

    1.26 29-Nov-1998 source added, Placalc API added

    1.30 17-Dec-1998 NEW:Time range extended to 10'800 years

    1.31 12-Jan-1999 NEW: Eclipses
    1.40 19-Apr-1999 NEW: planetary phenomena
    1.50 27-Jul-1999 NEW: sidereal ephemerides
    1.52 15-Feb-2000 Several NEW features, minor bug fixes
    1.60 15-Feb-2000 Major release with many new features and some minor bug fixes
    1.61 11-Sep-2000 Minor release, additions to se_rise_trans(), swe_houses(), ficitious planets
    1.62 23-Jul-2001 Minor release, fictitious earth satellites, asteroid numbers > 55535 possible
    1.63 5-Jan-2002 Minor release, house calculation added to swetest.c and swetest.exe
    1.64 7-Apr-2002 NEW: occultations of planets, minor bug fixes, new Delta T algorithms
    1.65 12-Jun-2003 Minor release, small code renovations for 64-bit compilation
    1.66 10-Jul-2003 NEW: Morinus houses
    1.67 31-Mar-2005 Minor release: Delta-T updated, minor bug fixes
    1.70 2-Mar-2006 IAU resolutions up to 2005 implemented; "interpolated" lunar apsides
    1.72 28-nov-2007 Delta T calculation according to Morrison/Stephenson 2004
    1.74 17-jun-2008 License model changed to dual license, GNU GPL or Professional License
    1.76 31-mar-2009 NEW: Heliacal events
    1.77 25-jan-2011 Delta T calculation updated acc. to Espenak/Meeus 2006, new fixed stars file
    1.78 2-aug-2012 Precession calculation updated acc. to Vondrák et alii 2012
    1.79 23-apr-2013 New ayanamshas, improved precision of eclipse functions, minor bug fixes
    1.80 3-sep-2013 Security update and bugfixes
    2.00 11-feb-2014 Swiss Ephemeris now based on JPL ephemeris DE431
    2.01 18-mar-2015 Bug fixes for version 2.00
    2.02 11-aug-2015 new functions swe_deltat_ex() and swe_ayanamsa_ex(); bug fixes.
    2.03 16-oct-2015 Swiss Ephemeris thread safe; minor bug fixes
    2.04 21-oct-2015 V. 2.03 had DLL with calling convention __cdecl; we return to _stdcall
    2.05 22-apr-2015 new house methods, new ayanamshas, minor bug fixes
    2.05 10-jan-2016 new Delta T, minor bug fixes

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