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Convention on Biological Diversity, Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development, 2003

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Convention on Biological Diversity, Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development, 2003
These guidelines were adopted in 2003 by the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Governments are invited to integrate them into the development or review of their strategies and plans for tourism development, national biodiversity strategies and action plans, and other related sectoral strategies, in consultation with interested stakeholders. The guidelines set out a 10-stage process for policy making, development planning and management of tourism in destinations or sites. This includes data gathering, identifying visions and objectives, review of legislation, impact assessment and management, decision making, implementation, monitoring and adaptive management. The guidelines also set out requirements for notification of any intended development and for capacity building to strengthen the overall process.

Quebec Declaration on Ecotourism, 2002
This is the declaration of the World Ecotourism Summit, which was the peak event of the International Year of Ecotourism, 2002, as designated by the United Nations. It sets out recommendations, from the participants in the summit, to governments, the tourism industry and other stakeholders, on the various measures they should take to foster the development of ecotourism. A number of these include recommendations on specific instruments considered elsewhere in this publication. The declaration explicitly recognizes the relevance of approaches developed for ecotourism to the wider task of making all tourism more sustainable.

World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, 2002
In its Plan of Implementation, the WSSD specifically called for the promotion of sustainable tourism as one of a number of strategies for protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development. Although not very prescriptive, the plan (in its Article 43) places emphasis on international cooperation, technical assistance to communities, visitor management and improved market access. Tourism development was also specifically referred to amongst measures for the sustainable development of small island states and for Africa, and in relation to the management of energy and biodiversity conservation.

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