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Influencing visitor behaviour and awareness

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Influencing visitor behaviour and awareness
Visitors should be encouraged to:

    • Respect host communities and avoid all forms of disruptive behaviour.

    • Find out about the natural and historic heritage and culture of the area.

    • Purchase local products.

    • Reduce personal environmental impact—e.g. using water and energy sparingly, recycling waste and not leaving litter.

    • Follow good practice with respect to outdoor activities, including wildlife watching.

    • Support conservation and social projects, financially or in other ways.


Messages delivered through marketing and information services constitute the main method of influencing visitor flows and behaviour. These may be backed up as appropriate by the issuing of guidelines and codes of conduct. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to control visitor flows and behaviour through regulation, for example where access needs to be restricted or harmful activities prevented. Voluntary certification provides a valuable tool for enabling tourists to choose products and enterprises that are more sustainable. Economic instruments (e.g. pricing) may influence behaviour and can also be used to raise support from visitors. The provision and management of appropriate infrastructure such as public transport is an important enabling tool. Sound management will require processes for monitoring the flow of visitors and obtaining feedback from them, assessed against sustainability indicators.


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