Sus admissions Essays & Important Links Class of 2017 Florida a & m university Admissions Essay

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SUS Admissions Essays & Important Links Class of 2017
Florida A & M University
Admissions Essay: Your personal statement should be no longer than 250 words each or a total of 500 words for both personal statements.

  1. Describe an activity, interest, experience, or achievement in your life (this could be a book, movie or an activity or experi­ence at work, home or school) that has been particularly meaningful to you.

  2. How has your family history, culture, or environment influenced who you are?

Undergraduate Admissions Application: Beginning August 1 -

***Must do paper application if you are on Free and Reduced Lunch***
Scholarship Opportunities:
Florida Atlantic University
Admissions Essay: You will have an opportunity to provide any additional information regarding your application by uploading your documents when completing your online application.

  1. If you were a sea shell, would you want to be picked up or left in the sand and why?

  2. If you were a message in a bottle, what would your message say or where would you want to wash up?

  3. What would be in your perfect beach bag?

  4. If you built a sand structure, what would it be and why?

Download 312.29 Kb.

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