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Filing documents. I filled the documents that were used in the department into their respective files from the most current. These documents included payment vouchers, payment receipts, invoices, local purchase orders, cheques, proforma invoices, delivery notes and sales order among others. They were filed according to the reference number and the date on which the document was prepared. After filing the document in the file, i named the file with the document reference number for example files for a file for receipts was named receipt files, invoice files for invoices. Filing was done to enable easy retrieval of documents whenever they wanted to be used in future. It also prevented the misplacement of documents.
Verifying Quotations. Quotations are documents that the suppliers send to Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited showing the prices of the goods that the supplier would like to supply to the company. These are submitted with the bidding documents. i checked through the quotations of the different suppliers in order to identify the supplier with the most competitive price quotation. The quotations detailed the terms and conditions that the supplier sets for the supply of goods or services.
Making requisitions. I made requisitions for items from the store by filling the requisition note. After filling the requisition note, I sent it to the store manager. The requisition note must show the description of item, quantity, and the date on which the requisition was written. After writing the item, the procurement manager must approve the requisition note by verifying the document, appending his signature to the requisition note and stamping it to approve the requisition.
Attending the contracts meeting. Contract meetings are meetings that convened by contracts committee to evaluate the bid Quotations submitted different suppliers in order to select the best suppliers who meets the criteria set by the company. I attended contracts meeting where i found out that the contracts committee does three things during the meeting, that is, they either approval, differ or reject the documents brought to them for approval like requisition from user department, results from the evaluation, then appointment of evaluation committee,

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