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Printing and photocopying documents

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Printing and photocopying documents. With the help of the secretary, I photocopied the certificates of Incorporation and registration, Tax Identification Number, bank statements, memorandum and Articles of Association of Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited and filed them for submission to the bank. Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited was transferring money a lot of money from one bank to another to enable the company have full access its funds for the completion of the construction of the new head quarter offices in Namanve industrial park.

Data entry using Microsoft excel. I entered data of various procurements that were running on in the company using Microsoft Excel and typed the different contracts that were awarded to Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited and also the suppliers of the company in the different categories, names of the different suppliers, their quotations, the contacts of the suppliers and their addresses. This information was to be used to make a prequalification list for the suppliers.
Filling Local purchase order. A local purchase order is a document that is raised by the procurement document to order for goods and services from the supplier. I filled a local purchase order of building materials for the construction of the new Simlaw Seeds Company new premises. Multiplex Industries for the acquisition of PVC Pipes, Seroma Industries for the acquisition of number forty two (42) Tororo Cement and acquisition number forty two (42) Kampala Cement bags. Syngenta Netherlands for Hybrid seed varieties of Julie F1 watermelon (30boxs x 250grams) princess F1 watermelon (20boxs x250 and 100grams) cabbage varieties of Gloria F1 (80 boxes x 10, 5, 25,50grams). The local purchase order had the name of the company (Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited, the name of the supplier, the quantity of the supplies, and the description of the supplies, the rate, and total amount). Then I took them to the procurement manager for verification after which he appends his signature to approve the local purchase order.

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