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Procurement department in Simlaw Seeds Company consists of

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Procurement department in Simlaw Seeds Company consists of;
Accounting officer who is responsible for the execution of the procurement and disposal activities in ensuring efficient use of procurement funds.

Contracts management committee. This is composed of chair person, secretary and a maximum of three other members appointed by the procurement manager who is a company lawyer. The committee recommends for the approval of procurement of contracts which best meets the company’s goals and objectives.

Procurement and disposal unit. It has the duty to chase after all the procurement of interest up to contract award. They prepare bid documents, review of specifications, management of procurement process and contract management.
1.6 Procurement cycle in Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited. The cycle starts from and ends with uses department. Procurement is a process with successive stages, which include;
Procurement plan and budget. It is done when funds are approved by Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited finance department the manager of procurement projects makes plans then distributed to different user department accounting officer who are the directors of the company.

Assessment of market prices. The accounting officer under procurement is responsible to account for the activities where the user department does the assessment and verification.
Procurement requisition. It is the user to limit the requisition. They fill the local purchases orders and if it’s for works it’s called bill of quantity.
Confirmation of the available funds for execution of purchase. The accounting officer under the procurement department is responsible for this stage where sometime delegates to the financial manager
Procurement for bidding documents from the procuring entity. It’s the work of the procurement and logistic department to approve the purchase of the bidding documents for a required procurement

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