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1.2.3 Vision
A world class supplier of superior certified seeds.

1.2.4 Mission
To avail superior certified seeds and other agricultural imports to maximize productivity.

1.2.5 Core values
Respect and integrity. At Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited, we conduct business with high levels of integrity, honesty and fair dealings in our relationships with clients, suppliers, handlers and third party or stakeholders
Health and safety. The health, safety and well fare of all staff, sub-contractors, clients and visitors is significantly important to Simlaw Seeds Company and it’s our intention to strive for excellence in the effective health and safe management of all construction sites under control.
Innovation and creativity. Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited is innovative, creative and strive for excellence in our services. We also advance through continuous learning

Quality services. Quality and professional service. Quality is king at Simlaw Seeds Company. We aim to make sure that the expectations of the client engineer and all stakeholders are fully complied with and that the projects are delivered with high standard of workmanship in a timely manner.
Environmental sustainability. At Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited , we understand that environmental sustainability is every one’s responsibility and as a prominent company we are prepared to lead the way in this regard, we also realize that a commitment to the environment is not just socially responsible, but also good business practice as we seek to increase our constantly growing reputation.

1.2.6 Organization structure

General Manager

Assistant General Manager

Manufacturing and Operations Department

Procurement & supply chain department

Human Resource



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