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Verifying Documents. I was told to verified documents used by the procurement department for business transactions. These documents included receipts, invoices, local purchase order, cheques, proforma invoice, sales order. The receipts were issued to Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited acknowledging that payment had been made for items purchase. When verifying the invoice, i checked to confirm the details on the invoice were corresponding to the local purchase order sent to the supplier. I looked at the description of the products and services, their prices and quantity quoted by the supplier, the name of the supplier and contact details to confirm that the details match with what was quoted in the local purchase order. After verifying then I registered the invoice with its invoice number and then forwarded it to the administration office for payment.

Making purchases. I aided the purchase of office items for instance i was sent to buy necessities like drinking water, food, computer parts and stationery items like box files, splitters, stickers, Rota trim reams of paper. I bought the water from highland while the stationery materials from stationery shop along Nasser Road. When making purchase, upon making payments, the Seller had to issue a receipt acknowledging that cash payment had been made for the items purchased. The receipt clearly stated the date of purchase, the amount paid, the mode of payment and description of the items. The receipts were used for accountability when queries arose on expenditures.

Verifying supplies. I verified items with other workers under the procurement department when they are supplied. Therefore when the supplier delivers the item, I checked items for quality, quantity and against the delivery note that the supplier brings along with the goods and also checked the delivery note against the local purchase order to ensure that the supplier has delivery the right goods in terms of quantity, quality and matched with the Local purchase order.

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