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Human resource department

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Human resource department. Hires the employees for the company. It’s the smallest department of the company with five (5) functional human resource members.
Procurement and supply chain department. Is responsible for all the purchases, internal supply chain management of the company.

Finance department. Looks after the financial activities of the organization and accounts for the company.
Manufacturing and operations department. Looks after the overall manufacturing process and also responsible for the quality control of production it’s an individual department but actually a part of overall supply chain.

Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited has its values, benefits and practices which they follow for its seeds which involves working with their clients as a team, encouraging customer driven service, high quality service with integrity, personal attention to clients with integrity, honesty and hard work. The company does its activities from Monday to Saturday from 7:00a.m to 17:00p.m and closed on Sunday and public holidays.


I was attached to the procurement department
Procurement is a process of acquiring goods and services by lease, hire purchase, and license, tenancy for any type of work, supplies and services. Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited under the procurement manager who executes and manages the procurement activities in the entire department. This section is so sensitive in the company because it’s the driving force that runs and allocates the company’s resources.

Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited procurement and supply chain mission is to deliver efficient corporate services to enable Simlaw Seeds Company achieve its objectives.

Simlaw sees company procurement objectives.

  • Provide for all legal needs of a company

  • Provide security that will safeguard company resources.

  • Provide services that lead to timely and efficient procurement of works, goods and services.

Download 96.76 Kb.

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