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To Simlaw seeds company.
Field attachment was an opportunity for Simlaw Seed Company Uganda limited to be involved in training and review of programs at university of kisubi.

Field attachment provided Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited with additional human resource for effective and efficient service delivery. Field attachment exposed Simlaw Seeds Company to a pool of potential employees to select from once the students are done with school.

To university of Kisubi
As a result of the co-operation between the University of kisubi and Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited to develop potential for research with various partners.

To me
I got exposed to the demand and challenges of the work place.
The field attachment gave me the opportunity to relate to different categories of people I met.
I acquired how knowledge and practical experience and improved my confidence in problem solving.


Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited is a subsidiary of Kenya seed group of companies which was registered in Kenya as a limited liability company in 2002 and its core business is saving and marketing of high quality horticultural seeds from Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Sweden into Kenya and Eastern Africa.

1.2.1 Location:

Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited headquarters are located at plot 78-84 6th street industrial area, P. O. Box 27303 Kampala Uganda.
1.2.2 Activities

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