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To Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited

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To Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited

Motivation of interns. The organization needs to improve on the motivation of the internees such as transport and other small allowances in order to improve on their commitment hence performance at work.
Facilitation of interns. I recommend that the management of Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited should in future provide a minimal allowance to enable interns meet the high costs of living. This will motivate the interns to work harder.
Acquisition of more up to date computer software. I recommend that the management Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited should acquire more computers which have updated software especially in the period that the interns are coming for field attachment because the ones available were not enough for staff and intern.
To university of kisubi
Doing adequate practical. The university should ensure that students are given adequate practical lessons especially on practical subjects like ICT, computerized accounting. This will help future interns with the challenge of lack of practical skills like the use of MS Excel.
Collaborating with different organizations in the country. The internship coordinators should help students to clearly identify the major areas and departments for placement so that the right training is provided. For example, if a student is to take on accounting option, let that student train in accounting department because this will help him or her to easily relate the theories taught in class with the practical work experience.
Effective Supervision. Ensure supervision of all students to determine the kind of skills, lessons and experiences gained by trainees. This will enable the coordinators know the competence of the students in terms of task performance basing on the information gathered from both the Field Supervisors and the Academic Supervisors. This will also help coordinators establish the areas that need improvement. The University should follow up to ensure that all students are supervised.
Financial assistance to interns. The university should improve on its financial backing extended to the students. There should be provision of internship fund to students so as to sustain them during the course of field attachment so that tries to cover up the high costs of living at work places.

To the Students

Students should take internship training seriously as they do to lectures at the university as well as respecting both their field and university supervisors and fellow students.
Lastly, students should budget for their finances and use them accordingly and sparingly not to meet financial difficulties during the period.
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