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Inadequate supervision. The university sends the academic supervisors to the field only once during the training program. As much as the academic supervisors try to guide the trainee during the training, it feels inadequate as the student usually begins the training with no guidance.




This chapter presents the conclusions and recommendations put forward basing on the experience gained during the internship training.
The field attachment at was to a large extent a success because it achieved its intended objectives. In particular, I was able to be exposed to the real employment setting, its needs and challenges. I understood how Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited is structured, what its activities are and introduced how complex institutions like Simlaw Seeds Company Uganda limited are managed. The field attachment was important in enabling me to acquire hands-on experience with work, apply the concepts and techniques learnt to practical problem solving scenarios. I managed to apply the theoretically acquired knowledge from the University into the real life experience through the various activities. The intern visited project sites, printed and photocopied documents, data entry using Microsoft Excel, filled local purchase order, verified documents, made purchases, attended bid opening, generated procurement reference number, verified supplies, and filed documents. The field attachment provided Simlaw seeds company Uganda limited with an additional and affordable work force during the field attachment. Therefore the exercise is not only beneficial to me but to the organizations and the university as well. With this exposure gained, I can face the working environment and perform efficiently if given a chance to execute the knowledge acquired in any organization.


Due to challenges faced during the field attachment, a lot still has to be done by the students,

University, as well as. I thus recommend the following to be considered;

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