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Adapting to the new environment

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Adapting to the new environment. I found it difficult adapting to the new environment because it was my first time in the company and he barely knew anyone. I found it difficult acquainting to the new environment and new people at the beginning of the attachment because I was still new at the work place.
Transport costs. The management of the company did not provide transport allowances. Transport costs was challenging given that I had to meet the costs of transporting himself every day from home. I did not have enough money to meet the costs of transport every day to work because transport alone was taking up to Uganda shillings 5,000/=.
Traffic jam. There was a problem of traffic on the road from home to town especially in the morning hours when reporting for work. I was supposed to report for work by 7:30 am in the morning but because of heavy traffic jam, I would sometimes get to work past the stipulated time of arrival. This caused a delay in completion of tasks and assignments and also created a bad reputation of the intern. To beat traffic jam, the intern had to use a Boda Boda to be able to get work in time which was costly.
Lack of computer skills. I did not have the required computer skills to complete some of the assignments for instance my typing speed was very slow and yet some of the assignments were supposed to be completed in time. The intern was also not conversant with Microsoft Excel which I was using for data entry.
Inadequate finances. The company did not provide me with allowances to facilitate me during the field attachment. I was affected by inadequate finances in that i needed finances to meet the costs of transport, and buying other personal requirements but this was not available. This derailed my working morale because I was supposed to be at the work place every day but sometimes did not have transport.
Non- facilitation of training programme. The university does not provide financial allowances to students when they are heading for their training despite students paying UGX 230,000 Internship. This becomes a challenge to the students as they find it extremely difficult to cater for their expenses like transport costs which affect their learning.

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