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Taking minutes. I was tasked to write minutes during meetings. Minutes are a summary of what transpired during a meeting. The Chairman adopted the agenda with a prayer, then ratifications and other issues to discuss. During the meeting the procurement manager presented different procurements and request for approval from the contracts committee, and if there are issues with the procurements for example the suppliers, evaluation team etc. the committee does not approve the procurement. If there are any clarifications the procurement manager helps resolve them. The issues that were raised during the meeting were continuous use of direct procurement, delays by the user departments which slows down the process, more providers should be short listed while some should be removed for over appearing, the suppliers should make the quotations either in shillings or in dollars, an increase on the number of persons on the evaluation committee.

Entering proforma invoices. Entered proforma invoices into the system. A proforma invoice is a document that states a commitment on part of the supplier to deliver the products or services as agreed for a specific price. The proforma invoice details the item descriptions, quality, cost, unit price and the supplier’s name.




This chapter presents lessons, experiences and challenges that the intern obtained from the field attachment.
Experiences gained
Evaluation of Suppliers. I gained experience in supplier evaluation using different criteria i.e. preliminary, technical and financial and different evaluation methodologies i.e. technical compliance evaluation, quality and cost based method. Where at preliminary level we look at the eligibility of the suppliers, the specifications of the items and for financial we look at the price or cost of the item.
Purchasing. I gained experience in purchasing of goods and services in an organization. In case of need to purchase an item, the department which requires the goods or service writes a purchase requisition to the procurement to notify the procurement department of items it needs to order, their quantity, and the timeframe. The requisition must detail the item number, quantity, and description of item to be purchased, unit and total cost, reason for purchase. The procurement department then writes a local purchase order to the supplier ordering for the goods or service. The supplier in turn issues an invoice and quotations to the procurement department. The procurement department then liaises with the finance department to effect payment for the goods and service.
Team work. Some of the activities that were assigned to me were completed by working in groups with other people in the company. For instance when buying water, food, I worked with a staff from the company. This enabled me to gain experience of working in teams.

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